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Pace Thin Top Covers

Pace Thin Top Covers

For footwear with thin, full length removable inserts

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Pace Thin Top Covers are the replacement comfort layer for Pace Thin insoles. Easily make your insoles like new again or swap top cover styles to fit all your shoes. These 3mm thick, full length comfort layers attach with low-profile hook and loop and are made with a higher foam density for a firm feel.


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  • Ramble insoles showing the Tread Labs two part insole system

    Easy as tying your shoes.

    Swapping top covers is simple - just hold the arch support in one hand, grab the front of the top cover with the other hand, and peel back. Affix your new top covers to the arch support and you're ready to go.

  • Tread Labs Dash cushioned top covers

    Built for comfort.

    Open cell foam breathes to keep your feet cool, dry and comfortable. The top surface is designed for low friction, to prevent blisters and calluses.

  • Red athletic sneakers with Tread Labs insoles visible

    Keep shoes fresher.

    Replacement top covers are treated with PURE, a silver-based antimicrobial, designed to keep shoes and boots fresh. Don’t let your shoes become an environmental hazard.

2-Part Insole System

Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
R King (Wake Forest, United States)
Game Changer

The Pace Thin Top Covers are a game changer for me. With an extremely high arch and chronic plantar fasciitis, the arch support gives me the needed support and the thin cover prevents too much pressure on the top of my running shoes because the cover is not too thick. I NEVER go without them in my shoes. I've got 2 pair...keep one at work (I'm a PE teacher/xc coach) and another at home where I run most mornings. Shipping is quick and I have never had an issue with the product...they arrive as promised neatly packaged.

Christopher Taylor (New York, United States)
Pace Thin Top Covers

I was able to order replacement Pace Thin Top Covers for my son's Pace inserts instead of buying new inserts. This makes replacing dirty and worn out covers very easy and minimizes the expense since the inserts themselves are still good.

Nathan Smotherman (Dallas, United States)
Fit is great

Fit is great but they kind of slip in the shoes when running. I think with more wear they’ll stick better

Dan R (Charlotte, United States)
Easy renewal or adaptation to other shoes

Purchased these to replace worn top covers on my Pace arch supports in a pair of sneakers. Purchased a second pair to replace the regular thickness top covers on arch supports from a pair of loose-fit boots so that I could use them in some sneakers, where the regular thickness covers would not work.

David Hedlund (Umeå, