Carbon Fiber Insoles: VKTRY Gold Vs. Tread Labs Dash

Carbon Fiber Insoles: VKTRY Gold Vs. Tread Labs Dash

by Mark Paigen 8 minute read

When you're an athlete, picking the right insoles is important. Today, we're looking at VKTRY Gold insoles and Tread Labs Dash insoles. Both models of carbon fiber insoles are great for sports and use carbon fiber, a rigid material that provides great arch support. Let's explore what sets these carbon fiber shoe insoles apart and determine which might be the best fit for your needs.

The Basics (TL;DR)---

  • VKTRY Gold insoles and Tread Labs Dash insoles are some of the best carbon fiber insoles made for athletes. They're both designed to help enhance performance.
  • Both insoles aim to stop your feet from rolling in too much (pronation) and make your movements more efficient.
  • VKTRY insoles have top covers that don't come off and come in three thicknesses (7mm, 4mm, 2mm). Tread Labs Dash insoles have replaceable top covers and come in two thicknesses (5mm, 3mm).
  • VKTRY insoles come in one arch height, but Tread Labs insoles have four (Low, Medium, High, Extra High).
  • Tread Labs Dash insoles use carbon fiber for the heel and arch, while VKTRY Gold insoles use carbon fiber from heel to toe.
  • VKTRY insoles have a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee. Tread Labs insoles have a 90-Day Fit Guarantee for refunds or exchanges and a Million Mile (lifetime) Guarantee for the 100% carbon fiber base.
  • VKTRY Gold insoles cost $149, and Tread Labs Dash insoles cost $115.
  • For long-term use and value, Tread Labs Dash insoles are a top choice. They're perfect for athletes who need strong, light, and long-lasting carbon fiber insoles.

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What You Need To Know---

We've chosen Tread Labs Dash as our preferred carbon fiber insole for performance and durability and are putting it head-to-head with VKTRY's carbon fiber option, the VKTRY Gold. While these carbon fiber foot insoles share several characteristics, there are notable differences to keep in mind as you determine the right choice for your needs.

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What's The Difference Between VKTRY Gold and Tread Labs Dash?

Beginning with their similarities, both insoles feature:

  • Contoured heel cups that enhance the body's inherent cushioning beneath the heel.
  • A design incorporating molded arch supports coupled with a foam top cover.
  • Solid arch support that aims to reduce pronation and improve biomechanical efficiency.
  • Carbon fiber construction for ultra-firm arch support.

VKTRY Gold insoles and Tread Labs Dash insoles have a few notable differences.  In our search for the best carbon fiber insoles, we'll first outline these differences, drawing on insights gained from hands-on assessments of each insole pair and information sourced from each brand's website. We’ve detailed the key differences in the comparison chart below.


  VKTRY Gold Insoles Tread Labs Dash Insoles
Company History

VKTRY was founded by Matt Arciuolo, a former Pedorthist for the USA Olympic Bobsled Team.  The insoles were originally developed for athletes on the Olympic Team in an effort to win more medals. 

Tread Labs was founded in 2015 by Mark Paigen, the creator of Chaco sandals. Leveraging the biomechanical principles that earned Chaco its loyal customer base, Paigen developed Tread Labs' unique two-part system and Million Mile Guarantee.

Product Description

“Made from aerospace-grade carbon fiber, VKs are customized for your sport, gender, age and weight. You will experience faster sprint times, more explosive movement, and less injuries with VKTRY Performance Insoles." “Dash insoles are designed for athletes who want to boost performance while minimizing risk of injury. Whether you’re grinding up a hill or pounding the pavement, you generate significant force on your feet. Dash insoles improve biomechanics and deliver superior energy return from an ultra-firm 100% carbon fiber arch support and ventilated top cover.”
Arch Support/Shape Moderate arch support is located closer to the back of the arch. 4 different arch heights allow a semi-custom fit, and support the entire arch.
Firmness Firm but can be flexed. Good, general support. Firmness depends on the body weight you enter when ordering. Extremely firm. Flexing by hand is challenging. Best for people who overpower standard insoles.
Fit/Sizing 15 sizes cover from Men’s size 3 to 17.5. 10 sizes cover from Women's size 4-13.5. Insoles are NOT designed to be trimmed to fit your shoes as they are carbon fiber heel to toe. 10 sizes cover men’s 4 to men’s 14.5. Unisex sizing. Each size covers 1 full shoe size. Insoles generally do not need to be trimmed.
Arch Height(s) No, we do not make VKs in different widths or arch types. They have been designed to be arch agnostic” “Each size is available in 4 arch heights to accurately match the contours of your feet.”
Cushioning Three top cover thickness options (7mm, 4mm, 2mm) that offer varying degrees of cushion depending on the sport you select. Open cell polyurethane foam has good resiliency. Thickness at the forefoot is 5mm for Dash Regular and 3mm for Dash Thin.

VKTRY insoles are made from aerospace-grade carbon fiber and a foam top cover. The foam feels firm and robust. VKTRY recommends replacing insoles when the top covers appear worn or "if you observe any cracking of the carbon fiber base plate."

Tread Labs insoles are made with a unique 2-part system. The arch supports are made of 100% carbon fiber cloth infused with resin and are guaranteed forever. The foam top covers can be replaced ($18) as necessary. Company literature claims top covers last 6-12 months.
Guarantee (from manufacturer) VKTRY offers a 90-Day "Money Back Guarantee" that includes free shipping for exchanges but not free shipping on returns. Tread Labs offers a 90-Day Fit Guarantee as well as an unconditional 'Million Mile Guarantee' on the arch-support of the insoles. Return shipping is free.
Odor Control VKTRY offers a $25 "Cleaner & Refresher" Kit. PURE™ silver ion treatment will not wash out or degrade.



