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Say Goodbye to Foot Pain: How Sandals With Arch Support Can Help

by Mark Paigen 6 minute read

Arch support is an excellent way to alleviate foot pain without the use of additional treatments like medication or night splints.

It corrects the alignment of your feet and absorbs the shock encountered when they hit the ground, making them less susceptible to pain and injury.

The Basics

  • Foot pain is a symptom of an underlying issue, such as a medical condition or a reflection of your lifestyle.
  • It manifests as a sharp, burning, or throbbing pain on the heel, sole, balls of the feet, or toes, and may extend to the ankles, knees, hips, and back.
  • Sandals with arch support, also known as orthotic sandals, help with foot pain and will align your whole body from your feet to your neck.

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What we’ll cover:

  • The mechanism behind sandals with arch support that cures pain
  • Categories of people that are excellent candidates for sandals with arch support
  • A collection of men’s and women’s sandals with arch support from Tread Labs

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How Sandals With Arch Support Relieve Foot Pain

man wearing sandals

Sandals with arch support relieve pain by shifting pressure from where it’s being concentrated and distributing it evenly onto the arches, heel, and ball of the foot.

You have three arches on your feet, as explained in the table below.

Arch Location
Medial longitudinal arch Runs from the heel to the ball of the foot
Lateral longitudinal arch Runs from the heel to the coronal plane (close to your pinky toe)
Anterior transverse arch Shortest of the three and runs across the coronal plane perpendicular to the two

Sandals with arch support cushion these arches, aligning your feet in the correct position for alleviating discomfort. 

Supportive sandals fill the spaces below and between your arches, creating a stable surface area for your foot. This creates more balance and stability when standing, walking, or running.

Sandals with arch support also absorb shock when your feet hit the ground, which, if not absorbed, can cause shin splints. These are felt as pain on the forelegs.

Shin splints are common in runners, but the pain can be avoided by using insoles for running. Even walkers, beginner hikers, and those who suddenly increase their hiking speed can get shin splints.

At Tread Labs, our sandals with arch support are athletic and suitable for light hiking or walking. They’ll give your feet adequate support to prevent shin splints.

Our sandals support your feet and align your whole body, eliminating pain in the knees, pelvis, and back.

By the second and third day, I noticed that my feet, knees, back, and shoulders had straightened and smoothed out.
verified buyer

Who Benefits From Sandals With Arch Support?

man and woman wearing matching sandals

All age groups can benefit from sandals with arch support, from children as young as five to seniors over 65.

The foot pain you’re experiencing may or may not require arch support, so you need a proper diagnosis to rule out any serious medical condition that could require further treatment.

If no severe illness is present, you fall into either of two categories—people who need support due to arch-related problems and those who require it due to their busy lifestyles.

Arch-Related Problems

  • Flat feet: The entire sole of the foot rests on the floor due to little or no arch. Pain is felt at the back of the leg and is known as Achilles tendonitis. Our insoles for tendonitis help relieve the stress caused by such inflammation.
  • High arches: The opposite of flat feet, this condition is characterized by raised arches that cause pain in the ball of the foot (metatarsalgia), pain at the front of the foot (hammertoe), or pain in the heel that can be relieved by our plantar fasciitis insoles
  • Supination: The body exerts its weight onto the outer edge of the foot, leading to plantar fasciitis and pain in the ankles, knees, pelvis, and back.
  • Overpronation: The opposite of supination. Body exerts its weight on the inner side of the foot and causes one to appear as if they have flat feet. Symptoms are the same as those of supination.

People with rheumatoid arthritis can also benefit from sandals with arch support. They minimize pressure on the bones, slowing the disease’s progression and lessening discomfort experienced when walking. 

Non-Medical Conditions

Foot pain in this category is caused by overusing the feet, something common to a busy lifestyle. Wearing ill-fitting shoes can also cause this kind of pain. 

