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Metatarsal Support Pads

Metatarsal Support Pads

Pair with any insole for forefoot support

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When forefoot pain strikes, add Metatarsal Pads to your Tread Labs insoles to support your metatarsal bones and take pressure off the balls of your feet. Backed with low-profile hook and loop, Metatarsal Pads attach to your arch supports and are easily adjustable so you can get the perfect placement. Made with open-cell polyurethane foam that is shaped for optimum comfort, Metatarsal Pad thickness is graded – small Met Pad thickness is 2mm, medium is 4mm, and large is 6mm.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 184 reviews
Mike Hardy (Auburn, United States)
Met pads

The arch support is great out of the box, but for me the metatarsal pads are a must. If you feel pressure on your metatarsal bones get the pads.

Tim D. (Hillsboro, United States)
Metatarsal Pads - A small change with a big impact

With the passing of years and unfortunate weight gain, a day on my feet always ended in pain. My foot was splaying out without proper support and the pain across the tops of my feet was bad enough to interfere with sleep. When I first ordered my Tread Labs insoles, I was intrigued by the idea of the pads and thought they just might be the solution to a lot of my foot pain. As it turns out, they were.

Having used them now for about a year, I can attest, without reservation, that they make a huge difference. It took a couple of weeks to get used to them. My feet were suddenly being supported and forced back into a more natural shape, so that was expected. Even before that initial period was over, I was noticing a lack of fatigue and better performance on my walks. Before the pads and insoles, I had only been able to take my 5 mile walks two to three days a week because I needed time to recover. Once these were in place, though, I was able to bump my walks up to 5 or more days per week. The foot pain went away, shin splints that used to hit frequently became a rare occurrence. By the time I took my vacation a couple of months later, I was able to walk 10 to 15 miles a day with no issue, allowing me to explore and enjoy the beauty of Spain without being limited by pain. I think the new sandals are next on my list. I've kind of gotten used to this absence of foot pain thing and I'd like to preserve the experience while keeping my feet cool, too. :)

Scott Standage (Morgan Hill, United States)
Metatarsal Pads

These were the solution to my terrible pain while hiking. Changed my life.

Andrew P (Tucson, United States)
Best metatarsal solution I've found for cycling

Metatarsal support is critical for me to be able to do any sort of activity involving my feet. I've tried insoles from a number of manufacturers and have had reasonable success but nothing that worked perfectly for cycling. The Tread Labs Dash Thin insoles are a great solution for low-volume shoes and the addition of the metatarsal pads makes them absolutely perfect for me.

They will seem overly aggressive at first even if you're used to met pads with other insoles. Be mindful with placement and give your feet (and all of the parts of the insole) some time to adjust and you'll be rewarded with perfect support. I can now ride for hours (and hours, and hours) with absolutely no discomfort in my forefoot.

Ann Harrison (San Diego, United States)
Great so Far

I bought the Pace insoles and metatarsal pads. I am still getting used to them, and I have not worn them for long periods because I have a knee issue. I have a very flat arch on one side and If I don't wear insoles, it's painful. The metatarsal pads feel good on, but they are a little difficult to place and take up 'much of the upper velcro on the top cover, so the insoles don't stay on too well. Thanks for having size women's 11, I noticed your new sandals only go up to a size 10. And I would prefer a sandal that does not go through through the toes. The ordering and delivery went smoothly, thanks.