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Travel Sandals: The Ultimate Guide

by Mark Paigen 7 minute read

Choosing the right sandals for travel is crucial. The best travel sandals combine comfort, durability, and style. They're versatile enough for multiple activities, from city exploration to beach lounging. In this guide, we'll explore the best walking sandals for travel. We aim to help you find comfortable sandals for travel that meet all your needs.

The Basics: TL;DR ---

  • Versatile Use. Sandals for travel are ideal due to their light weight, convenience, and versatile style. They're perfect for various activities from city exploration to beach relaxation.
  • Key Features for Comfort. Ideal travel sandals offer features like arch support, quality materials, adjustable straps, and stylish designs. These elements ensure all-day comfort and fit for a variety of activities.
  • Top Picks for Different Travels. Men's Redway and Women's Albion for adventurers. Women's Salinas Leather and Men's Orleans Leather as stylish options for city explorers. Women's Orleans and Men's Covelo as water-resistant choices for beach lovers.
  • Key Takeaway. When choosing the travel sandals that will serve you best, prioritize comfort, durability, and style. The right pair will enhance your travel experience significantly.


Need To Know ---

Looking for ideal travel sandals? Focus on versatility, comfort, and style. They should be lightweight and easy to pack, suitable for various activities. Look for features like good arch support, quality materials, adjustable straps, and versatile designs for all-day comfort. The best travel sandals combine comfort, durability, and style, enhancing your travel experience.



Table of Contents ---

  1. Why Choose Sandals for Travel?
  2. Finding the Perfect Travel Sandals
  3. Top Picks for Travel Sandals
  4. Travel Sandals: FAQs
  5. Final Thoughts: Choosing Ideal Travel Sandals


Why Choose Sandals for Travel?

Sandals are a popular choice among travelers. They offer a unique combination of benefits that make exploring new destinations more enjoyable. Here's three reasons sandals are an excellent option for your travel adventures:

  • Lightweight. Travel sandals are light on your feet, reducing fatigue during long walks or exploration. Sandals can help make a long day on your feet more enjoyable.

  • Convenient. Sandals are easy to slip on and off, making them perfect for beach visits or airport security. They are also easy to pack, taking up minimal space in your luggage.

  • Versatile. The best travel sandals adapt to various settings, from city tours to casual dinners. They blend style with functionality making them suitable for any travel itinerary.

Finding the Perfect Travel Sandals

When searching for the best travel sandals, consider comfort, style, and durability. The best travel sandals for walking should support long days of adventuring and adapt to different environments. Here are key features to look for:

  • Arch Support. Proper support is crucial for comfort and foot health, especially when walking extensively. Look for sandals with firm support that matches your foot's natural arch.

  • Quality Materials. Durable materials like leather or high-grade polyester ensure your sandals withstand the rigors of travel. Look for high quality rubber soles.  They should be able to handle varied terrain, from cobblestone streets to sandy beaches.

  • Adjustable. Adjustable straps offer a custom fit, accommodating feet of all shapes and sizes. This ensures your sandals stay secure, no matter the activity.  For sandals that are not adjustable, ensure a proper fit and try them at home before you travel.

  • Style. Versatile designs that transition from day to night activities, matching different outfits effortlessly. The right travel sandals seamlessly adapt to various settings, from casual beach walks to elegant dinners, reducing the need to pack multiple pairs of shoes. This adaptability makes them an essential item for any travel wardrobe, helping you stay fashionable without sacrificing comfort.


Just returned from traveling...

“Just returned from traveling in Portugal, Spain, Gibraltar, and Morocco wearing my Tread Labs sandals each day. No matter what the surface or weather conditions they were comfortable and secure on my feet. I’d packed athletic shoes and never needed them.”
— Elizabeth P., Verified Buyer (Women’s Albion Sandal Review)

Women's feet in Tread Labs Women's Albion Sandals in Ruby Color

Top Picks for Travel Sandals

Finding the right sandals for your travels is essential. Whether you're trekking through the jungle, exploring European cities, or lounging by the beach, there's a perfect pair for every type of traveler. Here are our top picks categorized by travel style:

For Adventure Seekers

Choose durable sandals that provide excellent traction and support. Ideal for hiking or walking on uneven terrain in every type of weather.  We recommend:
Soft straps knit from 100% recycled polyester firmly hold your foot in place.  Sculpted footbeds provide firm, long-lasting support on the jungle trail or dusty road.  Durable rubber soles guarantee you make it to your final destination.

Tread Labs Men's Redway Sandal

Men's Redway Sandals
Adjustable straps combined with oversized buckles make these some of the most comfortable sandals for travel.  An open-toe gives you the option to wear socks with your sandals if the temperature drops unexpectedly.  Anatomically sculpted footbeds provide excellent arch support and rubber soles offer unbeatable traction.

