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Ramble Insoles
Lynda W. (Chantilly, United States)

The Ramble insoles are perfect in my hiking shoes! They give just a tad more cushion than the others and still fit beautifully, very supportive. Will be making these my go to from now on!

Pace Insole Kit
elizabeth lundin (Minneapolis, United States)
My feet are so happy!

I noticed a difference within a day or two, I could get out of bed in the morning with my feet in pain. I am glad I ditched the cheap inserts and found Tread Labs!

Hi Elizabeth! Wow that's amazing! Glad the pain in your feet went away! Tread Labs insoles are great as it's a near custom fit without being too customize and not like any generic over the counter insoles.

Ramble Insole Kit
Mario Gallelli (Egg Harbor, United States)
Absolutely Incredible

The website is so easy to use and navigate, I was able to pick the perfect insoles for me. They have fit perfect, and have cured all of my foot pain, I actually enjoy wearing shoes now. Working long shifts has never felt better, thank you so much

Hi Mario! We try our best to make our website user friendly! That's exceptional news the Ramble Insole is making such a difference on your shifts!

Ramble Insoles
John Proctor (Surprise, United States)
Great inserts!!

The feel and the idea about being able to replace the upper part is genius.

Hi John! Thanks for your feedback! That's what we love about our 2-part insole. It's a near custom fit without being too customize and not like any generic over the counter insoles.

Pace Thin Insoles
Luke Smith (Fredericksburg, United States)
Big fan!

These insoles continue to impress. They have helped with dealing with falling arches in one of my feet.

Pace Insole Kit
Roxenne Smith (Palm Harbor, United States)
Treat your feet!

This is an excellent product. I ordered the kit so that I can swap the insoles between shoes. It's nice to have the different insole options. If a customer thinks they may want more than one orthotic, and since the orthotic is not sold separately from an insole, I suggest not ordering the kit, but just ordering two orthotics with insoles. I recommend this product and plan to make this my go-to company for orthotics.

Pace Thin Insoles
Richard Barnes (Sacramento, United States)
I was using Superfeet...until...

I am a backpacker. I have hiked both long and short distances with no foot issues until I had to end my hike of the John Muir Trail at mile 25 last year. My right foot was so painful I could barely stand on it. I feared that I had severely damaged it. Back home the podiatrist said it was Plantar Fasciitis. I got the Superfeet orthotics and did his suggested stretches. A year later the pain is almost gone, but I have changed my treatment since those earlier days. The first thing I did was change my orthotics to Tread Labs Pace Insoles. They give my arch more support and protect my heel very well.
I now use them in my favorite hiking shoes, the La Sportiva Wildcat Trail runners. After swapping out the factory orthotics with the Pace Insoles the Wildcats are even more comfortable. According to my FitBit , I regularly take 14k+ steps per day…many of those at work.
I will be leaving July 10th to complete the remaining 210 miles of the JMT and the Pace insoles will be with me.

Hi Richard! You've definitely come a long way! Your adventures sound amazing! Thanks for taking Tread Labs with you every step of the way! Good luck on your quest, I am sure it will be awesome!

Pace Insoles
Ted C (Vallejo, United States)
Pace low arch

Have really flat feet and felt immediate relief on my ankles and knees! Love the lifetime warranty and replaceable soles! Great product!

Hi Ted! Thank you for your feedback! Here at Tread Labs, we want to make sure our customers are completely satisfied! We stand by our 90-day and million mile guarantee!

Pace Insole Kit
JJ (New York, United States)

Love the soles!

Pace Thin Insoles
donna clark (Decorah, United States)
best ever

i have tried many different insoles with no luck then my husband found these gave them a try and i'm happy to say that these are the best insoles that i have used in a very long time

Hi Donna! Your husband did a great job on finding our insoles! He knows happy wife, happy life, and now it includes your happy feet too!

Pace Thin Insoles
Byron S (Washington, United States)
Knee and arch savers!!

My adolescent daughter was experiencing knee and arch pain playing lacrosse even after switching out her insoles for some better ones. Changed again to Tread Labs Pace Thin insoles and the pain is gone. She’s running faster, cutting harder and feeling stronger all without pain. Many thanks!

