For footwear with full length removable inserts

Shearling Top Covers

  • Add Shearling Top Covers to any Tread Labs insole to experience the comfort and warmth of genuine wool shearling beneath your feet. Incredibly soft, natural shearling warms cold feet and adds a measure of luxury to all your footwear. Indulge your feet with comfort, they deserve it. These top covers are compatible with every Tread Labs arch support and attach with low profile hook and loop.
    1. Natural 10mm wool shearling, backed by 2mm open cell polyurethane foam.
    2. Shearling compresses under foot, providing the same fit as our regular 5mm foam top covers.
    3. Wool is naturally antimicrobial.
  • Replacing your Shearling top covers is fast and easy. Simply peel your old top covers off, starting from the front of the arch support. Line up your new top cover at the heel first, center the new top cover over the front of the arch support, press together, and you are good to go.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
shearling top covers

this is my second pair of top covers. they are very comfy - I think they are a good product. I needed to replace them after 6 months, though, as they 'lost their fluff'.

Soft and cozy

The shearling top covers we're a great addition to the insoles. I can swap running top layers with soft warm covers for inside my slippers!


These insoles help to keep your feet warm on those cold days make sure that you get a big enough size, order the bigger size if in doubt. I wish that they wore a little bit longer


Shearling Top Covers

Comfy, soft and warm

Another great Tread Labs product!