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Refurbished Pace Insoles - All Sales Final
RLO (Longmont, United States)
Refurbed Pace Insoles

Bought a second pair of insoles so I didn't have to keep switching from shoe to shoe. Decided to try the refurbs since they were cheaper. Glad I did as they are exactly the same great quality as my 1st pair of non-refurb insoles. I'm a happy Tread Labs customer.

Dash Thin Insoles
Daniel Bradford (Miami, United States)
Dash Thin Insoles

I have used custom orthotics for the past 4 years but my current insurance didn't cover them so I tried tread labs. So far, I am impressed. One of my feet is more messed up than the other. That foot took some more getting used to the non custom design, but I think I have adjusted. One thing to keep in mind is to be careful with the thickness of the insole you choose. When purchasing, I didn't notice that each of the main types comes in a non thin and a thin. I think my Dash will be perfect if I have a non-thin version of the insole but those are currently out of stock.

Metatarsal Support Pads
Amy T (Seattle, United States)
Awesome insoles and metatarsal pads!

I have custom orthotics that are very old and falling apart and decided to try Tread Labs after reading all the reviews online. I ordered the medium arch with metatarsal pads and I love them! It is great to be able to adjust the placement of the pads and they really seem to be helping me with my bunions and flexible foot pronation. Highly recommend!

Hey Amy,
Being able to easily adjust the metatarsal pad to find your sweet spot makes all the difference! We're so glad you love them.
-Tread Labs

Refurbished Ramble Insoles - All Sales Final
Megan S (Lincoln, United States)
Foot Saver!

I have very high arches, and most standard arch supports are too flimsy or don't conform to my feet. These have been a blessing! They fit easily in all of my athletic shoes and allow me to work on my feet all day. My chiropractor even noticed my progress immediately after adding these inserts!

Refurbished Ramble Insoles - All Sales Final
Steven L Baker (Paso Robles, United States)

There are so many insole supports on the market that it is very hard to choose which one to trust to live up to all of the hype. The best option is to read the reviews, take them with a grain of salt and then take a chance. Having a choice to buy refurbished Tread Labs insoles was definitely the tipping point as the investment is almost half of what you would normally pay...and it was worth the gamble...you could not tell them from a new pair! After multiple ankle surgeries I have very flat, size 14 feet and the selection I chose was perfect for my every day use. So much so that I recently bought another, stiffer new pair (not refurbished unfortunately) for my hiking boots and they too are working well. Good products!

Hey Steven,
Thanks so much for giving our insoles a try! We're so glad you like them. Refurbished insoles are indeed a great deal - we stock them as we make them, so check back every now and then to see if we have your size and arch height available.
-Tread Labs

Pace Insole Kit
Les B. (Seattle, United States)
Pace Insole Kit provides options

I like the Insole kit from Pace as it allow me to try 3 different configurations of the insole, so you can try the insole in several shoes and find out what combination works for each style of shoe. Tread Labs return policy (up to 90 days) allows me try a configuration for awhile to make sure the combination I chose works.

Hey Les,
Being able to swap top covers for the best fit makes all the difference in comfort! We're so glad you like the Pace Kit and are finding what works for you.
-Tread Labs

Pace Thin Insoles
Rakibul Mazumder (Irving, United States)
Super Comfortable!

Feeling a lot more reassured playing basketball in these shoes so far and even just walking around, after severely hurting my arch and heel.

Hey Rakibul,
We're so glad to hear our insoles have helped not only your basketball game, but your everyday activities too!
-Tread Labs

Pace Insoles
Jenn P (Jacksonville, United States)
Best I have Tried

I have been suffering from Plantar fasciitis for over a year now and have tried many insoles to relieve it. I started from buying low end insoles to more expensive ones but still have the pain when I walk. I came across Tread Labs online and read the reviews. I like that I get to choose my arch height instead of a more generalized approach. The first day I wore it to work it felt like clouds on my feet. I thought it would be short lived just like all the other insoles I’ve had but it’s proving to be the opposite. It doesn’t add any more pain to what I already have and I’m not limping by the end of my shift. It’s a game changer. I’ve been wearing it for about a month now and I love it. Definite winner for me.

Pace Insoles
Patrick Byington
Real support.

I bought these for my wife (who has higher arches) and her face instantly lit up after standing in them. She didn't want to take her shoes off after that!

Pace Insoles
Jacqueline Casey (Branford, United States)

I have felt a little better. I was hoping for more relief. Maybe I have higher arch thanI measure

Dash Insoles
Volleyball Dad (San Mateo, United States)
Dash Insoles for VB

So far so good. I bought the Dash insoles for my daughter who plays competitive volleyball. She wears orthotics, but they were too heavy and uncomfortable for her volleyball shoes. The Dash insoles were a good solution.

Refurbished Pace Insoles - All Sales Final
Sher (Orlando, United States)
My first refurbished Tread Labs

I am very happy with these refurbished Tread Labs. I can’t tell the difference between them and my “all new” ones. It’s nice to be able to have an affordable second pair.

