Tread Labs Salinas Leather  in Havana Leather beside Vionic Reese Slingback in Silver

Tread Labs Salinas Leather vs Vionic Reese Slingback

by Mark Paigen 6 minute read

Choosing the right sandals for both style and support can be tricky. This blog compares the Tread Labs Salinas Leather and the Vionic Reese Slingback Sandal, examining design, comfort, durability, and value to help you find the perfect pair.

The Basics: TL;DR ---

  • Design. Salinas Leather uses premium waterproof nubuck, while Reese Slingback offers leather or synthetic uppers.
  • Comfort. Salinas Leather has superior arch support; Reese Slingback has adjustable Velcro straps and cushioned support.
  • Durability. Salinas Leather is highly durable with resoleable rubber soles; Reese Slingback's EVA midsole and Velcro may wear faster.
  • Maintenance. Salinas Leather is easier to maintain and more water-friendly.
  • Value. Salinas Leather costs $140 but offers long-term value; Reese Slingback costs $110 and is more affordable upfront.

Need To Know ---

Both sandals provide excellent support and comfort, but the Salinas Leather excels in durability, eco-friendliness, and resoleable design, making it a superior long-term investment. The Reese Slingback offers affordability and a classic style but may require more frequent replacements due to less durable materials. For those prioritizing quality and versatility, the Salinas Leather is the better choice.


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Table of Contents

  1. Key Differences
  2. Should I Buy Vionic Reese Slingback or Tread Labs Salinas?
    1. Versatility
    2. Fit
    3. Durability
    4. Maintenance
    5. Value
    6. Style
    7. The Bottom Line

What are the differences between Vionic Reese Slingback and Tread Labs Salinas Leather sandals?

Vionic Reese Slingback Pair in Oatmeal vs Tread Labs Salinas Leather pair in Havana Brown

This chart shows Vionic Reese Slingback (left) head-to-head with Tread Labs Women's Salinas Leather (right). It’s based on information taken from each company’s website and our own direct observation.

  Vionic Reese Slingback
Tread Labs Salinas Leather
Company History

Vionic was founded by podiatrist Phillip Vasyli in 1979 with the goal of creating comfortable, supportive footwear. The company developed a unique orthotic technology that is now embedded in all Vionic shoes, providing enhanced support and stability. Vionic has grown into a trusted brand, known for combining style with health benefits, offering a range of footwear that caters to various lifestyles while ensuring foot health.

Mark Paigen, the founder of Chaco, started Tread Labs in 2015. This venture stemmed from his rich experience with Chaco and dedication to improving footwear biomechanics. With Tread Labs, Paigen aims to craft sandals renowned for their exceptional comfort, utilizing his three decades of industry expertise.

Product Description (from website) "Featuring our classic footbed, Reese's adjustability offers a tailored fit for maximum comfort. Designed with exclusive alignment technology to balance the whole you."

"Turn heads, not your ankles. While everyone else is slipping and sliding in the mud at the festival, you’re sitting pretty in sandals that support your feet as you walk and dance the day (and night) away. Bold yet versatile, pair the premium waterproof nubuck leather with shorts, skirts, and dresses to mix and match your summer looks."

Best Use Casual, Around Town Everyday Wear
Style/Adjustment Dual strap design with 2 adjustable Velcro straps (with faux buckles). Dual strap design with 2 adjustable aluminum buckles.

Arch Support

1 = Flat

5 = High Arch Support


Molded footbed with deep heel cup and cushioned arch support.


Contoured firm arch support with a moderate heel cup.

Footbed Surface Microfiber Microfiber suede
Midsole Molded EVA Ultra-Lightweight Polyurethane

Rubber with patterned tread.  No claims about resoleable outsoles.

Durable Rubber, 13% recycled content. All Tread Labs sandals are resoleable.
Upper Leather or synthetic with leather lining.

Premium waterproof nubuck leather.

Closure 2 hook and loop (Velcro) straps (with faux buckles). 2 aluminum buckles


EVA is not as durable polyurethane. It will wear out faster and compress over time compromising support.


Polyurethane and rubber are durable and long lasting.

17 oz/pr 

15.4 oz/pr

Break-in Time "Within one to two weeks you should find the product completely comfortable and supportive" Nearly none
Water-friendliness Leather straps will require additional post-purchase treatments to be water-friendly. Waterproof leather straps easily handles rain and spills.

US Gender Specific Sizing

Whole and 1/2 Sizes

Women's 5-13 (Whole)
Plus 6.5, 7.5, 8.5, 9.5

US Gender Specific Sizing

Whole Sizes

Women's 6-11
Fit Guarantee

Vionic offers free returns and exchanges (30-day) by drop-off at 2,600 locations or $7 return shipping.

Tread Labs provides a 30-day return policy on new sandals with free return shipping.

Price $110



Free shipping on orders over $100

USPS First Class Shipping (2-3 Days) = Free


Vionic Reese Slingback

Tread Labs Salinas Leather


Should I buy Vionic Reese Slingback sandals or Tread Labs Salinas Leather sandals?

