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Dash Thin Insoles
Chris (Irvine, United States)
Great for running!

I have a collapsed arch in one foot which was causing me pain when walking one day. I started using these to slowly get back to running and have been pain free since!

Pace Wide Insoles
Glen B (Little Silver, United States)
A Gift From Heaven

Finally, orthotic inserts that don’t cost an arm and a leg, and don’t require a doctor’s involvement. These arch supports simply fit right. It requires a bit of trial and error, especially for me, as I have two different arch heights as a result of scoliosis, but free returns make the process entirely risk-free.

Pace Insoles
Jennifer Stevens (McLean, United States)
Finally- for super high at yes!

Been trying to find insoles with great support for super high - or “ridiculously high” arches (as described both by doc and by insole salesman in store). These insoles fit and are comfortable. I walk 6-8 miles for exercise and my back is lousy. These insoles are letting me walk without waking up the next morning with back pain. Recommend for people with ridiculously high arches!

Pace Insoles
JOSH FERBER (Kansas City, United States)
These are the cure!

I am wildly in love with these insoles. Whether wearing them running on a rocky trail, hiking 10+ miles in the mountains, or just around town for the day, I cannot find any discomfort whatsoever. These are the cure for my high arches!

Ramble Insole Kit
Ezequiel Tovar (Bentonville, United States)
Great for my Flat Feet

My feet get very tired at the end of the day with normal tennis shoe soles, but trying Tread Labs soles, it made a whole difference in how my feet feel. I purchased the Green and Blue Kit. Fantastic product with great results!

Pace Insoles
Mars Dukes (Carlsbad, United States)
Solid Purchase

I have been wearing orthotics for 30 years. Spent tons of cash and many hours in orthopedic offices. Never had a product any better. And don’t get me started on the price. I’ll probably have 10 pairs of these by the end of the year. Purchased my first pair a little over a year ago and they have held up great which is unusual with my flat feet. Can’t imagine a day without them.

Walking Farther

My back has been giving me fits for several months. Never thinking it was my feet I spent $ and time in chiropractic and massage therapy. Finally I changed my insoles, wow what a difference. Flat feet and pronation issues gone. It did take a week or so to get the metatarsal pad in my right foot where it fit the best. But only because my left and right feet are so different🤔. Now I am walking further each day and burning the calories I need to. Thanks Tread Labs😁

Ramble Insoles
Andrew Symons (Plainfield, United States)
Love them

Fit nicely into my shoes. Will be ordering more.

Pace Insoles
Cassidy (Trabuco Canyon, United States)
High quality material and very comfortable

I got this set for some work boots to use while on my feet all workday long and could not be more satisfied.

Ramble Insoles
Trevor Thompson (Whitney, United States)

Much better being a little more flexible than the pace which caused heel calluses.

Pace Short Insoles
mama nicky (Miami Beach, United States)
works great and comfortable

I bought these for my teenage son after a trip to the podiatrist revealed that he was pronating quite a bit. They arrived promptly and fit easily in all his athleisure style shoes. My son takes dance classes daily at school as part of the curriculum and it is very important that his feet are properly supported. Since these came he has worn them daily (7:30am-4:30pm!) and finds them very comfortable and supportive. He feels his posture has even improved and we are planning on ordering another pair soon. So much easier and more affordable than custom orthotics and not necessary in our case.

Pace Insoles
oscar keydel (Freeport, United States)
Pace Insoles

Great Product, only issue is they are a little tricky to slide in and out of different shoes so I buy 3 pair

Pace Insole Kit
Joy Gehm (Lizton, United States)
Nice variety set

Overall good fit & versatile.

Dash Insoles
Mike Ballein (Dayton, United States)
Carbon insole

Well made strong. Need some more time with them to fully test durability but looks like they should last a very long time.

Pace Short Insoles
Amy (Dayton, United States)
What a relief!

I convinced my husband to try Tread Labs inserts. After wearing them for 2 weeks, he noticed back & knee relief. I have & will recommend them to family/friends.

Pace Insoles
K.C. (Chicago, United States)
The best insoles & great customer service

About 2 years ago I started having terrible foot pain after walking just an hour. I love to visit theme parks where I walk miles and miles a day so obviously I needed to do something. I started using Superfeet insoles which helped the pain somewhat, but they are so expensive and are so firm the ball of my foot would be sore. I was seriously considering custom inserts but in the course of my research I came across Tread Labs. At first the $75 price was a little shocking, but considering what custom inserts go for, I figured it was worth the risk. It has really paid off as the Pace insert is my go-to and reduced my foot pain drastically. I've made it through Disneyland, Disney World, and Universal Studios Florida for multiple days thanks to these inserts! :)

I recommend the investment to anyone since the customer service is great, too. Originally I tried a wide-width insert, since I wear wide-width shoes, but it wasn't working out. Tread Labs sent me a replacement in regular width with no trouble. The $75 price tag is worth it for that kind of service, so you can try different sizes to get something that works for you perfectly. Also shipping is always free and very fast - I usually get my package from Tread within a few days.

My favorite thing aside from the comfort of the insoles is the replaceable tops. It's great to reduce plastic waste and in the long run it saves you a lot of money compared to other inserts where you spend more money to replace the plastic components when it's just the fabric cover that is worn out. I have found the covers lasted about six months for me so it's not too bad of a year-over-year cost; you could probably stretch them a bit farther depending on the amount of walking you do.

Overall the customization options at Tread Labs can't be beat and it has improved my foot pain so much I would recommend to anyone to give it a try.

Pace Insoles
a. jenkins (St. Petersburg, United States)
Quality Product

This is my first time using a supportive insole. It took about a week for me to get used to having them in my shoes. But I did notice, right away, that my feet did feel pain and I felt complete support while walking. I put them thru a performance test while on a 5 mile hike with steep terrain and they performed excellently and without fail. This product provides superior support and quality materials at a competitive price point.

Pace Insole Kit
Todd Stevens (Larchmont, United States)
Pain relief

bought a set of extra firm and they were just about as good as the dr fitted ones for 1/5th the price.

Metatarsal Support Pads
Robert Pazik (Aspen, United States)
Best insoles anywhere

The insoles with high arch support are working wonders for my high mileage feet. The support they give my feet is a big improvement over my green insoles and even better than my custom orthotic. The metatarsal allows for easy adjustment to position it in the perfect spot. A great company with great products.

Pace Insoles
Bette (Arlington, United States)
Better support

Very pleased with the high arch. Definitely more support than ever before. They are stiff, but helpful.

Pace Insoles
Charlotte Higgins (Vero Beach, United States)
Worth the $

I was reluctant to spend this much money on insoles for my plantar fascitis. I normally stuck with the $30 range insoles, but they were not helping. I finally decided to spend the extra money and right away I noticed a difference in the comfort of my heel. I will be purchacing them for all my shoes now!!

Pace Wide Insoles
Romain Gervis (Zurich, Switzerland)
pace wide insoles

super, easily trimmed to fit any shoes, works wonders

Pace Insoles
Mary G (Salida, United States)
All better now!

I had tendonitis in my arch after pushing a bit too hard on the steep hikes. After limping around for a couple of weeks and buying 3 other types of insoles, I found Tread-Labs. My feet are oh so happy now. The only arch support I could find that actually supported my very high arch. Now I’m back on the trails!

Refurbished Dash Insoles - All Sales Final
Tremlin (Leavenworth, United States)
Refurbished? Really?

These footbeds look brand new. If there is a defect somewhere on them, I can’t find it.

Pace Insoles
Nicholas Brecht

Good quality and I like the fact that I can just pay for the insole covers when they wear down and can keep using the insole.