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Finally high enough arch support

Other insoles were just not high enough. The arch in these is located a little further back than others which may not fit all feet. They feel good to me.

Highly recommend

These insoles are much better than the ones I get from my local running store. Very supportive and actually high enough to reach my high arch. I normally wear an 8 in running shoes but I had to size down my insole to the 7-7.5 because of where the arch support sat on my foot. After sizing down they fit perfectly!



Pace Inserts Are Amazing!

I suffer from severe plantar fasciitis pain. Arch support is key in helping mine. So when I found I could order different heights in my supports, I was super excited! The extra high support has finally given me a chance to be pain free for the first time in years!

Pace Thin Insoles
Cumulative Pain Relief

There was instant comfort when walking but it seemed that my feet needed to adjust to running. In time, I am seeing more and more relief while running.

Met Pads

They are great!

Best my heel had felt in years

I've been having heel pain for years. I tried Superfeet, Walking Company and others with not much help. Then I read about Tread Labs and since putting them in my shoes my heels have felt much better. I can't believe how much these insoles have helped.

Growing Feet

Our 15year old athlete was complaining of sore knees (about a 4 on a 1-10 pain scale), sore ankles (about a 3), and sore feet (about an 8).
The doctor said "Jumpers Knee" and said that he'd grow out of it. Meanwhile, it still hurts to run and hump.

Enter Tread Labs insoles. The knees are now pain free, ankles are pain free, and the feet are a 1 or 2--mostly fatigue that he attributes to playing high school and club volleyball five days a week.

In short, an outstanding investment in the health and well being of a budding athlete.

Ramble thin soles

Excellent soles and good price for refurbished ones


Not much support

Hi Trevor! These are just the replaceable top covers for our insoles, so they actually have no built-in support. If you're looking for our insoles, here is a link to the Pace Thin: https://treadlabs.com/products/pace-thin-insoles This provides the arch support and covers. Give us a shout at hello@treadlabs.com with any questions. -Annie

Medium arch support is good

I bought several insoles for my family members. The insoles with medium arch support worked out very well for my son and husband. My husband, who is on his feet all night is thrilled not to come home after 12-hour day and have his feet hurting.

I ordered the high arches for myself, and the left foot felt great. But the right foot caused pain in the metatarsal. I compared it to my old arch supports, and the old supports which have been discontinued are half inch longer in the hard nylon arch support part of the insole. Where the hard nylon support ends is exactly where I have foot pain. In conclusion, The ramble high arch support is just a little too short to properly support my arches. I have pain when I wear them.

I had hoped this insole + pad would solve my metatarsal pain...

but I suppose I will need to keep looking.

Hey! Thanks for leaving a review. We actually offer Metatarsal pads separately that pair with our insoles. This may be the missing piece. Here is a link if you're interested: https://treadlabs.com/products/metatarsal-inserts-insoles Thanks! -Annie

Great orthotics!

Well worth the money! Thank you for solving my foot pain.


Excellent feeling!

Refurbished insoles

I purchased the refurbished high arch pace insoles. The insoles look perfect! I could not tell that they were refurbished. The high arch and stiffness is exactly what my feet needed. Very happy with my purchase.

Pace Insoles for the win!

I have been long overdue for new orthotics in my shoes. My last pair were custom medical orthotics. I've been trying numerous over the counter orthotics over the past 2 years as it is cheaper but I had not found anything that works for me until I tried the Pace Insoles. They are perfect and so comfortable! They have been great for me while I am on my feet a minimum of 8 hours a day as an x-ray tech who is most often standing through long surgery cases with little movement. It is so nice to have a cheaper and more accessible option for orthotics!

Amazing addition to the pace insoles

What else can I say other than I am loving the extra level of support the pads provide! It definitely felt weird for the first week or so but now my feet are quite used to the extra ‘bump’. Legitimately found you guys through a google search and now I’m ready to buy another set of the insoles/met pads. Best foot support ever!

All as Advertisec

Great service, sizing is true; Durability seems fine (only 2 weeks into product use). I got full kit and it appears I will not need full sized inserts. Would not hesitate to recommend or purchase again so I do not have to remove arches each time I change shoes.

Great fit and feel!

I needed to get insoles as I have flat feet and run quite often. It took some time for my feet to get used to them, but the insoles have been rock solid since. The insoles themselves look great, although the bottom isn't as shiny as when new (not a big deal). Customer service is top-notch, and I'm looking forward to getting as many miles as I can with them!

These Help tired feet!

I had total knee replacement in Dec 2020 and as I got back to walking exercising my feet and ankles started to ache. These inserts reversed that!

Hey Wayne! I'm so happy that the insoles have helped the foot and ankle pain. Cheers! -Annie


They really help! Comfortable and effective. Definitely recommend.


Expensive for what they are

Pace Insoles are awesome

I love my pace insoles. I walk better, my back and feet no longer hurt me. I would highly recommend this product. Definitely has changed my daily life for the better!!!

Probably should have gotten the low arch

I like the Tread Labs concept — a replaceable upper mated to a more permanent lower piece — but while the Tread Labs web site says I'm a medium arch (I have an arch when I'm seated), my feet aren't comfortable with the insole as is. They're quite attractive and nicely constructed, though.

Hey Norm, thanks for your review. Dash is very firm, so it makes sense that even with the arch test, you may want a low. Our exchange process is super easy. Feel free to reach out to us at hello@treadlabs.com if you need any help exchanging. Cheers! -Annie

Saving $$ over prescription orthodics

I came across their website and read what they had to say. I decided to give their insoles a try in order to save some $$ over the prescription ones I currently have. The biggest problem I had was determining which arch support I needed. When I received my Tread Labs Insoles I compared them to the ones I currently have. I maybe in between high arch and mid arch support. I purchased the high arch model and I am currently using them with no issues. I may give the mid arch a try however. I will likely end up sticking with these and pocketing the difference in cost. The new insoles are quality made and make my feet feel great. Thanks Tread Labs !