Welcome To Tread Labs

Mark Paigen - Founder Tread Labs

Welcome to Tread Labs,

I’ve been messing around with footwear since the earth cooled. In 1989 I started Chaco sandals. Within a few years we had a cult-like following and the letters started pouring in:

“These things have taken me around the world, pain free. I can’t thank you enough…”

“I never thought that a firm footbed could cure my plantar fasciitis, these are amazing…”

“I NEVER take these things off. Can you make me a special white pair for my wedding?” (We did.)

We were changing people’s lives with better footwear. I was hooked.

In 2015 I started Tread Labs. We are delivering those same experiences, this time by improving the support of the footwear that’s already in your closet with innovative over-the-counter insoles. The letters (now emails) are pouring in and it’s as rewarding now as it was then.

Let us know if we've been able to change your life. Send us a picture.

More importantly, spread the word to the people you love. Let them know what they're missing. Tell them how arch support can change their lives.

Best regards,