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Dash Short Insoles
Antonio Porcu (Blackrock, Ireland)

Great product

Ramble Thin Insoles
BD (Hagerstown, United States)
Worked well

My 15 yr old plays soccer and cleats are not made for wide feet. He ends up really hurting and his arches start to collapse from lack of support. These inserts helped tremendously. Very sturdy but he found them comfortable and the arch support gave him help without pushing his foot too high.

Hi BD,

Thanks for leaving for review. Playing soccer without worrying about the pain must be a great feeling.

Dash Insole Kit
David A Porter (Indianapolis, United States)
Instant pain relief

I’ve had a lingering pain in my left foot for years. Put these inserts in and it was gone in minutes.

Hi David,

Thanks for leaving a review. Going from years of pain to experiencing no pain must be a breath of fresh air. Thanks for choosing Tread Labs.

Pace Insoles
Kes (Spray, United States)
Pace w/High Arch

I have pretty severe over-pronation and have tried countless insoles touted to help but they don't. I discovered Tread Labs quite by accident and gave them a call. Great customer service folks who offered a lot of help to determine my arch height. Because there seemed to be a difference between my arches, they told me to get my feet wet and stand on a wooden floor, take a picture of my wet footprints and email it to them. I did and they recommended the arch I needed.
The insoles arrived and I could see immediately why their warranty is so good; these insoles are sturdy, but very cushioned by the top part. I put them into my boots and off I went. Don't do that! Give your feet a short a day or three to become adjusted to their new support. I dialed my excitement back and wore the insoles for a half day, increasing to a full day. Before the week's end, I had happy feet.
I have been wearing them now for about a month and my feet love them. That arch support keeps my foot and heel and ankle from turning in and collapsing. These insoles are really good. And so good, in fact, that both of my adult sons have ordered them and now we've all got happy feet.
In summation, this is a very good product with an outstanding warranty. The customer support staff are excellent and truly helpful. I'm out of constant pain and that's really the bottom line, isn't it? Honestly, buy a pair of these and you'll have happy feet too.

Hi Kes,

Thank you for taking the time to write such a wonderful review. This may be one of the most detailed and descriptive reviews we have received. We try to go above and beyond to make sure everyone is satisfied with their Tread Labs insoles. Once again, thank you for the review.

Ramble Insoles
Neil (Saint Paul, United States)
Very good insoles at a very reasonable price

Very good insoles at a very reasonable price

Hi Neil,

We do our best to provide a high quality product for an affordable price. Thanks for leaving a review.

Ramble Insoles
Alex K (Muncie, United States)
Instant Relief

My feet felt instantly better after I started using Ramble insoles. Being able to choose the arch height appropriate for my feet was crucial. I bought a pair for my work shoes, running shoes, and hiking boots.

Pace Thin Top Covers
Michele Simmons (Graham, United States)
Best decision I ever made!

I’ve had plantar fasciitis for years, with severe pain in my heels and arches. I’ve tried several orthotics but these are by far the best! They are so much more comfortable than the others I’ve tried. Even after a full day of walking my feet still feel great! They cushion my feet and fit in all of my shoes. In the mornings when my feet used to hurt the most, no pain! They are also very affordable. Once you buy the insoles, all you have to do in replace the top covers. Also, the customer service is wonderful. There’s always a friendly voice on the other end of the phone and the girls are so helpful! I’m so glad I found these insoles and won’t ever need to look for orthotics again!

Ramble Insoles
Chad Fleming (Whittier, United States)

Helped me out with my foot pain…

Ramble Insoles
Jimbo (Milwaukee, United States)
Ramble Insoles extra high arch

I have tried other brands of insoles and by far the Tread Labs have been best. With my extra high arches they are awesome. If you don't have some you should get some.

Ramble Insoles
Linda (Princeton, United States)

Did not have any pain after 3 mile walk with these in my running shoes. Much better than the original insoles, and better than my old custom ones.

Metatarsal Support Pads
JPD Newton, MA (Billerica, United States)
Pace Insoles and metatarsal support review

Customer support was excellent. I called with questions and they were very helpful. Because I live local I was able to pick up these up. It's been a few weeks since using these in my golf shoes. I've seen significant improvement in the foot pain I experienced in the past.