Vionic Reese Slingback sandals (top view) vs Tread Labs Salinas Leather sandals (top view)


Choosing sandals that provide both style and support can be challenging. This comparison explores two top contenders: the Tread Labs Salinas Leather and the Vionic Reese Slingback Sandal. Both brands are recognized for their high-quality footwear and commitment to arch support. In this article, we'll examine their design, comfort, durability, and maintenance to help you decide which sandal best suits your needs. Whether you prioritize premium leather craftsmanship or innovative footbed technology, this guide will help you make an informed choice.



The Tread Labs Salinas Leather and Vionic Reese Slingback Sandal both offer a supportive two-strap design. The Salinas Leather boasts a water-friendly design suitable for both casual outings and outdoor adventures. Its eco-friendly materials ensure durability and easy maintenance.

The Reese Slingback sandals, on the other hand,  features adjustable (non-waterproof) leather or synthetic uppers with a stylish look, making them better suited for casual use or more formal settings. While both sandals can adapt to different environments, the design of the Salinas Leather sandals makes them the better choice for uneven terrain.


The Tread Labs Salinas Leather sandals offer a customized fit with two adjustable straps and superior arch support, catering to various foot shapes and sizes. Their contoured footbed ensures stability and comfort throughout the day.  A microfiber suede topcover keeps your feet feeling fresh.

The Vionic Reese Slingback also features adjustable straps, providing a tailored fit and enhanced support with its VIO MOTION Technology. It's worth noting that the buckles on the Reese Slingback sandals are nonfunctional, and that the straps are secured with Velcro. The deep heel cup and contoured arch support of the Reese Slingbacks add to their comfort. Both sandals excel in providing a secure, personalized fit, making them suitable for extended wear.


Buckle Details: Fake buckles with Velcro attachment (Vionic) vs. unbreakable aluminum buckles (Tread Labs)

Close up of Vionic Reese Slingback Velcro straps vs. Tread Labs Salinas Leather aluminum buckles



The Tread Labs Salinas Leather sandal is built for longevity with high-quality polyurethane footbeds, durable nubuck leather uppers, and resilient rubber soles. Unlike EVA, polyurethane maintains its shape and cushioning over time. All Tread Labs sandals are resoleable, extending their lifespan.

The Vionic Reese Slingback, while comfortable, uses EVA midsoles that will compress over time, compromising support. Frequent adjustments and debris exposure will also shorten the Velcro straps' lifespan. The heel straps on the Vionic Slingback sandals feature a short stretch of elastic that may stretch out over time.  This is a potential weak point in the design. Vionic does not offer resoleability claims, making the Salinas Leather a more durable choice.


The Tread Labs Salinas Leather sandals are designed for easy maintenance with their waterproof nubuck leather straps and rubber soles. They can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth, and mild soap can be used when necessary.

In contrast, the Vionic Reese Slingback requires more careful maintenance. The leather straps on the Reese Slingback will need additional waterproofing to withstand water exposure. The Velcro straps need regular cleaning to ensure they function properly, and frequent exposure to debris will reduce their lifespan. Overall, the Salinas Leather offers simpler and more durable maintenance options.


The Tread Labs Salinas Leather sandals offer exceptional value with their durability, comfort, and resoleable design. The high-quality materials, including polyurethane footbeds, nubuck leather uppers, and rubber soles, ensure long-lasting support. Priced at $140, the Salinas Leather is a long-term investment.

The Vionic Reese Slingback, priced at $110, features advanced footbed technology but may need more frequent replacements due to less durable EVA midsoles and Velcro straps. Both brands offer free shipping through their websites. Ultimately, the Salinas Leather provides superior value with its robust construction and lower maintenance costs.


Side View: Vionic's EVA footbed lacks critical ground contact directly below the arch while Tread Labs' durable polyurethane footbed provides long-lasting, robust arch support.

Vionic Reese Slingback in Black Leather vs Tread Labs Salinas Leather in Black (side view)


The Salinas sandals combine functional orthopedic design with sleek nubuck leather and aluminum buckles for a bold, modern look.  These sandals have a versatile style that makes them suitable for everything from casual outings, to outdoor adventures, to an evening on the town.

The Vionic sandals offer a more classic style with an elegant slingback design. The adjustable straps provide a tailored fit and the sophisticated appearance. Both sandals are stylish. The choice ultimately depends on personal preference and which design best suits your individual taste and lifestyle.

Vionic Reese Slingback sole vs Tread Labs Salinas Leather Sole

The Bottom Line

Both the Tread Labs Salinas Leather and Vionic Reese Slingback Sandal are excellent choices, offering lightweight comfort, arch support, and adjustable straps. The Reese Slingback sandals shine with their classic style and affordability, featuring rubber soles for added durability. However, the Salinas Leather sandals stand out for their superior quality, eco-friendly materials, resoleable design, and robust arch support. The Salinas Leather are a long-term investment in comfort and foot support. For those prioritizing durability and ultimate versatility, the Salinas Leather is the championed choice.

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