For all shoe types

Ramble Insole Kit

Fitting Guide
  • Give healthy feet the firm support they need to stay that way.

    Most shoes fall short in the support department. The result? Your feet work harder than they have to and tire out faster. Ramble Insole Kit delivers the firm, flexible support feet crave to feel their best. Choose the perfect arch height for your feet – low, medium, high, or extra high – for a semi-custom fit.

    • Antimicrobial, low-friction top cover. The ultra low-friction top covers are made of resilient, long-lasting, open-cell polyurethane foam with a PURE antimicrobial treatment to keep feet feeling fresh all day.
    • Better for you, better for the planet. All Tread Labs insoles are made with a 2-part system: a molded arch support and a replaceable, interchangeable foam top cover. Peel the top cover off and make your insoles like new again without having to buy a whole new pair.
    • A perfect fit for your whole collection. The Ramble Insole Kit includes 1 pair of arch supports and 3 styles of swappable top covers. 
    1. The Ramble Insole Kit is made with a 2-part system. Peel the top covers off the molded arch supports to make your insoles like new again or swap top covers for a perfect fit in all your footwear.
    2. Molded arch supports are covered by our Million Mile Guarantee.
    3. Top covers are made with resilient, long-lasting, 3D molded, open cell polyurethane foam.
    4. Thin and short top covers are 3mm thick; Regular top covers are 5mm thick.
    5. Top cover fabric is low friction, 100% recycled polyester with PURE antimicrobial treatment.
  • Before adding your Tread Labs insoles to your shoes, remove the factory inserts (if your shoes have them). While you're adjusting to your insoles, you may feel the firm support along your arch, but after a week or so, you’ll probably forget you’re even wearing them. Give yourself time to get used to the additional support. You’ll be glad you did.
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