Hi Jeffrey,

We always do our best to help the customer with their needs. Thanks for the review.

Dash Insoles
Susan Williams (Lincoln, United States)
Dash insole works!

Dash insoles are a less expensive option to custom made orthotics. These insoles work just as well as my expensive custom orthotics for fallen arches. Highly recommend these insoles.

Ramble Insoles
Ryan Houston (Palm Coast, United States)

Ramble Insoles

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for leaving a review.

Pace Insole Kit
David (Krakow, Poland)
Swiss Army Knife/Kit of Insoles

I already got myself a pair of of Pace Insoles and I bought the Pace Insole Kit for 2 reason: I wanted the thinner padding for my running shoes because they are a tighter fit and the I wanted the half-length pad for my boots because the boot insoles are not removeable. I can now wear my boots and sneakers comfortably and I don’t need to switch the insoles between shoes anymore.

Hi David,

Thanks for leaving a review. The kit is a great option for those looking for insoles for all types of shoes.

Pace Insoles
Karl Shuler (Elk Ridge, United States)
So far, so good

At this point they seem to be making improvements to my foot pain. I would give a 5 star but I would like to use them for a few more weeks.

Pace Insole Kit
Tara (Batavia, United States)
The support I need

The Pace High insole has reduced my pain from my tendonitis! It’s a life saver.

Pace Short Insoles
Charles Hurt

Great comfort and the pain in my feet from standing over long periods of time are now gone. Best investment in insoles ever.

Hi Charles,

This is great to hear. Standing for hours should not be painful. Enjoy your Tread Labs insoles.

Ramble Insoles
Najwan Dodin (Louisville, United States)
The size is perfect!!!

The insoles are awesome!!! I wear size 7.5 Women and I picked the insoles with the size (7 - 7.5). They were perfect!!! They are comfy and fit in every shoe I own. I will be buying more to stop moving them from one shoe to another!!!

Hi Najwan,

Isn't that one the best feelings? Taking something out of the box and it works and or makes a difference right away. Thanks for purchasing Tread Labs.

Pace Thin Insoles
Diana Torres Cervantes (Riverside, United States)
Great so far

I have been wearing my inserts for a few weeks now and so far they have been great. Like others mentioned it takes a couple days to get used to but after that they feel fine. Definitely looking into purchasing more to leave a pair in my work boots since I always forget to swap them into my other shoes.

Pace Short Insoles
Amanda Miller (Fayetteville, United States)
Walking on Air

These really do make me feel that I am walking on air. Very comfortable!

Hi Amanda,

Thanks for leaving a review. Your feet must love the feeling of walking on clouds.

Durable and comfortable

These are some serious insoles. I have tried several products from various companies that could not hold up to daily use. That is not the case with tread labs. These insoles are extremely durable while maintaining comfort. I will be a customer for life.

Hi Ali,

Thanks for leaving a review. Along with our great durability, our insoles also have a million mile guarantee.

Dash Insoles
Karne (Cornville, United States)
Simply the BEST!!

I’ve been using Superfeet since the day they were hatched. Started having some issues with Perineal Tendinitis. Found the Treadlab Insoles and purchased both the Dash and Pace in extra high. Hands down the most superior and supportive insole EVER!!
I’m a fan!
Thanks Treadlab!

Pace Insoles
Daisiry Corona (Honolulu, United States)
Worth it!

Very happy with my purchase

Hi Daisiry,

Thank you for leaving a review. We are glad to hear you are enjoying your Tread Labs insoles.

Pace Insoles
Alexander Engen (Denver, United States)
Supportive but squeaky

I can’t wear my insoles anymore until I find a solution to remove the squeak when I step.

It was great for the first few days, but now the squeak is too loud to wear in public.

Hi Alexander,

Thanks for leaving for a review. For the squeaking, we recommend a dryer sheet or talcum powder.

Pace Insoles
Bret Bestpitch (Nokomis, United States)
Great Insoles

They work great. Made the pain go away. Will purchase extra for all my shoes