UGG Boots: Arch Support Inserts Improve Comfort

by Cassia Roth


Do you need a little extra support in your favorite boots? UGG boots are incredibly comfortable, but they lack arch support which can wreak havoc on your feet. But, there’s an easy fix - adding a pair of insoles with arch support can transform your UGG boots, taking them to the next level of boot bliss.  

What's So Great About UGG Boots?

Surfers on the west coast of Australia started wearing this style of shearling boots long before they found their way to the States. Nothing felt better on their feet after a day on the waves.  The style’s popularity grew slowly in the surf and beach scene of southern California during the '80s and '90s, then gained widespread popularity in the early ‘00s. Since then, they have become a staple for women (and a few men). Mostly worn in cool weather, their supreme comfort has generated tremendous brand loyalty.

UGG boots are lined with natural wool insulation, which is both more comfortable than synthetic insulation and incredibly warm. Their sheepskin uppers breathe well, so your feet don't get sweaty. The boot also comes with  soft, flexible outsoles, which provide extra cushioning and insulate your feet from the cold ground. Few pieces of footwear feel so good to put on when your feet are cold.


More recently, UGG has branched out into new styles that are quite different from the original shearling boots. They now range from insulated to more lightweight. Some are now waterproof. Luckily, many still feature natural sheepskin as insulation.

Despite the incredible warmth and initial comfort the boots provide on a cold winter day, they provide little-to-no support for your feet. In fact, traditional UGG sheepskin boots have no arch support at all. They are fine for lounging around the house, but not so comfortable for walking or standing for longer periods. While the company says it has never had complaints of foot pain after nearly 30 years of quality craftsmanship, some physicians beg to differ.

Dr. Rock Positano, of the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City, says that UGGs "may feel cushiony; [they] may feel comfortable, but it doesn't mean [people are] getting the necessary arch support that a foot needs to function effectively."

Flat Feet and UGGs

One of the most common problems podiatrists and physicians see with UGGs is in relation to people with flat feet.

the best insoles for flat feet or high arches

When you have flat feet, the entire bottom of your foot (the sole) touches the ground when you’re standing. Flat feet often occur when your arches don’t develop properly as you’re growing up or if you overpronate. They can also develop as you age or after a foot injury. For women, pregnancy can cause flat feet.

While having flat feet does not necessarily mean you will experience pain, some common consequences include:

  • Pain in the heel (plantar fasciitis) or in the arch
  • Swelling along the inside of your ankle
  • Knee and hip problems

Flat-footed people need shoes that provide structure and support. Loose-fitting boots like UGGs won't stop your ankle from rolling inward (pronating). Moreover, the lack of support may exacerbate the tendency of your arches and tendons to collapse. Set both your UGG boots on the ground. Look at them from behind. Do the boots look like they are bending inwards? If so, your foot is overpronating.

Dr. Krista Archer, a podiatrist and foot and ankle surgeon in Manhattan, worries about UGG's spaciness in the ankles and heels, as it allows your ankles to twist and roll in or out.

And, as Dr. Positano posits, a lack of support in your shoes leads to "overuse, meaning the muscles, the tendons, the ligaments, and the bones in the foot and the ankle overwork," he said. "A recent study just came out that showed the correlation between a flat arch, and problems with the knee, the hip, and the back."

The best insoles for flat feet will fully support your arch and stabilize your heel to concentrate the fatty pad underneath your heel bone. This will both prevent overpronation and provide firm support. Typically, the best insoles for flat feet will have a low but supportive arch. However, you should try different heights to determine which one will adequately support your feet.

But if you have high or medium arches, UGG boots still don't provide enough support for your foot. It may take a little longer to develop foot pain, but without proper structure in the shoe, your arches will suffer – no matter the height.

All You Need is a Little Arch Support

Don't think you need to swear off your UGGs just to have the necessary support your feet need. Most physicians will tell you that by adding over-the-counter insoles – particularly  inserts with strong arch support – you can continue to wear your UGGs without any problem.

Adding Arch Support to Your UGGs

To ensure your feet are getting the support they deserve, all you need to do is find a pair of insoles that work for you.

Which Uggs Have Removable Insoles?

