Tread Labs Introduces Ramble, Pace and Dash Insoles

Tread Labs Introduces Ramble, Pace and Dash Insoles

by Mark Paigen 6 minute read

Say hello to Ramble, Pace and Dash – three new series of insoles from Tread Labs. Our new expanded product assortment is an evolution of the Stride insole. Designed to accommodate different uses, there's an insole for everyone in this collection.

The Basics ---

  • Tread Labs now offers three different insole series to accommodate the needs of different customers. Each insole is available in regular, short and thin versions for a precise fit in all kinds of footwear.
  • Each insole series offers increased comfort, a better fit, quieter construction, 4 arch heights in ALL sizes and a range of prices. First time insole wearers will love the firm, flexible Ramble insoles. Severe overpronators and people suffering from foot pain, including plantar fasciitis will love the extra firm support of Pace insoles. Athletes looking for a performance edge will love the Dash insoles, featuring 100% carbon fiber insoles designed for speed and performance.
  • While our insoles have changed, we stay true to our core values - a high value 2-part system, our Million Mile Guarantee, a biomechanical focus and personal customer service.

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What You Need To Know ---

Insoles That Solve Common Foot Needs

There are three common reasons that move people to shop for insoles:

  • Comfort - Foot discomfort robs people of energy, especially after a long day on their feet.
  • Pain Relief - Many types of pain start with the feet. Plantar fasciitis is the most common, but other types of foot, knee, hip and back pain can be relieved with arch support insoles.
  • Performance - Athletes want every possible advantage to maximize performance. They want the lightest, fastest, thinnest insoles to help them compete at the top of their game.

Each of reasons calls for a different type of insole with a different level of firmness. People looking for to add energy to their feet need a firm insole with some flexibility built in. Those who need pain relief or who have severe overpronation need an extra firm insole to provide the level of support their feet need to heal. Athletes looking to optimize their performance through improved biomechanics need an ultra firm, nearly rigid insole that's made of durable materials and is super thin and lightweight.

Introducing Ramble, Pace and Dash Insoles

  • Firm Series -  Ramble Insoles – From $50 - Featuring arch supports that are 25% softer than our old Stride insoles, Ramble is all about comfort. The top covers are made with softer foam for a more accommodating experience. If comfort is your highest priority, Ramble is perfect for you.
Ramble Comfort Insoles from Tread Labs
    • Extra Firm Series - Pace Insoles – From $65 - Pace is the evolution of our Stride insole. Focused on pain relief, Pace has just the right amount of firmness to relieve pain from plantar fasciitis and other foot, ankle, knee and hip problems. Podiatrists recommend a firm insole to cure pain. Pace delivers.
    Pace Pain Relief Insoles from Tread Labs
    • Ultra Firm Series - Dash Insoles – From $105 - The 100% carbon fiber arch supports of Dash insoles are wafer thin, uber-light and mega-strong. They fit into cycling shoes, soccer cleats and other low volume shoes exceptionally well. They are the firmest of all our insoles which means you should take extra care to get the right size and arch height. Dash’s firmness works best when it's matched as close as possible to the contours of your feet.
    Dash Performance insoles from Tread Labs

      The Evolution of Tread Labs Insoles

      We’re grateful for all the feedback – good and not so good - we get from our customers. Both help us improve our insoles. As we designed Ramble, Pace and Dash, we dug deep into everything our customers have told us to make them even better.

      • 3D Molded Top Covers – Our new molded top covers fit the contours of your feet better. Their tapered edges improve how they fit inside your shoes. The molded groove at the heel makes changing or swapping top covers super easy.
      • Improved Sizing – New insoles are sized for each shoe size, rather than having 1 insole cover 2 shoe sizes. Now, our “Flawless Fit” is more precise than ever before. Plus, it all but eliminates the need to trim insoles to fit your shoes. In addition, we now offer high and extra-high arch heights in every size we make, improving support for customers with smaller feet.
      • Quieter – We’ve added texture to the bottom of our arch supports which keeps your insoles quiet and well behaved. Nobody likes insoles that remind you of their existence.
      • Better Value – We have grown and that means we are now able to offer better value for your hard-earned dollar. Comfort (Ramble) and Pain Relief (Pace) insoles are less expensive than the Stride insoles they replace.
      • Insole Kits – If you just love a bargain, you’ll love our insole kits. Swap top covers so that your insole fits in different kinds of shoes. Each kit includes one pair of arch supports with all three top cover styles (regular, short and thin). Kits are discounted and the savings are substantial.

        Ramble, Pace and Dash Insole Comparison Chart


        Primary Use

        Recommended Footwear Firm? Arch Support Material

        Top Cover Thickness



        Performance Footwear with full length removable inserts Ultra Firm Carbon Fiber 5mm $105
        Dash Short Performance

        Footwear without removable inserts

        Ultra Firm Carbon Fiber 3mm $105
        Dash Thin Performance Footwear with thin, full length removable inserts Ultra Firm Carbon Fiber 3mm $105
        Pace Pain Relief Footwear with full length removable inserts Extra Firm  Polypro+ 5mm $65
        Pace Short Pain Relief Footwear without removable inserts Extra Firm Polypro+ 3mm $65
        Pace Thin Pain Relief Footwear with thin, full length removable inserts Extra Firm Polypro+ 3mm $65
        Ramble Comfort Footwear with full length removable inserts Firm Polypro 5mm $55
        Ramble Short Comfort Footwear without removable inserts Firm Polypro 3mm $55
        Ramble Thin Comfort Footwear with thin, full length removable inserts Firm Polypro 3mm $55

        Some Things We’ll Never Change

        • 2 Part System – All Tread Labs insoles are made in two parts. The unique molded arch supports are guaranteed for life (Our Million Mile Guarantee). The interchangeable top covers can be easily replaced, as often as you need.
        • Firm Support – Though we now offer a broader range of firmness, all our insoles are firm enough to change the way your body communicates with the ground. All Tread Labs insoles feature a molded arch support to optimize alignment. We believe that soft foam insoles do not have the power or durability to create lasting benefit.
        • Systems Approach – Our new insole collection is organized in groups to address your needs and the shoes you wear. This makes insole selection logical and easy. Regular, Short and Thin insoles are available in every series to dial in the fit of all your shoes.
        • Customer-Centric Approach – In today’s hyper-efficient world, customer service is sometimes neglected. Not at Tread Labs. Humans answer the phones. A 90-day no-questions return policy and free shipping ensure that we reach our goal - exceeding your expectations.

        What Happened To Stride Insoles?

        Our trusty Stride series of insoles have been retired. But never fear, the replacement top covers for Ramble, Pace and Dash are all compatible with the Stride arch supports. If you want the one that's most similar to Stride, choose the Pace replacement top covers

        Exceptional Recommendations

        If you understand the simple logic of our collection, you can anticipate a few cross-overs in product selection that make sense.

        • A very small person may find that Ramble, our softest insole is firm enough to cure their plantar fasciitis.
        • A really big person may find that the extra firm support of Dash best meets their pain relief needs.
        • A woman with close fitting ballet flats may prefer the ultra-low profile that carbon fiber brings to Dash insoles.

        In all cases, if you have any questions, we're here to help. Give us a call or send us an email so we can make sure you get the perfect insole for you.

        The Bottom Line

        We are super excited to introduce Ramble, Pace and Dash insoles, knowing they will help more people in more ways than ever before. Give Tread Labs a try and see how strong support and a flawless fit can improve your life. Free shipping and our 90-day free return policy have not changed. Together, they make ordering risk-free.

        Questions? Drop us a line at We're here to help.

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