Pace Insoles
Lisa (New Kensington, United States)

The PACE insoles are so comfortable and ever so durable. I bought my first ever pair of Tread Labs insoles long before they were called PACE insoles, and after 3 years in my daily work boots they are still great! My feet NEVER are even sore! I have high arches and tried many different kinds of insoles in all my different kinds of shoes before I bought that first pair of Tread Labs. Now it is the PACE Tread Labs that are in both my work and fashionable boots, my running shoes, and my sneakers. I’ve had knowledgable and quick communication from the customer service when I wasn’t sure which arch height or insoles to choose. I will say that because the PACE insoles are thick they don’t fit into my dress shoes, which hasn’t been a problem because there are thinner and half-size choices with Tread Labs, and the customer service people are really top notch with experienced helping.

Refurbished Pace Insoles - All Sales Final
Jen Wilson (Milford, United States)

I found the perfect combination of arch support and comfort in pace high arch insoles. Impossible to tell they've been refurbished. I ended long days of yardwork and landscaping with seriously sore feet and an aching back. I appreciate that my long days don't turn into painful nights.

Ramble Insoles
Colton Loyd (Arvada, United States)
Introduction to insoles

First pairs of insoles, bought 1 and a week later I bought 3 more to put in all my shoes. Seems like a good company.

Pace Insoles
Dave K (Saint Augustine, United States)
Great product at a great price

I went to a podiatrist with foot pain. He explained that I have arthritis due to high arches and basically have been wearing the wrong shoes my entire life. He sold me insoles which helped me tremendously but they are very expensive. I found Tread Labs on line and they were the only company I found that had a choice of 4 levels of arch support from low to extra high. I purchased the extra high arch support and they work just as well as the insoles that I purchased from the doctor. I can buy 6 pairs of these from Tread Labs for the same price of one pair from the doctor. Now I don't have to keep switching insoles from one shoe to another.

Hey Dave -
Thanks for giving us a try. Switching insoles between shoes is a total pain, so we're really glad to hear the extra high insoles are working just as well as the insoles from your doctor, but at a much better price!
-Tread Labs

Pace Short Top Covers
Khaja Subhani (Bangkok, Thailand)

I bought a set of these insoles because my insurance stopped covering custom insoles every year to help with my flat feet. These insoles are just as good, and more environment-friendly than my custom ones. I ended up purchases several more pairs of these for my other shoes. Highly recommend!

Refurbished Ramble Insoles - All Sales Final
Gary Green (Boca Raton, United States)
Good as new

These refurbs are as good as new. I own several insoles and these are as good as they were. 👍

Ramble Short Insoles
Nicole S. (Cedar Falls, United States)
Game Changer

So I work retail (thin carpet over concrete floors—standing for 8 hours and never getting to sit down.) I was using the high arch support insoles from Dr Scholls (the expensive ones) and at the end of the day, my lower back would hurt so badly that I was taking the maximum dose of extra strength Tylenol every night and still couldn’t get comfortable. I’m only 24, so this was a big deal for me.

I was initially worried about the $55 investment considering I don’t make a lot of money, but I’m SO HAPPY I went for it. I got the Extra High and they fit perfectly (whereas with the Dr Scholls there was a slight gap between my foot and the arch, even with the high arch support kind.)

My hips and low back no longer hurt, and I’ve managed to not need any Tylenol at all! 1000% worth the investment and I love that I can replace the tops when they wear out. I’ve already been telling all of my family to buy them.

Nicole -
Thanks so much for trying us out on your sky high arches. We're so happy to hear the insoles did the trick and your Tylenol expenses are way down! Keep an eye on our refurbished insoles - they're a great way to save.
-Tread Labs

Refurbished Pace Insoles - All Sales Final
Thomas Mc Namee (Wadmalaw Island, United States)
Now pain free

Have high arches. Now Tread Labs is in all my footwear. No more planters fasciitis!

Refurbished Pace Insoles - All Sales Final
PAUL KOKKINIS (Queens, United States)
refurbished pace insoles

the refurbished pace insoles seem and look no different than the new ones. i bought these to save money. obviously they do work for me and provide comfort. thanks

Refurbished Pace Insoles - All Sales Final
Debbie Kusko (Zephyrhills, United States)
Great orthotics for HIGH atches

Fit right in my shoes and provided the support I needed

Dash Insoles
Scott Sundsvold (Alexandria, United States)
Excellent Support

These supports helped me to recover from injuries due to low arches.

Pace Insoles
J.J. (Pooler, United States)
Best Insoles Yet!

I got insoles for very high arches from a podiatriast a number of years ago and was told by him they were the best available. Well, a new puppy chewed them up recently, and the podiatrist had stopped practicing, so I didn't know what to buy to replace them. I needn't look any further than Tread Labs! I can finally survive 12 hour nursing shifts without my feet turning into traitorous bastards. Get some now!

Hey Joseph,
We definitely didn't encourage your puppy's chewing habit, but we're glad he helped you find us :D Thanks for all you do to take care of others everyday. We're so happy you can do it more comfortably.
-Tread Labs

Pace Insoles
Anthony Perez (Los Angeles, United States)
Getting a few more pairs

I’ve a collapsed arch (flat feet) and often get shin splints and sore knees so I’d wanted to test these out for a month or so before buying another pair. At any rate, these things are solid and I’m getting a few more!