Hi Byron! That's amazing how some tweaking of insoles can make your daughter run faster and feeling stronger without any pain! She's an all star athlete on the field!

Pace Short Insoles
Sago (Portland, United States)
Pronation solved

Needed these to fix my pronation issues and noticed a correction in posture of foot stance on first use. True to size chart and feels flexible in any shoe.

Hi Sago! That's great news! We are thrilled the insoles made a difference on fixing the pronation issues and posture!

Ramble Short Top Covers
Customer (Woodbury, United States)

Easy on easy off. Doesn't get any better

We agree! Keeping it simple as easy as 1,2,3.

Gift for your feet!

Hi Lm! I bet your feet was happy with glee for the surprise gift!

Dash Top Covers
JIM ORLANDO (Queens, United States)
Like having new only cheaper

Great idea to revive old smelly insoles gods for another 600 miles

Hi Jim! That's great new to no more smelly insoles and going for another 600 miles!

Pace Insoles
T (Los Angeles, United States)

Fast shipping. Fit perfect in hiking boot

Dash Short Insoles
Travis Pickett (American Fork, United States)

The added support makes my feet feel better

Pace Short Insoles
Tyler Schmitz (Anderson, United States)
Great way to add arch support to dress shoes

These go well in dress shoes that don’t have a removable insert!

Hi Tyler! Thanks for the feedback! Now your feet are as fancy as you are!

Metatarsal Support Pads
Linda Kozak (Hartville, United States)
Needed pain relief

Tried these extra pads with the insoles as im having pain in the ball of my foot. I need to be on my feet all day, gardening, yard work, cleaning job and these have helped me continue being active and deal with my pain
Four stars as I wish they could be positioned higher up on the insole for my personal fit, but the velcro won't hold in that position. Overall extremely happy

Hi Linda! We're happy to hear that the Met Pads were able to help you with some of the pain in your foot! We will relay your feedback to our team and if you ever need any assistance please email us at hello@treadlabs.com so we can make your experience not only good but GREAT!

Ramble Insoles
Anonymous (Willard, United States)
My feet feel much better

I was recommended these insoles and was amazed that my arches don't ache after exercising anymore.

Hi Doug! We're pumped to hear this feedback! The Ramble insole is awesome where it has a firm and supportive fit, but will flex a bit while the foot is in motion.

Pace Insoles
Misti Leahy (Madison, United States)
Best OTC Inserts!

These inserts were able to relieve my long-standing plantar fasciitis pain. I am very pleasantly surprised!

Hi Misty! Great to hear they are making a difference! The Pace is great for folks looking for relief from Plantar Fasciitis. The insoles are designed to keep the foot properly aligned, reducing pressure and stress on joints and tendons.

Ramble Thin Top Covers
Jordan (Akron, United States)
Excellent Insole

Perfectly thin but still comfortable. Sizing is super accurate and fits great.

Hi Jordan! Thank you for your feedback! The Ramble Thin is a terrific insole that provides that firm yet flexible support without taking too much room in your shoes!

Pace Short Insoles
Shannon (San Francisco, United States)
A godsend

I got my first corn! Yuck. I tend to walk on the outer edges of my feet. I got the high arch pace insoles, and it really made a difference. I realize now I need the Pace or Rambler insoles inserted in all my shoes.

Hi Shannon! Oh no to yucky corn! We're glad the Pace insoles are making a difference! If you need any assistance on ordering please email us at hello@treadlabs.com

Pace Insoles
Sarah Joan (Cheshire, United States)
Pace innersoles

After using these innersoles for a month, I found that my feet are happier! I will be purchasing an additional pair for other shoes!

Hi Sarah! Woo hoo to happy feet! That's great news not only for your feet but for us too!

Pace Insoles
Steve Cummins (Saint Paul, United States)
Adjustment Time

I think these insoles are a quality product and I'm still adjusting to them, one of my feet has a higher arch than the other. I've tried other brands of insoles and for the short time I have worn these I feel they are as good or better than the numerous other brands I have used. I do like the design of the replaceable cushion and also the multiple arch heights. So far so good!

Hi Steve! Thank you for your feedback! We usually suggest to folks that it can take up to 2 weeks and a few hours at a time to get used to the supports. For the most part, it sounds like your feet are feeling nice!