Tread Labs Salinas vs ECCO Yucatan 2.0

Tread Labs Salinas vs ECCO Yucatan 2.0

by Mark Paigen 6 minute read

Finding the right balance between support and style in sandals can be tough. In this comparison, we focus on two great options for supportive sandals: the Tread Labs Salinas and the ECCO Yucatan 2.0. Both sandals come from reputable brands known for their quality. We'll take a closer look at what sets each apart in terms of design, comfort, and overall functionality to help you choose the best fit for your lifestyle.

The Basics: TL;DR ---

  • Company Background: Tread Labs, with its biomechanical focus, contrasts with ECCO's Danish design heritage and innovation in leather craftsmanship.
  • Key Features: Both feature durable rubber soles; Salinas uses water-friendly, recyclable polyester straps and a polyurethane midsole for durability, while Yucatan 2.0 uses nubuck leather straps and an EVA midsole.
  • Style and Fit: Salinas offers a refined, versatile design with adjustable aluminum buckles, while Yucatan 2.0 provides a modern look with thick soles and leather Velcro straps.
  • Value and Maintenance: Salinas' machine-washability and eco-friendly materials offer long-term value and easy care. Yucatan 2.0 requires more traditional maintenance but offers premium leather quality.
  • Overall Choice: The choice between Salinas and Yucatan 2.0 hinges on preferences for durable versatility versus more traditional leather styling.
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Table of Contents

  1. Key Differences
  2. Should I buy ECCO Yucatan 2.0 or Tread Labs Salinas?
    1. Versatility
    2. Fit
    3. Durability
    4. Maintenance
    5. Value
    6. Style
    7. The Bottom Line

What are the differences between ECCO Yucatan 2.0 and Tread Labs Salinas sandals?

Tread Labs Salinas vs ECCO Yucatan 2.0

This chart shows Ecco Women's Yucatan 2.0 (left) head-to-head with Tread Labs Women's Salinas (right). It’s based on information taken from each company’s website and our own direct observation.

  Ecco Yucatan 2.0
Tread Labs Salinas
Company History

ECCO, a prominent Danish shoe manufacturer, has a history dating back to 1963. Founded by Karl Toosbuy, ECCO is known for its commitment to craftsmanship and innovation in footwear. The brand is distinguished by its unique approach to shoemaking, combining traditional techniques with modern technology.

Mark Paigen, the original Chaco founder, launched Tread Labs in 2015. This new venture was a culmination of his extensive experience with Chaco and his commitment to advancing biomechanical principles in footwear. With Tread Labs, Paigen's aim was to create sandals that stood out for their exceptional comfort, leveraging his three decades of industry experience.

Product Description (from website) "Features a clean-lined design that is crafted with subtle overlays and less stitching for an updated look and feel. The lower strap is wholly adjustable and can be fully opened. The overall functionality of the sandal remains a lightweight outdoor favorite, but it can easily be styled for warm-weather excursions of a more casual persuasion." "Will they look cute for brunch? Yes. Will they hold up on the trail? Yes. Can they get wet on the boat? Yes. Satisfy your craving for adventure without compromising on style with these go-anywhere, do-anything sandals. Say “yes” to life."
Best Use Casual, Light Trail Casual, Recovery, Light Trail
Style/Adjustment Dual strap design. 3 adjustable Velcro straps (including heel strap). Dual strap design with 2 adjustable aluminum buckles.

Arch Support

1 = Flat

5 = High Arch Support


Molded footbed with arch support, moderate heel cup


Contoured firm arch support with a moderate heel cup.

Footbed Surface Microfiber Microfiber suede
Midsole Molded EVA Ultra-Lightweight Polyurethane

Rubber.  ECCO makes no statements about sandals being resoleable.

Durable Rubber, 13% recycled content. All Tread Labs sandals are resoleable.
Upper Nubuck leather with DriTan™

3D knit (made from 100% recycled polyester)

Closure 3 Velcro fold-over straps 2 aluminum buckles


EVA is not as durable polyurethane. It will compress over time and wear out faster.


Polyurethane and rubber are durable and long lasting.

20 oz/pr 

15.4 oz/pr

Break-in Time Nearly none Nearly none
Water-friendliness Leather straps are water-resistant but will not handle repeated submersion well. Sandals are not machine-washable. Salinas sandals are 100% water friendly and can be machine-washed.

US Gender Specific Sizing

Whole Sizes

Women 4-12

US Gender Specific Sizing

Whole Sizes

Women 6-11
Fit Guarantee

ECCO offers a 30-day return policy for new sandals but subtracts shipping charges.

Tread Labs provides a 30-day return policy on new sandals with free return shipping.

