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Customizable medical-grade support without the sticker shock of custom orthotics.

Go Pain Free

The Reinvention of Over-the-Counter Insoles

Why are these the last insoles you’ll ever buy? 3 reasons.

Ramble insoles showing the Tread Labs two part insole system

Insoles for Life

Most insoles need to be replaced every six months. What a waste of money — and don’t even get us started on the environmental impact. That’s why we do things differently.

Tread Labs insoles have a unique, two-part design. A molded arch support that lasts forever (okay, up to one million miles), and an interchangeable top cover you can peel off and replace to make your insoles like new again.

See How It Works
Carbon fiber orthotics with rigid arch support

Million Mile Guarantee

Did you know the average person walks about 100,000 miles in their life? But we’re not about average. That’s why we guarantee our insoles for one million miles.

So, if they ever break or lose their shape? Just get in touch and we’ll send you a new pair. No questions asked. And if you do walk a million miles? Heck, we’ll send your feet a trophy.

Get the Details
Arch support insoles with carbon fiber

The Height of Comfort

Most over-the-counter inserts are one-size-fits all. We think that’s crazy. Flat Foot Fred and Bella Ballerina in the same inserts? Not if they want their feet happy.

Here’s the reality: Whether you suffer from a painful condition like plantar fasciitis or just want a little extra cushioning on that long run, you need to get to know your own feet. And that starts with arch height. We make it easy. Do you have low, medium, high, or extra high arches?

Find Your Fit

How Firm Do You Like It?

Just like a mattress, insoles come in different levels of firmness.
Pick the one that's perfect for you.

Ramble - Firm

If you stand all day, love to walk, run or hike, or are new to wearing insoles, Ramble insoles are your go-to. With our most flexible arch support, Ramble insoles revive tired feet with the comfort you crave. 

Pace - Extra Firm

Need firmer arch support? Pace insoles are for you. If you suffer from plantar fasciitis, overpronate severely or are especially heavy on your feet, the extra firm arch support of Pace is your best choice.

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Dash - Ultra Firm

100% carbon fiber arch supports make Dash insoles super-strong, ultra-lightweight and nearly rigid. They're best for performance athletes, people who overpower other insoles, and those with especially flat feet.

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Indulge Your Feet In Soft Luxury

Upgrade your insoles with Shearling Top Covers

Shearling Top Covers

Your slippers will feel jealous

How do you express the sheer joy of your feet first touching down on Shearling Top Covers? There are no words. Only a deep sigh of pleasure. “Ahhh….” Followed by a whisper, “Where have you been all my life?

It’s okay. We’re here now. And we’ll stay with you every step of the way. Top covers attach to all arch supports.

Treat Your Feet

2-Part Insole System

  • Runner outside in snow

    "Uplifting, Helpful, Effective!"

    "I had been using Superfeet insoles, but they didn't offer enough arch support. After two weeks with Tread Labs, my feet are more aligned, my hips have relaxed, my lower back feels better, and my posture has improved. I have a spring to my step now, it's awesome!"

    Brrasie W. - Ramble Insoles
    Richland, MI

  • Woman riding a Peloton bike

    "Sole Saver On My Peloton!!!"

    "I got these after the soles of my feet were in excruciating pain after my Peloton rides. What a difference. I am able to enjoy the ride with stronger performance. A must have!"

    Debbie S. - Dash Insoles
    San Diego, CA

  • Nurse on the job

    "Does What Dr. Scholl's Doesn't."

    "I've tried those machines to get the "correct" size for me, but they didn't stop the pain. With Tread Labs, after a 13 hour shift, my feet don't hurt and that's a miracle."

    Veronika K. - Pace Insoles
    Columbus, OH

  • Professional sprint runner

    "Support For Professional Athletes."

    "I purchased these insoles for my twin sons who are professional track athletes. They were very pleased with the support from the insoles. And the customer service was excellent."

    Eloluvette H. - Pace Insoles
    Houston, TX

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  • Ultra-low friction insole to keep your feet cool

    Stay Cool

    Keep your feet cool, comfortable and blister-free with durable top fabric engineered for ultra-low friction.

  • Cleats with fresh smelling Tread Labs insoles

    Freshen Up

    Your shoes shouldn’t be an environmental hazard. Insoles with PURE anti-microbial treatment keep footwear fresh.

  • Try before you buy Tread Labs insoles

    100% Risk Free

    Try your insoles for 90 days. If you don't love them, send them back for an exchange or full refund. We’ll cover domestic (US) shipping.

  • Tread Labs Dash cushioned top covers

    Bounce Back

    Top covers made with open-cell polyurethane foam keep their cushioning 5x longer than EVA and breathe better for drier, more comfortable feet.

  • Tread Labs recycled top cover fabric

    Sustainability Matters

    Tread Labs top cover fabric is 100% recycled polyester. We're working toward an entire product that is 100% recycled.

  • Tread Labs insole height arch

    The Height Of Comfort

    Pronation is a shock absorbing motion in your feet. Too much of a good thing can lead to pain. Insoles shaped like your arches keep pain away.

  • Ramble Arch Support Shoe Inserts With Metatarsal Pads By Tread Labs

    Forefoot Comfort

    Metatarsal pads take pressure off the balls of your feet. Add them to any Tread Labs insole and feel the difference forefoot support makes.

  • Interchange Tread Labs insoles with the insole kit

    Work the System

    Insole components (and met pads) are completely interchangeable. Easily create a system that you can use in all the footwear in your closet. 

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