Replace Custom Orthotics at a Fraction of the Cost

Get personalized support faster and easier in just 3 steps:

1. Choose your firmness
2. Choose your top cover
3. Choose your arch height

Or use our insole finder and let us do the math for you.

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  • Ramble Insoles

    From $50

    With our most flexible arch, Ramble Insoles revive tired feet with the comfort they crave.

    Get Firm Support 
  • Pace Insoles

    From $65

    If you suffer from plantar fasciitis or overpronate, the extra firm support of Pace is your best choice.

    Get Extra Firm Support 
  • Dash Insoles

    From $105

    Best for performance athletes, those that overpower other insoles, or have especially flat feet.

    Get Ultra Firm Support 
  • "Much easier and more cost effective than custom inserts"

    Will buy multiple sets for all my various shoes.

    Peter C. - Dash Insoles

  • "Best Orthotics Ever"

    I wore customorthotics since I was a kid. I lost one of the soles years ago and had a new custom pair made at a very expensive price for poor quality. I started noticing foot and leg pain over the summer and decided to give these a try. I love them! I plan on getting the sandals soon.

    Diana - Pace Short Insoles

  • "Allows me to match the insoles from podiatrist"

    Tread Lab insoles work as well as the custom insoles from my doctor. I can get the right height for my feet, put them where they need to go on each foot. Combined with the Pace insoles, I can create an affordable collection of insoles that fit in all my shoes. No more screwing around trying to change the insoles, just put on my shoes.

    Pace Insoles + Met Pads