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Metatarsal Support Pads

Metatarsal Support Pads

Pair with any insole for forefoot support

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When forefoot pain strikes, add Metatarsal Pads to your Tread Labs insoles to support your metatarsal bones and take pressure off the balls of your feet. Backed with low-profile hook and loop, Metatarsal Pads attach to your arch supports and are easily adjustable so you can get the perfect placement. Made with open-cell polyurethane foam that is shaped for optimum comfort, Metatarsal Pad thickness is graded – small Met Pad thickness is 2mm, medium is 4mm, and large is 6mm.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 218 reviews
Robert Helton
Walking Farther

My back has been giving me fits for several months. Never thinking it was my feet I spent $ and time in chiropractic and massage therapy. Finally I changed my insoles, wow what a difference. Flat feet and pronation issues gone. It did take a week or so to get the metatarsal pad in my right foot where it fit the best. But only because my left and right feet are so different🤔. Now I am walking further each day and burning the calories I need to. Thanks Tread Labs😁

Robert Pazik (Aspen, United States)
Best insoles anywhere

The insoles with high arch support are working wonders for my high mileage feet. The support they give my feet is a big improvement over my green insoles and even better than my custom orthotic. The metatarsal allows for easy adjustment to position it in the perfect spot. A great company with great products.

Benjamin Bachman (Houston, United States)
Solution to More Expensive Prescription Orthotic

At the recommendation of two doctors, podiatrist and sport medicine, this type of ridge arch support was recommended for my post-metatarsal microfracture. They stated a prescription orthotic is 5x's more expensive than this but they last longer (3-4 years) so it is a good idea to start here to make sure the support helps before sinking 5x's the cost into a longer term insole with the similar level of functionality. After 1 month of use I agree with their recommendation and the use of this insole.

Heather Kovach (Medina, United States)
Game Changer

The Treadlabs Metatarsal Support Pads are a real game changer! As a hiker and dancer with chronic foot pain, I was thrilled by the huge difference in how my feet feel. Would recommend to anyone with mid foot pain, or who just needs a little more support.

Jessica Ricci (North Hollywood, United States)
Metatarsal Support Pads and Pace Insoles

The metatarsal support pads and the pace medium arch insoles have helped the pain I was having in my big toe. The insole have a supportive heal and arch and the covers have more cushion than other orthotic insoles I have used. I ordered a size 7.5 women's pace insoles and the small metatarsal pads were recommended. I was worried they would be too small to make a difference, but they were just the right size. I even ordered the mediums just in case, but they were too big. I have been using the pace insoles and metatarsal pads when hiking and plan to start using them for more every day use. Overall very happy.