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Metatarsal Support Pads

Metatarsal Support Pads

Pair with any insole for forefoot support

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When forefoot pain strikes, add Metatarsal Pads to your Tread Labs insoles to support your metatarsal bones and take pressure off the balls of your feet. Backed with low-profile hook and loop, Metatarsal Pads attach to your arch supports and are easily adjustable so you can get the perfect placement. Made with open-cell polyurethane foam that is shaped for optimum comfort, Metatarsal Pad thickness is graded – small Met Pad thickness is 2mm, medium is 4mm, and large is 6mm.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 173 reviews
Linda Kozak (Hartville, United States)
Needed pain relief

Tried these extra pads with the insoles as im having pain in the ball of my foot. I need to be on my feet all day, gardening, yard work, cleaning job and these have helped me continue being active and deal with my pain
Four stars as I wish they could be positioned higher up on the insole for my personal fit, but the velcro won't hold in that position. Overall extremely happy

Hi Linda! We're happy to hear that the Met Pads were able to help you with some of the pain in your foot! We will relay your feedback to our team and if you ever need any assistance please email us at so we can make your experience not only good but GREAT!

Antonio Mancini (Millville, United States)

The metatarsal pads add an extra bit of comfort when combined with my treadle orthotics. They especially help in my cycling shoes. They are not bulky. they add just the right amount of relief to my feet. Great product. Thanks

Hi Antonio! We are glad the Metatarsal Pads are an added plus on relieving pain from your feet!

T. DE MOYA (Santo Domingo Este, Dominican Republic)
Excellent pads!!

You can place it in the right spot on your foot because they’re removable. Thanks!!!

Hi T. De Moya! Glad the Met Pads are working out! They are a wonderful product!

Barry (Mont Vernon, United States)
Excellent denser foam neuroma pad

The denser foam works much better for my neuroma than the more commonly available softer foam pads. The large pad worked for me.

Eugene Allen (Lakewood, United States)
Surprisingly secure

For my feet the medium metatarsal pads need to extend twice as far, about 1/2” beyond the insole, rather than the 1/4” recommended as a starting point for fitting. I use full size Pace in my New Balance 990s, and when I first put them on the lumps under my feet feel absurdly gigantic, but after I’ve worn them a few hours I don’t notice any lumps at all! I don’t swap the inserts between shoes much, but I’ve been pleased that the pads have stayed very secure with even less than the “official” Velcro contact surface.