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6 Ways to Keep Your Feet Warm This Winter

by Mark Paigen 6 minute read

Explore these six effective methods that will guarantee your feet stay warm and comfortable during the cold winter months.

The Basics: TL;DR ---

    • Properly Fitting, Activity-Appropriate Footwear. Choose well-fitting footwear appropriate for your winter activities to ensure both comfort and warmth.
    • Choose Merino Wool Socks. Choose merino wool socks for their superior insulation and moisture-wicking properties, rather than cotton socks which can hold moisture and lead to more heat loss.
    • Tread Labs Shearling Top Covers. Use Tread Labs' Shearling Top Covers in your shoes for extra insulation, boosting warmth in cold weather.
    • Wear a Warm Hat. Wearing a warm hat can help retain overall body heat, indirectly contributing to keeping your feet warm.
    • Stay Active and Hydrated. Maintain regular physical activity and hydration to boost blood circulation, which is key to keeping your feet warm.
    • Boot Heaters for Winter Sports. For skiing or ice skating, boot heaters are a good choice as they offer direct warmth, making them highly effective in very cold conditions.

      What You Need To Know---

      Keep your feet cozy this winter with well-fitting insulated boots, merino wool socks, and thermal boot insoles. Maintaining dry feet is crucial for warmth, as moisture increases heat loss. Be sure to keep your feet stay dry, especially in wet conditions.

      Keeping your head and body warm and staying hydrated will also contribute to warm feet. For those extra chilly days when you're skiing or skating, boot heaters can be a lifesaver.

      Tread Labs Shearling Top Covers provide a versatile solution for cold feet. They easily attach to any Tread Labs arch support and offer extra insulation with the comfort of genuine wool.

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      Table of Contents

          Our Top 6 Recommendations For Warm Feet This Winter
          #1: Choose The Right Footwear
          #2: Pick The Perfect Socks
          #3: Wool Shoe Insoles for The Win
          #4: If Your Feet Are Cold, Put On A Hat
          #5: Get Your Blood Pumping
          #6: Add Extra Heat w/ Boot Heaters
          Welcome Winter with a Smile

          Our Top 6 Recommendations For Warm Feet This Winter

          It can be challenging to keep your feet warm in the winter, whether you're embarking on a frosty hike, spending a day at the office, or just relaxing at home. This guide addresses the common question, 'How do I keep my feet warm in the winter?' by providing practical tips for various activities.

          We’ll breakdown our top six recommendations for keeping your feet warm, from properly fitting shoes to layered socks and even warm hats.  Some recommendations like boot heaters are activity-specific, while other recommendations like warm shoe inserts are ideal for nearly every winter environment.

          Winter Boots


          #1: Choose The Right Footwear

          Selecting the appropriate footwear is crucial for keeping your feet warm during winter. Here are some key aspects to consider:
          • Properly Fitted Footwear. Make sure your winter shoes or boots fit well to avoid cold feet. They shouldn't be too tight, as this can restrict blood circulation, nor too loose, which can lead to inadequate insulation. Ensure there's enough space for your toes to move freely. This improves circulation, which is vital for keeping feet warm.  Read 'How Should A Shoe Fit' for more details.
          • Insulated Lining. Choose boots with a warm lining like shearling or synthetic insulation such as Thinsulate for added warmth. Add additional insulation to your existing footwear with wool insoles such as Tread Labs Shearling Top Covers.
          • Sole Quality. A thick and rugged sole can provide additional insulation from cold surfaces and improve traction in snowy or icy conditions.
          • Choose Waterproof Footwear in Wet Weather. Wet feet get cold quickly, as water conducts heat much faster than air.  Choose waterproof or water-resistant footwear, especially when you're walking in snow or slush. Materials like Gore-Tex are excellent for providing waterproofing.


          Feet in wool socks resting on a fireplace hearth.

          #2: Pick The Perfect Socks

          The right socks can significantly influence how warm your feet stay in winter. Pay attention to these details when picking your next pair of socks:

          • Avoid Cotton. Cotton absorbs moisture and can make your feet cold. It's not ideal for retaining warmth, especially in wet conditions.
          • Merino Wool Socks. Merino wool is excellent for winter socks. It's naturally insulating and moisture-wicking, keeping your feet dry and warm. Wool maintains its insulating properties even when wet.  Remember, wet feet lose their warmth quickly so be sure to keep your socks and feet dry.
          • Layering Socks. If it's extremely cold, consider layering an ultra thin, moisture-wicking sock underneath a thicker wool sock. This combination provides both moisture management and added insulation.
          • Material Over Thickness. The material of the sock is often more important than its thickness. Choose materials known for their insulating properties, like wool or fleece, rather than simply opting for thick socks.
          Tread Labs Wool Shearling Top Cover

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          #3: Wool Shoe Insoles for The Win

          Insulated insoles are a game-changer for cold weather.  Thermal insoles, like Tread Labs' Shearling Top Covers, are specially designed for winter and provide an extra layer of insulation, keeping your feet warm even in freezing temperatures.