For City Explorers

Look for stylish sandals that complement urban wear. They should offer comfort for all-day wear while blending seamlessly with city fashion. We recommend:


Tread Labs Women's Salinas Leather Sandal
Women's Salinas Leather Sandals
Salinas Leather sandals have an open-toe design and adjustable straps serviced by two oversized buckles. They balance optimal arch support with stylish leather straps to provide all-day comfort.  We think these are the best sandals for traveling Europe.


Tread Labs Men's Orleans Sandal
Men's Orleans Leather Sandals
The Orleans Leather sandals combine the casual style of a flip-flop with full-grain leather for a more refined look. Their sculpted footbeds offer way more support than your average thongs and their strap design keeps them secure on your feet during city excursions.

For Beach Lovers

Opt for water-resistant sandals with an easy slip-on design. Perfect for quick transitions from the beach to casual dining. We recommend:


Tread Labs Women's Orleans Sandal
Women's Orleans Sandals
Orleans sandals are the ultimate slip-on beach sandal.  The 3D knit recycled polyester straps easy handle sand and saltwater. Supportive footbeds and rubber soles ensure stability on sandy sidewalks. Choose a bright color to add flair to you outfit or opt for a neutral color for ultimate versatility.


Tread Labs Men's Covelo Sandal
Men's Covelo Sandals

Like the Orleans, Covelo sandals feature water-friendly polyester straps, great arch support, and durable soles.  The Covelo's strap design keeps them on your feet while exploring tide pools or climbing coastal trails.  After a day of adventuring your sandals can be easily rinsed in the shower or throws into the laundry at your Airbnb.

For Long-Distance Walkers

Select sandals with enhanced arch support and adjustable straps. These are designed for prolonged walking, ensuring your feet stay comfortable no matter the distance.
Tread Labs Women's Salinas Sandal
Women's Salinas Sandals
Soft-knit 3D-woven straps eliminate chaffing and lightweight PU (polyurethane) footbeds provide the ideal balance between cushioning and support. Oversized buckles make these sandals easily adjustable.  A layer of microfiber suede underneath your feet provides a smooth feel.  These are some of the best women's walking sandals for travel.
Tread Labs Men's Albion Sandal
Men's Albion Sandals

This sandal features a contoured footbed with firm arch support and deep heel cups for optimal comfort and foot alignment. Enhanced with a secure heel strap and adjustable straps made from 100% recycled polyester knit, the Albion promises a custom, snug fit. Lightweight yet durable, with a premium rubber outsole and a moisture-wicking micro-suede top cover. These sandals are ideal for all-day wear, making them some of the best sandals for European travel.

These are my go to sandals...

"These sandals are my go to for comfort, arch support and when a dressier look is needed – like in Hawai'i – I feel completely prepared. The light weight sole is a gift for traveling and the support with the banding and arch has eliminated fatigue from other sandals. Bravo."
— Bill H., Verified Buyer (Men’s Albion Sandal Review)

Travel Sandals: FAQs

Are walking sandals safe for traveling?

Yes, walking sandals are safe for traveling. They provide good support and traction, making them suitable for various terrains. Ensure they fit well and offer adequate arch support for the safest experience.

What sandals are comfortable to walk in all day?

Sandals with deep heel cups, arch support, and adjustable straps are comfortable for all-day wear. Look for lightweight, breathable materials to keep your feet cool and comfortable.  We recommend Tread Labs Men's Redway and Women's Salinas models.

Which sandals are best for your feet?

The best sandals for your feet are those that provide sufficient arch support, appropriate cushioning, and a snug fit. Tread Labs sandals have all of these features and are designed for walking, making them a good choice for foot health.

What sandals do podiatrists recommend?

Podiatrists recommend sandals with arch support, contoured footbeds, and a secure fit to prevent foot strain. Tread Labs is a brand that podiatrists often recommend. Tread Labs insoles are APMA certified and their sandals will be submitted for certification in the coming year.

Can you go for a walk in sandals?

Absolutely, you can go for a walk in sandals. Opt for sandals with sturdy soles, ample arch support, and secure straps to ensure comfort and reduce foot fatigue during longer walks. We recommend Tread Labs sandals for all-day walking comfort.

My Albion sandals are the best!
"I love my new Albion Ruby Sandals! These are my best and most comfy sandals ever!! I used them during my Costa Rica vacation! I could walk miles in them comfortably and also waded through wet streams! They were just the right sandals for this trip. I’m going to buy my second pair too!"
—Madhavi M., Verified Buyer (Women's Albion Sandal Review)

Women's feet in Tread Labs Albion Sandals Ruby Color


Final Thoughts: Choosing Ideal Travel Sandals

In summary, when selecting the best travel sandals for Europe or any destination, focus on comfort, durability, and style. Opt for sandals that provide all-day comfort for walking, durability for various terrains, and a stylish design that fits seamlessly into your travel wardrobe. Remember, the right sandals can make a significant difference in your travel experience.



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