3 Secrets for a More Comfortable Hike

3 Secrets for a More Comfortable Hike

by Jake Gulisane 2 minute read

Make the most of National Take A Hike Day by setting yourself up for an awesome day on the trail with our three secrets for a more comfortable hike. Read to the end for a bonus tip about how to treat your feet at the end of your hike.

1. Love Your Feet

When it comes to comfort on the trail, feet come first. Just imagine walking around for miles with blisters or sore arches. Brutal!

Start from the ground up to make your hike as comfortable as possible.

Supportive insoles are your secret weapon against discomfort while hiking. Between the rugged terrain and the weight of your pack, your feet work extra hard to get you up the trail. Give them a break with structured support.

Our 2 firmer insoles are best for hiking and long miles on the trail.

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2. Layer Up

Check the weather report before you head out, but remember how often the forecast is wrong and prepare for all sorts of weather. Experts agree that the best way to comfortably hike in any climate is to layer up.

The temperature could change throughout the day, and at different points on your hike as elevation changes. By layering, you can add or remove clothes on the go to stay comfortable.

Start with a breathable, moisture-wicking base layer. This will keep you dry and prevent overheating. Use a mid-layer for insulation, and an outer layer for protection against wind and rain. For all your layers, try to find breathable fabrics and avoid cotton as much as possible–it’s no good once it’s wet.

3. Pack Lightly

Life lesson: keep it simple.

Try to pack just the essentials, because remember: you’re going to carry everything on your back. Do yourself a favor and be choosy about what gets to come along for the ride.

Here are some of the non-negotiables:

  • Water
  • Snacks
  • Extra clothes (layers!)
  • Map
  • Sunscreen
  • First Aid

Bonus Tip

Once you reach your campsite or get back to your car after a rewarding day on the trail, give your feet some love with ultra-comfortable and supportive recovery sandals. You’ll look forward to the end of every hike from now on just to slip your feet into them.

National Take A Hike Day

November 17 is National Take A Hike Day, so yes, even though it’s a weekday in November we are in full support of this being a great chance to feel the crisp fall air and take in nature. You can learn more about this holiday from the American Hiking Society

Please be safe out there and make sure you share your plans with someone before you get started. You can never be too careful!

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