Fitting Guide

Order insoles in the same size as the shoes they will go in. Print out our guide.


Regular Insoles

Applies to Pace Insoles, Ramble Insoles, and Dash Insoles.

Imperial Measurements

Regular Insole Fitting Guide with Imperial Measurements

Metric Measurements

Regular Tread Labs Insole Fitting Guide

Short Insoles

Applies to Pace Short Insoles, Ramble Short Insoles, and Dash Short Insoles.

Imperial Measurements

Short Insole Imperial Measurements

Metric Measurements

Short Insole Metric Measurements

Wide Insoles

Applies to Pace Wide Insoles.

Imperial Measurements

Wide Insole Imperial Measurements

Metric Measurements

Wide Insole Metric Measurements

Arch Height

Choose between low, medium, high and extra high arch heights by comparing your wet footprint.

Your Wet Footprint Describe Your Arch Arch Height
Flat Foot Footprint My arch is flat when I stand or sit. Low
Flat Foot Footprint My arch is flat when I stand but appears when I sit. Medium
Medium Arch Footprint My arch is close to but doesn't touch the ground. Medium
High Arch Footprint My arch is high off the ground when I stand. High
High Arch Footprint My mid-foot barely touches the ground, if at all. Sometimes, my footprint is two pieces. Extra high


Insole Size Conversions

Tread Labs Size United Kingdom European Japan/China
Men 4-4.5
Women 5-5.5
3-3.5 35-35.5 22.5-23
Men 5-5.5
Women 6-6.5
4-4.5 36-37 23.5-23.5
Men 6-6.5
Women 7-7.5
5-5.5 38-38.5 24-24.5
Men 7-7.5
Women 8-8.5
6-6.5 39-39.5 25-25.5
Men 8-8.5
Women 9-9.5
7-7.5 40-41 26-26.5
Men 9-9.5
Women 10-10.5
8-8.5 41.5-42 27-27.5
Men 10-10.5
Women 11-11.5
9-9.5 42.5-43.5 28-28.5
Men 11-11.5
Women 12-12.5
10-10.5 44-44.5 29-29.5
Men 12-12.5 11-11.5 45-46 30-30.5
Men 13-13.5 12-12.5 46.5-47 31-31.5