Collection: Insoles For Tendonitis

Show your foot pain who's boss.

Whether you're fighting back against Achilles tendinitis or posterior tibial tendinitis, Tread Labs Pace insoles are in your corner. They provide the extra firm, medical grade support podiatrists recommend to take the stress off your inflamed tendon, giving it a chance to heal. If you've been diagnosed with foot tendinitis that can be helped by insoles, slip a pair of Pace into your shoes and get back to doing what you love.

  • For shoes with full length removable inserts like sneakers or hiking boots, choose Pace insoles.
  • For shoes with no removable inserts like boat shoes or dress shoes, choose Pace Short insoles.
  • For shoes with thin, full length removable inserts like soccer cleats, cycling shoes or golf shoes, choose Pace Thin insoles.
  • For a perfect fit in all your shoes, choose the Pace Insole Kit.