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Insoles for Running: 3 Super Picks for Any Weather

by Mark Paigen 6 minute read

Whether you’re a competitive runner or just enjoy running for peace of mind, it’s essential that you do so with the right equipment to avoid injuries and feel comfortable.

When running, insoles are just as important as shoes are for muscle and bone health. Like shoes, they support your feet and help your body move with the correct alignment and force distribution. This comes with several benefits:

  • Insoles protect your feet and musculoskeletal health
  • They help you run faster and for longer
  • With them, you’ll get less tired and recover faster

If you like to run in all kinds of weather, insoles become even more important. They’ll improve your grip under any condition and keep your feet at the right temperature so that you feel comfortable and perform at your best.

We agree with you: weather shouldn’t tell you when to run. Still, it can’t be denied that it’s not the same to run under heavy rain as it is to run in snow or on a hot summer day. So let’s talk about which insoles are best for running on each occasion.

The Basics

  • Insoles are as important as shoes for firm foot support in any weather. Tread Labs has insole models that are ideal for different types of weather.
  • Insoles for hot weather help keep your feet fresh and supported without deforming due to the heat. We recommend our Dash Thin Insoles for their slim top covers and arch support made of carbon fiber, which is impervious to temperature.
  • Insoles for cold or snowy weather should hold in heat and help you sense any changes in the road’s grip due to ice or snow. Pace Insoles are ideal for cold weather because their full top covers help protect your feet from losing temperature, and they offer a larger contact surface with your shoes.
  • Insoles for wet weather shouldn’t absorb water that might enter your shoe, and should allow you to sense when the road gets slippery. Pace Thin Insoles are ideal for wet conditions because their slimmer top covers provide less opportunity for water absorption while giving your feet a more direct feel of the road beneath.

Table of Contents

shirtless man running aside a road under intense heat

1 - Best Insoles for Hot Weather

The best insoles for hot weather should keep your feet cool and dry.

There are few things in life more energizing than running on a sunny day, but sometimes “sunny” means “hot.”

Hot weather not only exacts a toll on your energy when you run, it also increases your perspiration—and your feet are no exception. They accumulate heat from the outside, as well as from your body and any friction produced inside your shoes.

So great insoles for hot weather should have characteristics to help you cope with the heat and its consequences:

  • Breathable materials: Look for insoles with a design that allows for air circulation and will wick away moisture.
  • Support at any temperature: Good insoles for hot weather maintain the same level of support for your feet no matter how hot it gets inside your shoe.
  • Low-profile: Thick or padded insoles will add extra heat to your shoes, so consider a thinner option for hot weather running.

At Tread Labs, we’ve created an insole ideal for hot weather: Dash Thin Insoles. This line of insoles will help you stay cool and comfortable in hot weather thanks to the following features:

  • Ventilated top covers: Dash Thin insoles have top covers with a ventilation pattern that allows air to circulate through the insole to keep your feet fresh and dry.
  • Carbon-fiber arch support: Carbon fiber is heat-resistant, which means it won’t bend and will keep supporting your arches with the same firmness under hot temperatures.
  • Lightweight build: Dash Thin insoles have a slim and light configuration thanks to their 3.0mm cover. With less weight and material, you’ll store less heat inside your shoe and won’t be carrying unnecessary weight.

Dash Thin insole's carbon-fiber arch support and ventilated top covers

2 - Best Insoles for Cold Weather

The best insoles for cold temperatures will keep your feet warm and prevent the accumulation of moisture.

If you like challenges, you probably love running in or after a good snowfall. However, this also means running in temperatures below 30 degrees Fahrenheit, and it’s best if you’re prepared.

If you’re not well protected, such low temperatures can reach your feet and freeze your skin, leading to frostbite and other skin injuries. On top of that, if your feet are wet from sweat, this moisture will freeze as well, making you even colder.

Additionally, cold weather can make surfaces slippery. So, apart from having adequate footwear, it’s best if your insoles have firm contact with the inside of your shoes to improve your sensitivity and response to any potential slips.

