Ski Boot Insoles - Connect to the Snow and Add Comfort to Your Day

by Mark Paigen March 03, 2019

Ski boot Insoles improve skiing performance and comfort

Customizable ski insoles can improve the comfort and performance of your ski boots without breaking the bank. Tread Labs insoles feature a 2-part system that allows you to dial the fit of your boots.

Ski with a Smile on Your Face

Whether you’re carving groomers under the lift or earning your turns in the backcountry, one of your biggest skiing challenges is getting commands to flow from brain to foot to ski to snow. The weakest link is often the connection between your foot and your ski. Ski boots often don't fit as well as they should. 

You chose your ski boots for the combination of flex, fit, and comfort. But how much does that combination help you if the contours of your feet don't match the contours of your boots?

Improving the Fit of Your Ski Boots

Ski boot manufacturers provide you with a generic footbed. But you’re not generic, you’re you. There is a solution – a way to create the perfect interface between your foot and your ski. An insole that is designed to match the particular arch on your feet. An insole with interchangeable top layers so you can precisely dial the fit of your boot. The ideal insole will improve the fit of your boots so much, your skis will feel like an extension of your legs.

In the past, skiers looking for better fitting boots had two options:

  1. Off-the-shelf footbeds – Relatively inexpensive ($40-$50), these generally come in limited sizes designed to cover the wide variety of skiers’ feet. They are much better than nothing, but they rarely come close to optimizing the connection between you and your skis.
  2. Custom footbeds for ski boots – Made specifically for you, and relatively expensive ($250 - $500), custom ski orthotics are perfect for those with severe foot problems, but they are unnecessary for most skiers. Because of their custom nature, it is impossible to slope-test them before purchasing. You pay your money and take your chances.

Tread Labs' Ski Boot Insoles Provide a Better Connection to Your Skis

Tread Labs' customizable insoles offer a better way to optimize the connection between your foot and your boot. We offer:

  • A flawless fit. Four different arch heights guarantee a perfect foot-to-boot connection.
  • The firm support of custom orthotics, at a fraction of the cost. Inexpensive foam footbeds will not provide the support necessary for great skiing. Custom orthotics are over-kill for most people. Tread labs insoles are the perfect hybrid - customizable, comfortable, affordable.
  • 30-day fit guarantee. Try Tread Labs' ski boot insoles on the slopes. Experience how a better connection with the snow improves your turns and increases your comfort. If they don't meet your expectations, send them back and we will issue a full refund. We'll even pay the return shipping.

Two Sides of the Same Coin - Great Fitting Ski Boots Deliver Performance and Comfort

  • Full foot contact allows you to feel the edges of your skis, even under your arches. Increased sensitivity equals more control.
  • Less buckle pressure is needed to anchor your foot to the boot. Enjoy more runs in greater comfort. Less buckle pressure equals warmer feet.
  • Hi-rebound, polyurethane foam top covers are comfortable and warm.

You paid several hundred dollars for your ski boots. Tread Labs' ski boot orthotics cost $75. Don’t you think it’s worth $75 to convert your ski boots from good to great?

Customizing the fit of your ski boots:

  • Tread labs insoles come in 3 versions - Regular, Thin and Short. 
  • Regular Stride insoles will take up the most room in your boots. They are 5mm thick in the forefoot.
  • Thin Stride insoles are 3mm thick in the forefoot and will take up less room.
  • Short Stride insoles are 2/3 lenght and hav to material under the forefoot. These will ad space to your boots if they are too snug in front.

These 3 variations allow you to custom tune the interior volume of your ski boots as you improve your connection to the snow. Our 30-day fit guarantee insures free shipping and returns.

Questions? Call us. (781) 435-0662 We love to ski and want to help you get ski boot insoles that will put a smile on your wind-blown face.


Mark Paigen
Mark Paigen

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