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Pace Top Covers

Pace Top Covers

For footwear with full length removable inserts

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Pace Top Covers attach to Pace arch supports with low-profile hook and loop, allowing you to make your insoles like new whenever you need. Swap Pace Top Covers with other styles of top covers for the perfect fit in all your favorite footwear. These 5mm thick, full length top covers have a higher foam density for a firmer feel.


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  • Ramble insoles showing the Tread Labs two part insole system

    Easy as tying your shoes.

    Swapping top covers is simple - just hold the arch support in one hand, grab the front of the top cover with the other hand, and peel back. Affix your new top covers to the arch support and you're ready to go.

  • Tread Labs Dash cushioned top covers

    Built for comfort.

    Open cell foam breathes to keep your feet cool, dry and comfortable. The top surface is designed for low friction, to prevent blisters and calluses.

  • Red athletic sneakers with Tread Labs insoles visible

    Keep shoes fresher.

    Replacement top covers are treated with PURE, a silver-based antimicrobial, designed to keep shoes and boots fresh. Don’t let your shoes become an environmental hazard.

Customer Reviews

Based on 122 reviews
Kathy Gregerson (Grand Rapids, United States)

Just bought my 3rd set of top covers and I am extremely happy with this product!! As an avid walker (2-5 miles per day), I replace my top covers about every 6 months and it keeps my feet feeling absolutely wonderful. I bought my arch supports in Fall 2020 and those are still working like new and in amazing shape for the miles they've seen. I would recommend these to anyone with high arches and any type of foot pain or issues, they definitely are a high quality product!

Michael Russell (Malabar, United States)
Helps drastically for people with high arches

Must have for all day standing

Geoff Stordahl
The right insoles

The modular nature of the treadlabs design is so brilliant it’s kind of astonishing nobody else does it. We all have different shaped feet and need to get them in different kinds of footwear, and treadlabs gets u there. Replacement foot beads run about the same price as cheapo drugstore insoles, so it’s a great value for the money over the long run.

Hi Geoff! We agree with you too! The unique, 2-part system is amazingly easy and provides great support without breaking the bank or some generic over the counter insoles that does not provide that near custom fit. Glad you are enjoy them!

TOM TSCHIDA (Minneapolis, United States)
2nd order!

I did a lot of hiking/birding last Spring and ultimately ended up having some pain towards the front of my feet. Self diagnosed as metatarsalgia. I tried the Pace full length insoles along with the metatarsal pads. So far so good, I have little or no foot pain. Very happy with the product and quick delivery. I am now trying the Ramble inserts for a slightly softer feel. Love how I can just replace the top covers to save $.

Hi Tom! We are happy to hear the insole are helping with the feet pain! The Ramble does provide the same feel as the Pace but more of a cloud-like feel. Yes, our insole Top Covers are interchangeable. Hey, anyway we can save $$ is a good thing!

Mary Rose Shelley (Dysart, United States)
Pain reliever and affordable

I love that the insoles have the removable top cover layer so when it wears out (or your cat pees on it) you can simply remove that part, keeping the sturdy insole, and replace with a new, affordable top cover. I don't wear any shoes without these insoles. I have broken seasmoid bone the doctors think will never heal and getting my arch up helps with pain a lot. I would recommend these insoles to anyone.

Hi Mary Rose! We love that about our insoles too! With a unique, 2-part system that works and keeps it simple for folks is the way to go. Glad they are working and help with the discomfort you are experiencing. Let's hope the cat doesn't do it's business on any more insoles...guess the cat loves it too?