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Dash Thin Insoles
Sean Althaus (San Antonio, United States)

Helping my son's flat feet

Women's Albion Sandal
Sambagrrl (Weehawken, United States)
Supportive but WIDE

The footbed feels amazing so far. It's the first ever water-ready sandal I've tried where I can feel the shoe under my entire arch. Unfortunately, the forefoot strap is so loose I can put three fingers through it with my foot in the sandal. I really wish it were adjustable, and I'm still debating whether it's worth keeping them.

Women's Albion Sandal
Carol (Edmonds, United States)
Summer Fun!

I love these new sandals and they are extremely comfortable enough to wear all day for hiking, sunning, water play, etc. Plus they look great dressed up and dressed down! Highly recommend them.

Metatarsal Support Pads
Mike Hardy (Auburn, United States)
Met pads

The arch support is great out of the box, but for me the metatarsal pads are a must. If you feel pressure on your metatarsal bones get the pads.

Dash Insole Kit
M.A. (Camarillo, United States)
Oh yeah

Spent way to much money on other insoles! I have custom orthotics too but good luck trying to fit those in a running shoe let alone a soccer boot! These are firm as f and exactly what I need! Semi rigid insoles just don’t cut it for me with all my over pronation. If I hadn’t been using the orthotics for a year it would have been a transition but I didn’t have one. Follow the recommended arch height as it’s spot on. Thought I was a low but I am regular. Hope Treadlabs develops some different tops for them. Maybe try some different materials. Definitely 5 out 5 and highly recommend!

Dash Insoles
Alex Popowych (Grand Rapids, United States)
High Arch support magic

I stand all day at my job and these have been a huge improvement for my high arches. Slight issue with the heel sliding sideways just enough to irritate the bottom of my heel. I think I’ll be able to resolve this with some 2 sided 3M tape to get them centered under my heel.

Men's Covelo Sandal
Brian (Ridgway, United States)

Wow. I've warn all the sandals...and the Albion is by far the most comfortable sandal I have ever put on. Besides being a carbon copy of the curves under my feet (the toe area, arch and heel simply fit perfectly), the footbed provides the right amount of cushion (not too soft or hard) and support to make a day in the Albion the best day ever. The material (and design) that TreadLabs uses is super soft and hugs the tops and sides of your feet--no rubbing at all and a really cool tan line for the win! Nice work you guys!!!!

Women's Covelo Sandal
MoeRutski (East Hampton, United States)
Great Sandals

I have always struggled to find sandals with an arch. The arch is great, and the sandals stay on my feet, even when sweaty :)

Pace Wide Insoles
Roy Fox (Lancaster, United States)
Feel great, love my new sandals

These are the best sandals I have ever owned, thinking of getting a second pair, got the blue, but need the grey as well, I walk miles and my feet do not hurt.

Women's Covelo Sandal
Leta Kalfas (Denver, United States)
A very comfortable fit

I was not expecting such a comfortable hold on my foot with the Covelo. The straps were well positioned to cradle my foot and the footbed supported me in just the right places. Well done!

Pace Thin Insoles
John L (West Grove, United States)
Pace Thin Insoles - plantar fasciitis relief

I’ve been using these insoles for 2 months and have been able to run again. These are the only insoles that are thin enough, yet offer high arch support without having to resort to custom orthotics. I’ll be ordering a few more of these for my other running shoes and shoes that don’t have enough room for a thicker insole. These insoles are a home run. If you have high arches, you’ll find relief with these. Thanks Tread-Labs.

Men's Albion Sandal
Phillip Stern (Woburn, United States)
Great sandals

These are my favorite, most comfortable sandals. I’ve tried Teva and Keen sandals but prefer TreadLabs because they are light and simple and provide great support. I’ve done easy hikes in them and worn them in streams and lakes. They are easy to clean and dry fast. I slip them on whenever I leave the house. They come in “Ripper blue” so they are fashionable too. 😆

Dash Thin Insoles
David Neal (Pittsfield, United States)

Finally, arch inserts that don’t collapse. These are great.