In sum, adequate insoles for cold weather have features that protect your feet from cold and moisture and improve your sensitivity to road conditions:

  • Warm materials: Choose insoles made with materials that will act as insolation, such as polyester.
  • Stable support in the cold: Insoles should maintain their shape and support, regardless of the temperature.
  • Snug fit and firm surface touch: Look for insoles that fit well in your shoe and allow you to feel the surface you’re running on.

insoles for running picks for any weather photo snippet

In this case, we recommend our Pace Insoles. These insoles have amazing characteristics that’ll help you run better in the cold:

  • Thick top covers: Our Pace insoles have thicker (5mm) top covers, which insulate better in the cold, helping to keep you warm.
  • Polypro+ arch support: Polypro+ is an advanced polymer that doesn’t crack or deform, providing you support even in low temperatures.
  • Wide contact surface: This insole’s full top cover increases the contact surface your foot has with your shoe, improving your sensitivity and grip.

Pace insole's Polypro+ arch support and top covers

Additionally, if you feel like you need extra snug for those cold mornings, you can opt to change your Pace covers for a pair of Shearling Top Covers, which are made of genuine wool and can be coupled with any Tread Labs arch support, adding warmth and comfort to any shoe.

3 - Best Insoles for Wet Weather

woman running aside a river pier under the rain

In the case of wet weather, the ideal insoles are ones that won’t absorb water and will help improve your response to slippery surfaces.

Running in heavy rain can be great fun, but it’s best to be ready for slippery surfaces and water getting into your shoes.

When running in the rain, the most important factor you want to consider is grip. Water is also heavy, and you don’t want to carry any extra weight.

So, insoles for wet weather have features that improve your grip and don’t absorb water:

  • No movement inside your shoe: Insoles with a grippy or textured lower surface stay in place to improve traction and reduce the risk of slips on wet surfaces.
  • Minimal water absorption: Insoles must absorb as little water as possible, so they don’t add extra weight to your run.
  • Good surface grip: Sensitivity to changes in the road’s surface is key in wet weather, and your insoles can help improve it.

We recommend Tread Labs Pace Thin Insoles for wet weather running. This is a fantastic option thanks to the insole’s unique features:

  • Firm arch and heel support: Provide great support for your arches and heels, and their lower surface is designed to stick to your shoes, giving you that security.
  • Thin top covers: Provide support in the rain, but with less volume available to soak up water.
  • More direct feeling of the road: Provide more direct contact with the surface of the front of your shoe, which helps you sense any changes in terms of slipperiness.

Pace Thin insole's arch support and slim top covers

Enjoy Your Running Time No Matter the Weather

For those who love challenges, the enjoyment of running in all weather conditions has no comparison.

Insoles are just as important as the shoes you wear. You need insoles that will support your feet and help you cope with the particular challenges of running in each weather condition.

Tread Labs has a product for every situation, be that snow, rain, or a hot, sunny day. You can count on your insoles to keep you comfortable and help you do your best when running.

“I have purchased Dash Insoles Extra-High Arch. It works great in my running shoes and hiking boots, and I don't feel any more pain.”
Lenka (Verified Customer)

The following table summarizes the features of our recommended insoles for each weather condition:

Model Arch Support Top Covers Best For

Dash Thin Insoles

Ultra-firm support

Carbon-fiber resistant to temperature

3mm slim covers with ventilation pattern

Hot weather

Pace Insoles + Shearling Top Covers (optional)

Extra firm support 

Polypro+ resistant to temperature

5mm thick covers or wool shearling covers for extra warmth

Cold weather with or without snow

Pace Thin Insoles

Polypro+ extra firm support

3mm slim top covers

Wet weather or heavy rain

Additionally, you want your insoles to last for miles and be easy on your wallet. All Tread Labs insoles have a million-mile guarantee on their arch support, which means you won’t be replacing them for a long time. The top covers are replaceable separately in all models.

We’ve got you covered. Have fun running in all weather conditions, and let your insoles support your feet and give you that extra edge. Choose your model of insoles for running and enjoy.

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