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Dash Thin Top Covers

Dash Thin Top Covers

For footwear with thin, full length removable inserts

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Dash Thin Top Covers are the replacement comfort layer for Dash Thin insoles. They attach to Dash arch supports with a low-profile hook and loop, making them easy to replace or swap with other styles of top covers to fit all your shoes. Constructed with a 3mm thick, higher density foam for a firmer feel, Dash Thin Top Covers are ventilated at the forefoot for extra breathability.


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  • Ramble insoles showing the Tread Labs two part insole system

    Easy as tying your shoes.

    Swapping top covers is simple - just hold the arch support in one hand, grab the front of the top cover with the other hand, and peel back. Affix your new top covers to the arch support and you're ready to go.

  • Tread Labs Dash cushioned top covers

    Built for comfort.

    Open cell foam breathes to keep your feet cool, dry and comfortable. The top surface is designed for low friction, to prevent blisters and calluses.

  • Red athletic sneakers with Tread Labs insoles visible

    Keep shoes fresher.

    Replacement top covers are treated with PURE, a silver-based antimicrobial, designed to keep shoes and boots fresh. Don’t let your shoes become an environmental hazard.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Sam Le (San Bruno, United States)
Great Products

Thin Dash covers are firm but soft. Supportive but cushioned. Good balance.

Bob Pickering (Sparks, United States)
Perfect Again

I’ve been using Tread Labs insoles in all my footwear for several years. Plantar Fasciitis is gone! This purchase was only replacement top covers. They work perfectly.

MARK (Eagle River, United States)
Dash Thin Covers

These are great for my "variety" of in active status running shoes. I usually run 2-3 pairs at the same time plus "Ice Bugs" in the winter as well as trail runners in the summer. These thin covers are best in a couple of the pairs and the regular covers work well in the others. I feared I would sacrifice some comfort by using the thin covers and I did but not to the degree I feared. A great additional option when the shoe has a different "foot space" or I need a thicker sock.

Dan C. (Toronto, Canada)
Great Product and Warranty

My son has been using Tread Labs Dash Insoles for several years. Being a competitive basketball player - and very large - he managed to crack his carbon fiber Dash Insoles. I'm not sure if he hit the million step mark, but a quick call to Tread Labs customer service was all it took to have a replacement pair sent to us free of charge. Thank you!

Connie (Harrisburg, United States)

I have flat feet and arthritis in my feet I order the Dash with medium arch and the Thin Top Cover. They work well for me.