Insoles for High Arches and Supination: 2 Practical Solutions

by Mark Paigen 6 minute read

Foot pain is common, and in many cases, the causes of foot pain are highly treatable without complex medical interventions. 

But all too often, painful foot conditions are tolerated, rather than addressed. 

Foot pain hurts, slows you down, and keeps you from enjoying your ideal level of activity.

If you suffer from high arches or supination, your foot pain solution might be surprisingly simple. Adding soft, supportive insoles to your shoes can bring rapid and dramatic relief. 

The Basics

  • High foot arches can cause pain and increase the risk of skeletal issues and complications, including ankle sprains and plantar fasciitis.
  • Supination of the foot occurs when body weight rolls onto your feet’s outer edges, resulting in pain through the feet and legs. High foot arches can cause supination
  • Properly fitting Ramble and Pace insoles can provide a much-needed firm but soft support and relief for high arches and supination. 

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What Are High Arches and Supination?

bare feet walking across a log next to a lake

High arches and supination of the foot are separate but related conditions. Both issues can be painful, result in further complications, and limit mobility or athletic performance.

What Are High Foot Arches?

People with high foot arches have a higher-than-normal bridge in the middle of their foot soles.

The human foot is shaped by these three arches:

  • Medial longitudinal arch
  • Lateral longitudinal arch
  • Anterior transverse

These foot arches are formed by bones and strengthened by tendons and ligaments.

The two longitudinal arches run from the ball of the foot towards the heel. The medial arch is higher and contains several small joints, while the lateral arch lies flat towards the ground when the foot is in a standing position.

The anterior transverse arch is perpendicular to the longitudinal arches, connecting the foot’s left and right sides.

Arches can be low, medium, or high, depending on how much of the foot’s sole touches the ground and how high up the arch bridges away from the ground.

High arches impact walking and standing by reducing the portions of your soles that make contact with the ground. Weight and pressure are poorly distributed, which can result in pain throughout the feet and legs.

Common issues associated with high arches include:

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Claw toes
  • Hammertoe (abnormal bends in toe joints)
  • Metatarsalgia (pain and inflammation in the ball of the foot)
  • Metatarsal fractures
  • Ankle instability
  • Ankle sprains

Additionally, high arches are heavily associated with supination of the foot.

high arches are heavily associated

What Is Supination of the Foot?

Pronation refers to the sequence of motions that occur as a foot hits the ground during walking or running.

When weight is distributed unevenly during foot landings, one of these two alignment issues may be present:

  • Overpronation – weight distribution tends towards the inside of the feet
  • Supination – weight rolls towards the outer edges of the feet

Those who overpronate push off primarily with their big toes and second toes. Shock absorption moves unevenly through the foot and may cause pain or ankle instability.

Supination, also known as under pronation, is the opposite of overpronation. The foot fails to properly roll inward and no weight is transferred to the big toe. The small toes and the outer edge of the foot are forced to bear the brunt of footsteps.

Supination can cause pain through the feet and legs, all the way up to the lower back. Supination is often caused by high arches, which prevent sufficient foot-on-ground contact to initiate a healthy inward roll.

"Never knew my arches were so high! Enter my new Tread Labs high arch insoles. They feel amazing. My feet feel stable and my boots are back in business!"
- Karen S., Los Angeles, USA

Soft Insoles for High Arches and Supination

Insoles for high arches and supination provide support that’s firm, yet soft. Properly-fitting insoles relieve pressure from the heels and balls of the feet, establishing a more even weight distribution during standing, walking, and exercise.

The best Tread Labs insoles for high arches and supination are Ramble insoles and Pace insoles. The table below compares these two products.

Tread Labs Insoles Firmness Arch Support Thickness Top Cover Density
Ramble insoles Firm 2.5 mm 0.10 - soft
Pace insoles Extra firm 2.5 mm 0.12 - firmer

Compared to our Dash insoles, Ramble and Pace are softer—soft insoles provide the shock absorption that’s urgently needed to bring relief for high arch foot and leg pain.

For a full comparison of Ramble, Pace, and Dash insoles, click here.

When ordering Tread Labs insoles, you can select your arch height—low, medium, high, or extra high. In this way, the same insoles can be used to assist with a variety of ailments, based on the unique shape of your feet.

"This is the 3rd pair I’ve bought, works great for my high arches and sizing is always perfect."
- Patricia D., Eustis, USA

Now, let’s take a closer look at the Tread Labs insoles that are best suited for addressing high arches and supination. 

1 - Tread Labs Ramble Insoles – Firm Support

green Ramble shoe insoles from Tread Labs

Ramble insoles are light on your feet. They’re softer and more malleable than Pace or Dash insoles.

We recommend Rambles for people who are:

  • New to insoles
  • Light on their feet
  • Need more comfort and cushioning from their footwear

If your feet are begging for more gentle landings, try Ramble insoles. These soft, shock-absorbing insoles are an excellent first choice for high arch pain relief.

"For years I've looked for insoles that properly support my feet—I have high arches. Ramble Insoles do the trick! I no longer have pain in the balls of my feet."
- Gary C., Glen Allen, USA

2 - Tread Labs Pace Insoles – Extra Firm Support 

blue Tread Labs Pace insoles for extra firm support

Pace insoles provide extra firm support. The build is “average,” representing a midpoint in firmness, softness, and structure between our softer Ramble insoles and the firmer Dash insoles.

We recommend Pace insoles for people who:

  • Are heavy on their feet
  • Suffer from plantar fasciitis

Pace insoles are an intermediate option that can provide stability and pain relief for a variety of foot issues, including high arches and supination. If you’ve tried softer insoles and want a slightly firmer build, Pace insoles might be the perfect fit.

"I have plantar fasciitis and extra high arches, these Pace inserts actually made it an option to wear any shoes I want again with minimal pain."
- Em, Stevens Point, USA

Tread Labs Shoe Insoles for Pain Relief

two pairs of shoes with Tread Labs Pace insoles

High arches and supination are among the most common foot pain conditions. Around 20 percent of people have high arches. Many of those individuals experience supination, plantar fasciitis, and other bothersome foot and leg issues.

Have you been quietly accepting foot pain? Or have one-size-fits-all shoe inserts failed to make a difference? If so, it’s time for a change. Tread Labs insoles are built with your arch height and firmness needs in mind, to provide support, shock absorption, and pain relief.

"Best insoles available. Foot fatigue and plantar fasciitis are no longer a reason to not run. These insoles will allow me to run through my 50s and beyond."
- Christopher M., St. Augustine, USA

Tread Labs insoles are made with a unique two-part system consisting of arch supports and top covers. Each molded arch support is built to last forever, backed by our million-mile guarantee. Top covers last around a year and are easily replaced.

To find the perfect pair, shop our special Insoles for High Arches and Supination collection. Ramble and Pace insoles are available in regular, short, or thin designs. Select your desired insole along with your arch height to find the ideal fit.

For more buying guides and foot care tips, visit our blog. Also, see our Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more about sizing and fit, shipping, and foot health. Contact our team anytime if you have questions about finding the right pair of insoles for your feet. 

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