People with active lifestyles, such as athletes, dancers, and acrobats, use their feet constantly for balance during their performances. Their activities may cause them foot pain.

Others may not use their feet for performance but still wear them out by standing all day. Nurses, bartenders, and factory workers are a few examples. If you’re someone who’s on your feet all day, know that we have the best insoles for long workdays.

Let’s take a look at the different sandals with arch support available at Tread Labs. They alleviate foot pain caused by arch problems and a busy lifestyle.

arch support is an excellent way to alleviate foot paid

Tread Labs Sandals With Arch Support 

Tread Labs sandals with arch support give your feet maximum support, relieving foot pain and helping you get through your day’s activities.

All our recovery sandals have these features:

  • Midsole of a running shoe
  • Arch support
  • Microfiber footbed
  • Rubber outsole
  • Hugging straps (100% recyclable material)

With such outstanding features, our sandals are what you need to say goodbye to foot pain and body misalignment.

We have a collection you‘ll love—simple in design, yet functional. They can be dressed up for a classy look or dressed down for a simple hike.

“Love these new sandals. Extremely comfortable to wear all day for hiking, plus they look great dressed up or down.”
Carol, verified buyer

With Tread Lab sandals, comfort never looked this good!

Men’s Albion Sandals

men’s sandal with arch support

Get yourself a pair of insanely comfortable and lightweight Men’s Albion Sandals to support you all day and relieve foot pain.

Their key features include:

  • Anatomic footbeds for incredible arch support
  • Polyurethane midsoles to add spring to your step
  • Durable rubber outsoles that are fittable with a new sole

Albion sandals fit any man’s lifestyle like a pair of well-worn jeans. You no longer have to put on your running shoes when going for a walk.

Women’s Albion Sandals

women’s sandal with arch support

Our Women’s Albion Sandals have incredible arch support to improve alignment and create comfort, making them excellent for plantar fasciitis and other foot pain. 

What makes them so good at alleviating pain?

  • Anatomically sculpted footbed for all foot shapes
  • Softly knit straps that conform to your feet
  • Microfiber suede for a smooth and silky underfoot

These women’s sandals may be tough on foot pain, but they’re cute enough for a dinner outing.

Men’s Covelo Sandals

men’s slip-on sandal with arch support

Our Men’s Covelo Sandals are lightweight sandals with arch support that relieve foot pain and discomfort. They have no backstraps.

Their features include:

  • Straps made from 100% recyclable pop bottles
  • Water-friendly, machine-washable materials
  • Microfiber suede for a cool and dry underfoot

These arch-support sandals are great for any day of the week. Easy to slip on and off, yet sturdy enough to take you on tour.

Women’s Covelo Sandals

women’s slip-on sandal with arch support

If there’s a way to define our Women’s Covelo Sandals, it’s cute, water-friendly, slip-on sandals for those with plantar fasciitis and other foot discomforts.

Features of these slip-on sandals include:

  • Unbreakable aluminum buckles
  • Lightweight polyurethane midsoles
  • Antimicrobial treatment for freshness

With these sandals, you’ll enjoy the benefits of arch support combined with the convenience of slip-ons.

Fact: Your feet will fall in love with the pain-free, “walking on a cloud” experience of Tread Labs sandals with arch support.

Say Hello to Pain-Free Feet With Tread Labs Arch-Support Sandals

Our arch-support sandals are outstanding in their performance. They’ll support your feet and distribute pressure evenly, letting you do what you love doing without pain.

If you have flat feet or high arches, overpronation or supination, work long hours on your feet, or have a condition such as rheumatoid arthritis, you’ll find comfort in our sandals.

At Tread Labs, we keep our shoes lightweight. After all, nobody wants heavy shoes that feel like rocks tied to your feet. We believe that your life is complex enough. Keep your shoes simple.

Try out any of our sandals and feel how comfortable they are. You can also check out our final sale of returned sandals in near-new condition and another sale of discontinued colors.

Find answers to Frequently Asked Questions or contact us here.


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