For women, the following boots have removable insoles:

  • Adirondack II and Adirondack Tall
  • Ostrander
  • Mixon
  • Miko
  • Classic Cuff – Short, Mini, and Tall

For men, the following styles have removable insoles:

  • Butte and Butte Bomber
  • Darius
  • Metcalf

If you are buying your UGG boots online and are still unsure if the model you like has removable insoles, scroll down to the "details" section of the page. If the words "removable/replaceable insole" or "removable contoured insole" appear, then that model has insoles you can take out.

If you already own a pair of boots, see if the insoles come out. If they do, you'll have a few more options, as you can replace them with insoles of your choosing:

    For UGG Boots With Removable Insoles

    • Reach inside your boots and carefully lift the existing insole away from the heel of the boot. Peel it upward and remove from the boot. If you have trouble, try using a butter knife or a nail file to give you a grip and allow you to make the initial lift.
    • Air out your boots. While the wool may keep your feet nice and toasty, they can also be a hotbed for bacteria – especially if you like to wear them without socks. Podiatrist Rachel Verville of Fresno, TX recommends wearing your UGGs with socks: “Just a thin layer of sock inside the boots because if you sweat, moisture develops and athlete’s foot and that kind of thing can develop.” Sprinkling baking soda in the boots and letting them sit over night can help with any odors. Remember to dump out the used baking soda before putting in your new insoles.
    • Insert your new, arch-supporting UGG inserts.Insert your new insoles toe-first into the boot. Make sure you push the toe of the insole into the boot as far as it will go. Once the insole is in place, push the heel of the insole down and back with your fingertips.
    • If you want the feeling of sheepskin on your feet, put your original UGG insoles back in on top of your new inserts. Remember, this will make your boots snugger than before. A thinner insole like the Tread Labs Thin Insole will work better in this scenario, as it takes up less volume inside the shoe. If you are buying a pair of UGGs for the first time, and you know you want both over-the-counter arch support and the original insole, try sizing up a half size.

    For UGG boots without removable insoles:

      • Follow the same procedure to insert your arch-supporting insole on top of the regular UGG insole. Your boots will fit a bit snugger than before but your arches will now get the support they need.

      There is no reason to give up your UGG boots just because you need more support. Just adding a pair of insoles will make some of the most comfortable shoes out there even more comfortable all winter long.

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          Cassia Roth
          Cassia Roth

          7 Responses


          May 02, 2019

          Hi Mary,
          An orthotic insole can be beneficial for folks with nerve pain. By supporting the arch, and distributing weight through the entire foot, some nerve pain can be relieved. I would suggest asking your doctor if an arch supporting insole, such as Tread Labs, would be the right choice for you.
          Please feel free to reach out to us if we can help provide any additional information with which you can then consult your doctor.
          Tread Labs


          April 29, 2019

          Are your insoles good for helping with neuropathy? I have Raynauds Syndrome which causes a lot of pain even when I wear my classic UGGs.
          Looking for help so I can walk without pain.

          Johnny Wehlberg
          Johnny Wehlberg

          June 01, 2018

          Ugg boots are a unisex style of sheepskin boot originating in Australia and New Zealand. The boots are typically made of twin-faced sheepskin with fleece on the inside

          Dan LeFleur
          Dan LeFleur

          March 16, 2017

          Hi Lori,

          Thanks for taking an interest in Tread Labs.

          The Stride insole works great with Uggs that offer a removable insert. for Uggs without a removable insert I’d recommend the Stride Thin. Both the Stride and Stride Thin will give you fantastic arch support.

          As far as other brands of footwear that offer an Extra Wide fitting I’d take a look at Brooks running shoes. They offer a wide array of widths.

          For something a bit more casual you may want to take a look at Dansko. They also offer wide sizes and provide good arch support.

          Give us a shout if we can assist in any other way.

          Thanks again,


          Lori Cardile
          Lori Cardile

          March 12, 2017

          I own ugg w Quincy USA size 8 with removable insoles, ugg k (yes, kids) Classic USA size 6 and ugg k (kids again) Tasman USA size 5 slipper (both without removable insoles.) I need arch support due to plantar fasciitis. Although all 3 pairs of uggs fit me, my foot actually measures size 7 extra wide. I need shoes with a wide and high toe box.
          What are your recommendations?

          Mark Paigen
          Mark Paigen

          January 23, 2017

          Thanks for your interest in Tread Labs! Shipping to the UK is $25. We look forward to your order!

          S. Lowbridge
          S. Lowbridge

          January 17, 2017

          I am interested in your orthotics with a high arch support. What is the shipping to England?

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