Foot Pain Relief That Doesn't Cost a Fortune

Getting the foot pain relief you need from a semi-custom insole shouldn't break the bank. Tread Labs insoles come in four arch heights, giving you the ultimate in support and comfort, without the sticker shock.

For every day activities, choose the firm support of Ramble insoles.

For plantar fasciitis, other foot pain or severe overpronation, choose the extra firm support of Pace insoles.

Try Tread Labs insoles risk-free with our 90 Day Fit Guarantee. We offer free shipping and returns.

The Reinvention of Over-the-Counter Insoles

Why are these the last insoles you'll ever buy? 3 reasons.

Buy Ramble Thin orthotic insoles with replacement top covers by Tread Labs

Insoles For Life

Most insoles need to be replaced every six months. What a waste of money — and don’t even get us started on the environmental impact. That’s why we do things differently.

Tread Labs insoles have a unique, two-part design. A molded arch support that lasts forever (okay, up to one million miles), and an interchangeable top cover you can peel off and replace to make your insoles like new again.

Red athletic sneakers with Tread Labs insoles visible

Million Mile Guarantee

Did you know the average person walks about 100,000 miles in their life? But we’re not about average. That’s why we guarantee our insoles for one million miles.

So, if they ever break or lose their shape? Just get in touch and we’ll send you a new pair. No questions asked. And if you do walk a million miles? Heck, we’ll send your feet a trophy.

Pace orthotic shoe inserts from Tread Labs

The Height of Comfort

Most over-the-counter inserts are one-size-fits all. We think that’s crazy. Flat Foot Fred and Bella Ballerina in the same inserts? Not if they want their feet happy.

Here’s the reality: Whether you suffer from plantar fasciitis, other foot pain or just want a little extra cushioning, you need insoles that match the contours of your feet. We make it easy with insoles that come in four arch heights - low, medium, high, and extra high. You'll get a semi-custom fit your feet will love.

  • Ted C., Renton, WA

    "These are the best inserts I have ever used. I have bought Dr. Scholls and Good Feet and have not had the same relief from plantar fasciitis. I will buy these going forward."

  • Mike L., Cheney, WA

    "After suffering from a sore foot for a couple years, I went to Good Feet. I probably would have purchased a pair if the price were more reasonable (at least $400 for one pair) or if they offered a satisfaction guarantee. I found Tread Labs instead. They quickly fixed my problem and made my feet pain free. I am very very happy."

  • Cindy T., Lloyd, MT

    "Took a few days to get used to, but these have definitely helped with my foot pain and at a reasonable price. You should consider these before buying something more overpriced from The Good Feet Store."

2-Part Insole System