The Benefits of Sandals with Arch Support


Men’s sandals with arch support are more comfortable than sandals with flat footbed contours. We humans were not designed to walk on hard surfaces all day. In addition, our feet originally had to last only as long as our previous (short) lifespans.

Given the concrete and asphalt we walk on and our vastly
increased lifespans, we need help to keep our feet happy and healthy with comfortable men’s sandals. Most of that help comes in the form of arch support and cushioning.

Good arch support can make a long day on your feet feel like a walk in the park.

Pain Relief

The most common foot ailment in adults is plantar fasciitis, a painful condition that affects 10% of the adult population. The pain of Plantar fasciitis comes from the repeated stress on your plantar fascia, the ligament that connects the heel bone to the toes.

Supporting the arch of your foot reduces the stress on the plantar fascia thereby reducing the pain. Many people with plantar fasciitis wear supportive insoles to cure the pain.

Men’s sandals with arch support can provide the same relief while keeping your feet cool and comfortable in hot weather.


Is there such a thing as performance sandals? Most people don’t run marathons in sandals. But what about a full day in Venice in September. From one museum to the next, St. Marks Square, cafes for lunch and dinner, miles of cobblestones, all on foot.

Men’s summer sandals that not only keep your feet cool, but also give you the support and rocker to make each step a little easier… What’s not to like?

So, the answer is yes – there is such a thing as a performance sandal.

Elements of Comfortable, Supportive Men's Sandals

Arch Support Contours

To be effective, the arch support in supportive men’s sandals must be in the right place for your arch and be high enough to keep your foot from overpronating with each step.

Having a heel cup will also help keep your feet in position
on the footbed and concentrate the fatty pad under your heel for improved cushioning. 

The Right Amount of Cushion

Just like a good mattress, men’s sandals should deliver just the right amount of cushioning. Too firm and it feels like every step is landing on concrete. By the end of the day the impact of every stride feels like it has rattled your bones.

Too much cushioning and it feels like you’ve spent the day walking on marshmallows. The muscles in your feet and kinetic chain must constantly fire to keep your balance.

A balance between soft and firm is the holy grail in the best men’s sandals.

Secure, Adjustable Uppers

If you’re just using your sandals around the house, a simple slide may be all you need. But if you really want to go somewhere, more security is a definite plus.

A great sandal will hold your foot securely without
constriction or discomfort. Look for designs that secure your foot to the footbed well and can be easily adjusted. Feet swell throughout the day, and being able to loosen them can be a real benefit.

Light Weight

Heavy shoes are no fun. The old backpacker’s adage, “A pound on your feet equals five on your back” is accurate. Heavy men’s walking sandals are unnecessarily tiring.

Lightweight sandals are easy to wear, easy to pack for trips and more comfortable at the end of a long day.


We live on a finite planet and throw-away products are not helping our future. All footwear needs to last many seasons. It must be quality construction with high grade materials and have an element of timeless styling, so it does not become visually obsolete in a season or two. There are many enduring footwear brands that understand this and make products whose styles have endured the sands of time.

Water Friendly

Not all sandals feature water friendly materials. Some leathers and foams absorb too much water and have very long dry times. Sandals that are water friendly have a few advantages. You can wear them on the beach, on a boat or in a rainstorm without worrying about damaging them.

Water-friendly sandals can also be washed easily, keeping them fresh and clean.