Shipping Costs (from manufacturer) USPS Ground Shipping (5-7 days) = Free USPS First Class Shipping (2-3 Days) = Free
URL VKTRY Gold Insoles
Tread Labs Dash Insoles

VKTRY Gold Insole next to Tread Labs Dash insole

Should I Buy VKTRY Gold Insoles or Tread Labs Dash Insoles? Which are the best carbon fiber insoles?

VKTRY Gold and Tread Labs Dash are both high-quality insoles, crafted to be slimmer, lighter, and more rigid compared to other options. These insoles are excellent for athletes seeking to enhance their performance and reduce injury risks with strong arch support that addresses alignment issues. If you are looking for carbon fiber insoles for jumping sports or carbon fiber insoles for basketball, both insoles are great choices.

Shape and Arch Support

VKTRY offers only a single arch height. Tread Labs on the other hand offers 4 different arch heights (low, medium, high, extra high) for a semi-custom fit.

Like many other carbon fiber insoles, VKTRY's arch support is closer to the heel. Tread Labs makes their support go all along the entire arch. Both carbon fiber insoles support the back part of your arch which helps prevent overpronation, but the longer arch support in Dash insoles might feel more comfortable for some people.

VKTRY has 5 different "Pro Levels" in their Gold insoles. These levels depend on how much you weigh. Lighter people get a lower level, and heavier people get a higher level. The lower levels bend more, and the higher levels are stiffer. Tread Labs' Dash insoles are ultra-firm and made for serious athletes. They are even stiffer than VKTRY's highest level. If you need super strong support, Dash insoles are a great pick.

Fit & Sizing

VKTRY Gold insoles come in more sizes than Tread Labs Dash insoles. VKTRY insoles are gender-specific, in sizes from 3-17.5 for men and 5-13.5 for women. Dash insoles are unisex and come in men's sizes 4-14.5. The VKTRY insoles have carbon fiber all the way from the toe to the heel, so you shouldn't cut them. Dash can be trimmed for a better fit. If you're a guy with large feet (over size 14.5), VKTRY insoles are the best for you. If your sports shoes are narrow or have a special shape at the toes, Dash insoles are a better choice because you can trim them to fit.


Both VKTRY Gold insoles and Tread Labs Dash insoles are firm and support your feet well, but the Dash insoles have a softer foam. The VKTRY insoles slide into your shoes easily because they have smooth carbon fiber all over the bottom. The foam on VKTRY might not compress as quickly as the Dash, but Dash provides more cushion, especially under the front part of your foot.

Dash insoles have a ventilated top cover for breathability and an anti-odor coating to help reduce bacteria. VKTRY insoles are not vented because of their full carbon fiber design, and they don’t  seem to include an anti-odor coating. VKTRY does sell a "Cleaner & Refresher" Kit for $25.


One key difference between these two carbon fiber foot insoles is how long they last. Both are made with high-quality carbon fiber and have a foam top, but the foam on VKTRY insoles is glued to the carbon fiber. This means you have to replace the whole insole when the foam wears out. Tread Labs insoles are different. They have a two-part design that lets you take the foam top off the carbon fiber base. So, when the foam on Dash insoles gets old, you just need to replace the top cover.

VKTRY doesn't say exactly when to replace their insoles, but they suggest getting new ones each season. They also say if you see any cracks in the carbon fiber base, it's time for new insoles. The 100% carbon fiber arch support of the Dash insoles in unconditionally guaranteed for life with Tread Labs' "Million Mile Guarantee.” This means the carbon fiber part will last forever, and you just need to replace the top foam covers ($18) when they wear out.


When thinking about value, it’s important to consider how long things last, how they're made, how well they work, and their price. VKTRY insoles cost more than Tread Labs Dash (about 30% more). This might be because VKTRY insoles use carbon fiber from the heel all the way to the toe. Tread Labs uses 100% carbon fiber too, but just for the heel cup and arch support. This means you still get firm support where it's important, but these carbon fiber foot insoles don’t cost as much or weigh as much. Considering how long you'll use them, Tread Labs insoles offer better value because you’ll only need to replace the top covers when they wear out.

Here's a comparison chart based on a person who uses their insoles for 500 miles every six months. With VKTRY, you have to get new insoles when they wear out. With Tread Labs, you just replace the top cover, as the arch support base lasts forever. If you don't use your insoles as much or are lighter on your feet, how much you save will be different.

  Initial Purchase 6 months 12 months 18 months 24 months
$149.00 $298.00 $447.00  $556.00  $745.00
Tread Labs Dash $115.00 $132.00 $151.00 $169.00 $187.00


Product Selection

VKTRY and Tread Labs both have tools on their websites to help you find the best insoles for you. Tread Labs offers different arch heights for each insole model, not just one size for all.

The Bottom Line

VKTRY Gold and Tread Labs Dash insoles are some of the best carbon fiber insoles for athletes who want insoles that are lightweight, incredibly thin, and offer firm support. VKTRY Gold insoles are good quality and offer firm support but they cost a lot more. They have a low arch and three kinds of foam top covers. Tread Labs Dash insoles are nearly $35 less, give more support, have a lifetime guarantee on the arch support, and allow you to replace only the foam top covers. Even though they are for the same kind of customers, these carbon fiber insoles are quite different. Since both have a money-back guarantee, you can try them out and see which you like best!

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