Price $140



Standard shipping = $10. Free shipping on orders over $150

USPS First Class Shipping (2-3 Days) = Free


ECCO Yucatan 2.0

Tread Labs Salinas


Should I buy ECCO Yucatan 2.0 sandals or Tread Labs Salinas sandals?

Tread Labs Salinas vs. ECCO Yucatan 2.0 

Selecting between the ECCO Yucatan 2.0 and Tread Labs Salinas sandals ultimately hinges on your specific needs and preferences. Yucatan 2.0 sandals offer adjustable comfort for light trails with a softer EVA midsole. The Salinas sandals stand out for their lightweight, supportive midsoles made from durable polyurethane. Let's dive in and explore some key comparisons:



The ECCO Yucatan 2.0 and Tread Labs Salinas both blend style with practicality. The Yucatan 2.0's design caters to light outdoor activities but the nubuck leather straps make them less water-friendly. This limits versatility.  The Tread Labs Salinas feature water-friendly, recycled polyester straps and robust polyurethane midsoles, making them suitable for both leisure activities and longer adventures in and out of water.


The ECCO Yucatan 2.0 sandals, featuring adjustable Velcro straps and moderate arch support, are suitable for casual wear and light outdoor activities. Tread Labs Salinas sandals are stable, supportive sandals geared towards both casual and active use.  While the Yucatan 2.0 sandals include an adjustable heel strap, the Salinas knit sandals use slide-through aluminum buckles and soft polyester straps to ensure a precise, comfortable fit.  The Salinas feel more form-fitting than the Yucatan 2.0.

The contoured footbed on the Salinas provides more arch support than the footbed of the Yucatan. The Salinas' polyurethane midsoles ensure long-lasting support. The Yucatan 2.0 provides a softer, cushioned feel but the EVA midsoles will compress over time and not provide the same level of support. This makes Salinas sandals the ideal choice for those who prioritize robust support in their footwear.


Soft molded EVA midsole vs. durable ultra-light polyurethane midsole

Tread Labs Salinas vs ECCO Yucatan 2.0



The ECCO Yucatan 2.0 and Tread Labs Salinas both utilize quality materials, with the Yucatan featuring a rubber outsole and nubuck leather uppers. Salinas sandals also use rubber outsoles but they edge ahead in durability with their polyurethane midsoles and recyclable polyester straps, offering longer-lasting support and environmental benefits. While both are designed for longevity, Salinas' resoleable design and use of robust polyurethane distinguish them as the more durable choice.


Maintaining ECCO Yucatan 2.0 sandals involves wiping them with a damp cloth and using an optional leather cleaner for the nubuck straps. They should then be air dried. The Tread Labs Salinas, with their water-friendly polyester straps, simplify maintenance. Simply throw them in with your next load of laundry. This difference highlights Salinas' practicality.  Machine-washability makes maintaining Salinas sandals easy, especially for people with active lifestyles.


While both sandals provide good value with rubber outsoles, contoured footbeds, and adjustable straps, the Tread Labs Salinas sandals offer superior value. To assess value it's important to consider versatility, durability, and price. The durable polyurethane midsoles of the Salinas sandals will outlast ECCO Yucatan 2.0's EVA midsoles, giving them greater longevity and making them more environmentally sustainable.

Salinas' lighter weight, machine-washability, and use of recycled materials present a better value proposition, aligning quality materials with versatility.  The Salinas are also $10 less than the Yucatan 2.0 sandals, making them a prudent choice for the discerning buyer.



The ECCO Yucatan 2.0 and Tread Labs Salinas sandals each offer a two strap design, but with their own distinct style. The Yucatan 2.0 pairs outdoor functionality with a thick sole design, while the Salinas showcases a refined, eco-conscious aesthetic with recycled materials. Both present a unique look that caters to different preferences, blending form with function.

The ECCO Yucatan 2.0 sandals offer a quality feel with nubuck leather but use fold-over Velcro straps making them less sleek than the Salinas. The Salinas, in contrast, have a more streamlined profile that makes them suitable for both stylish functions and daily practicality. If leather is a deal-breaker, Salinas is also available in leather.

Ultimately, choosing between the ECCO Yucatan 2.0 and Tread Labs Salinas sandals comes down to individual style preferences and desired aesthetics. Each offers a distinct look that appeals to different tastes.

Tread Labs Salinas vs. ECCO Yucatan 2.0

The Bottom Line

Choosing between the ECCO Yucatan 2.0 and Tread Labs Salinas sandals boils down to prioritizing versatility, durability, and style. While the Yucatan 2.0 offers a classic outdoor aesthetic with nubuck leather, the Salinas' sleek design and water-friendly features stand out for those seeking a blend of function and fashion. Tread Labs' use of durable materials and eco-conscious design presents a strong case for long-term use and sustainability, making Salinas an attractive option for the environmentally aware and style-conscious woman looking for the most comfortable sandals available. 

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