          Tread Labs Shearling Top Covers are one of our top (pun intended) recommendations for keeping your feet warm this winter. Here's why:

            • Versatility. They work in almost any shoe, boot, or slipper, making them a practical choice for various footwear.  Whether you're wondering "How do I can my feet warm on walks?" or "How do I keep my feet warm at the office?" the answer is the same: wool shearling top covers.  They are so versatile they even work in Crocs, as evidenced by a recent review:
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              • Discrete. Ideal for office use, these top covers keep your feet warm without the bulk of snow boots or the need for overly thick socks.
              • Genuine Wool Shearling. Naturally insulating, moisture-wicking, and anti-microbial, providing both warmth and health benefits.
              • Comfort and Support. In addition to warmth, they offer cushioning and an extra 'cozy' feel.  When paired with Tread Labs arch supports, they become the most supportive winter insoles on the planet.
              • Easy Attachment. Designed to attach seamlessly to any Tread Labs arch support, they offer a convenient and versatile solution for a range of shoes.


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              Woman wearing blue winter hat

              #4: If Your Feet Are Cold, Put On A Hat

              My dad has always said, "If your feet are cold, put on a hat." It's a motto often repeated in the outdoors by guides, scout leaders, and fathers. While it's a myth that we lose the majority our body heat through our heads, keeping your head warm does help regulate overall body temperature, benefiting extremities like feet.  So there is truth to the idea that wearing a hat on a cold day can help keep your feet warm.  Here's how it works:

              • Body Heat Regulation. A significant amount of body heat can be lost through the head. By wearing a hat, you reduce this heat loss, indirectly helping to keep your feet warm. Wearing a hat is recommended because the rest of the body is generally already insulated by clothing.
              • Overall Body Warmth. Keeping your head warm is part of an overall strategy to maintain body warmth, which in turn helps your extremities, like your toes, stay warm. This age-old advice is backed by the simple principle of overall body heat conservation, crucial in colder months.


              Man jogging with dog in winter

              #5: Get Your Blood Pumping

              Good circulation is key to keeping your feet warm. Here's how to encourage blood flow:

              • Foot Warming Exercises. Simple exercises like toe wiggles, ankle circles, or walking on your toes can improve circulation to your feet. 
              • Stay Hydrated. Proper hydration aids in healthy blood flow. Ensure you're drinking enough water, even in colder weather.
              • Avoid Sitting Still for Too Long. Periodically move around to stimulate blood flow. If you're sitting for extended periods, perform small movements or stretches.

              These tips will help promote circulation, which is essential for maintaining warm feet in cold conditions. If you're wondering, "How do I keep my feet warm at home?" we recommend starting with foot warming exercises, drinking a tall glass of water, putting on merino wools socks, and using Tread Labs Shearling Top Covers inside your favorite pair of slippers.


              Yellow ski boots buckled into a pair of skis

              #6: Add Extra Heat w/ Boot Heaters

              Boot heaters are electric heaters with rechargeable batteries that can be installed between the liner and the shell of winter boots.  They are particularly useful for keeping your feet warm during outdoor winter sports, like skiing and ice skating.  While they are a substantial financial investment, they offer:

              • Direct Warmth. Boot heaters provide direct warmth to your feet, essential in the extremely cold conditions encountered in winter sports.
              • Activity-Specific Design. Many are designed specifically for ski or ice skating boots, ensuring a snug fit and effective heating.
              • Adjustable Temperature. Some boot heaters come with adjustable settings, allowing you to control the amount of heat based on the outdoor temperature and your personal comfort.

              Boot heaters combine technology and convenience to enhance the winter sports experience by keeping feet comfortably warm.

              Welcome Winter with a Smile:

              Embrace winter warmly with these essential tips: select well-fitted, insulated footwear; choose merino wool socks over cotton for better insulation; and consider Tread Labs' Shearling Top Covers for extra warmth. Remember, wool or fur insoles can be a cozy addition to any shoe. These thermal inserts for boots or shoes are ideal for colder weather. Keep active, stay hydrated, and don't forget a hat to retain body heat. If you're a winter sports enthusiast, boot heaters are your go-to for sustained warmth. Welcome winter with a smile, knowing your feet will stay comfortably warm in any setting.


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