Best Work Boot Insoles

Best Insoles and Tips For Long Hours At Work

by Mark Paigen 5 minute read

Tread Labs insoles are known to help resolve many types of foot pain, but what insoles are the best insoles for work shoes?

Always wear well-fitting shoes appropriate for your job type. Tread Labs guide on How Your Shoes Should Fit is a great place to start. Your shoes should not feel too narrow or constrict your feet in any way. Work boots or shoes that do not fit properly can result in muscle soreness, fatigue, and even long-term chronic pain conditions.

Tread Labs insoles for work boots are designed to provide the support needed for your job. To find the best work boot insoles or shoe insoles, use our Insole Finder to determine the proper arch height for you.

Why do my work boots hurt my feet?

Unfortunately, a majority of footwear is constructed without proper arch support. Just like pants are not a one-size-fits-all, your work shoe inserts should provide the right support for your needs to prevent foot pain at work. Tread Labs orthotic insoles for work boots are the next best thing to custom work shoe insoles.

Because footwear is constructed with minimal arch support, you'll need to add a pair of insoles to your shoes to up your comfort level. We recommend Tread Labs Ramble Insoles for a more comfortable shoe. If you're suffering from plantar fasciitis or other foot pain, check out Pace Insoles. Or, if you're heavy on your feet, shop our Dash Insoles.

How to Make Boots More Comfortable

  • Break in your boots the right way
  • Try different insoles 
  • Relace your boots with a new pattern
  • Store your boots properly 
  • Have the soles replaced by a professional
  • If none of the above work, buy a new, more comfortable pair of boots

Try A Back Support Work Belt

The task of choosing a back brace may seem straightforward, but there are certain factors to be aware of before you shop. The goal is to find a lumbar support belt that helps to limit your spine movement. Be sure that your brace fits securely and appropriately, usually between the top of the pelvis and the bottom of the ribcage.

Using a back support belt for work combined with supportive work boot inserts may help to alleviate foot and pain back associated with improper support.

Try Exercises to Strengthen Your Core and Improve Stability

There is a difference between strengthening your core and improving stability. Core stability exercises are to stabilize your spine with different movements. Core strengthening exercises are focused on improving the strength of the muscles in your core and back.

These are easy exercises you can do at home known to improve core stability. As with any exercise program, it is recommended to consult with your doctor or physician first.

Walking sideways: Stand with your feet together and bend your knees slightly. Step sideways in a slow, controlled manner, one foot at a time. Move the other foot the same way to join your feet. Perform 10-12 steps in a safe area a few times a day until you notice an improvement in your balance.

Heel-to-toe walking: Using a wall for balance, place one heel directly in front of the toe on the opposite foot. Once you feel stabilized, alternate feet 5-8 steps in a safe area until you notice any improvement in balance.

One-leg stands: Stand facing a wall for balance. Extend your arms fully while keeping just your fingertips against the wall. Slightly bend the knee of the opposite leg you are lifting to prevent knee injury. Slowly lift one leg, keeping your hips leveled. Gently place your foot back onto the floor. As you advance, hold the lift for 5-10 seconds with a goal to try to perform 3-5 on each side.

Why Are Tread Labs Work Boot Insoles Different From Other Insoles?

We understand how foot pain can impact your mental health and make you feel limited in your day-to-day. Tread Lab's foot and boot inserts for work are designed for people looking to live a life without foot pain.

Our Semi-Custom Orthotics Are Designed For:

Structured and Firm Foot Support - It is necessary to properly support the arch of your foot to remove stress from the plantar fascia to limit pronation and stress on your feet from long periods of standing.

Unique Arch Support Fit - Our foot inserts for work boots are available in 4-foot arch heights for a semi-custom fit. The arch height of your insoles should match the arch height of your foot. Tread Labs experts have designed simple and effective tips to find the best arch support for you.

Absorbs Shock And Improves Balance - These foot insoles for plantar fasciitis are proven to stabilize your feet which results in improved balance and performance in sports-related activities.

Whether you’re looking for the best insoles for flat feet work boots, or high arch work boot insoles, we make women’s and men’s work boot insoles for construction workers and others who are on their feet in work boots all day.

Why should I choose Tread Labs for my shoes or work boot insoles?

Our mission is simple. We want every person to enjoy life on their feet. The arch support of our insoles is backed by 30+ years of experience in the footwear industry. We're delighted to be your support group.

We're proud to be a top recommendation for physical therapists across the country. Take a look at what our shoppers are saying:

Kathy from Waxhaw, United States
Verified Review Submitted June 2022

Product: Pace Insoles - Extra Firm Arch Support Insoles

"First pair, my physical therapist recommended these and I was skeptical but they really do feel good! Not real cushy but firm and good support. The main sole is NOT bendable which is exactly what is recommended for people with foot issues like mine. (plantar fasciitis) would definitely recommend!"

Sonny from Philadelphia, United States
Verified Review Submitted February 2022

Product: Dash Insoles - Ultra Firm Arch Support Insoles

"All of my leg pain is gone. These are the real deal for my flat feet. I do 7-10 miles a day of walking/rucking with 20-30 lbs. I went from getting pain in ankles, knees, and shins to no pain at all. I absolutely love these and need them in all of my shoes now"

J Rose, United States
Verified Review Submitted June 2022

Product: Pace Insoles - Extra Firm Arch Support Insoles

"I've been wearing insoles for 10 years for running and in my shoes in general. I just tried the Tread Labs Pace Insoles for the first time in my running shoes. The arch is much better positioned under the foot, it doesn't start as close to the heel like the other brand which at times seemed to aggravate my plantar fasciitis. The choice of arch heights is great, the other brand Green Insoles were too high, and the Blue were too thin, so I was always switching back and forth. I have a medium arch and the medium arch height fits perfect. I have not noticed my plantar fasciitis at all since wearing the Pace Insoles. I have switched to Tread Labs brand for good."

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