Dash Thin Top Covers
SoccerMom (Amherst, United States)
Easy new covers

It’s so easy and convenient to replace the insole covers. The insole itself is still like new after a year in soccer cleats, although the cover is worn out (and stinks). So glad I don’t have to replace the entire thing.

Pace Insoles
Heather Martinez (Las Cruces, United States)
Plantar Fasciitis Help

I am constantly on my feet and got plantar fasciitis a year ago. These inserts have been the best of many options I’ve tried. They give you both the support and the cushion. The design also makes it easy to replace the cushion part only without having to buy the entire insole. The guides help you choose the correct size and type, I am very happy.


These are great sandals and stylish. I wear them everywhere. Comfortable and easy to slide into.

Women's Covelo Sandal
Hadeel Khalid (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)
Great for high Arch

The sandal appearance is so beautiful. I bought for my high arch issue and it was good but I would recommend all to go with your size down by one because when I bought it with my actual size it is became a little bit big


Very comfortable sandals - love the weight and how they feel. I have used them pretty much every day during my trip abroad and they have performed great for all activities - from hiking to kayaking. The footbed takes a bit longer to dry than some other sandals, but not enough to bother me.

Men's Covelo Sandal
Ariel (Whitefish, United States)
So comfortable!!!

These are the most comfortable sandals I've ever owned. I love the arch support for my very high arches. I can walk all day in these and my feet don't get tired. I bought the men's sandal because I loved the yellow color and I've gotten many compliments.

Refurbished Ramble Insoles - All Sales Final
brthompson (Logan, United States)
Great product!

These work great for support, and are much cheaper than a lot of other products. The only critique I have is they do require a minor tweak to make them feel better. The front edge is a bit too thick, and so it ended up hurting my forefoot. Another reviewer had the same problem, and they took a heat gun to it to shallow it out a bit. I just used a grinder and knocked the edge off. This made it much better. Overall these work great and offer a nice support. I really like that the top cover is replaceable. This is an awesome feature that will allow the use of these orthotics for years and years.

Ramble Insoles
Everett Thomas (San Antonio, United States)

I have used generic insoles before and have never been tempted to continue, but these are different. I have a job that keeps me on my feet upwards of 12 hours a day and I was getting sore feet and knees halfway through the day. I popped the Ramble insoles into my regular sneakers and quickly noticed that my pains started coming later in the day and eventually not at all. It took a couple weeks, but now they feel normal and I feel fresher all throughout the day. They definitely are worth the price and I'll probably pick up a couple more sets so I don't have to swap them from shoe to shoe. I struggle to see how full custom insoles would be much better.

Pace Insoles
Matt C. (Portage, United States)
Fantastic comfort!

I recently developed significant heel pain. I tried another type of insole and the fit seemed to make things worse. The Pace Insoles are a great fit and have helped tremendously. I plan to order more pairs so I don't have to switch them between pairs of shoes!

Pace Thin Insoles
Giovanni Encarnacion (Brooklyn, United States)
Great Pace Thin Insoles

These insoles are great. I’II give them a 5 star ⭐️.

Dash Insoles
Ryan and Ashley Mertz (Windsor, United States)
Dash Insoles

I recently purchased the Dash insoles. I run between 30-50 miles/week. I’ve worn an insole for years as the standard shoe insole does not provide enough support. I wear a size 9.5 shoe and ordered the medium 10-10.5 Dash insole l. I did not need to trim the insole. During my first week of running, I observed that the Dash insole was lighter and more supportive than my other purchased insoles. The insoles are quite comfortable and I do feel some energy return with the carbon fiber arch support. Also, I had been having some issues with toe blisters and the open cell foam helped to decrease friction and has resolved those issues. Overall, 5 stars. Very pleased. Thank you, Tread Labs! I’ll be ordering some Dash Top Covers soon!

Men's Albion Sandal
Kevin (Ogden, United States)
Feet feel great!

I have Morton's neuromas in my feet and most sandals irritate them, but these sandals offer good support and comfort. The uppers are comfortable and breathable. I'm really liking them!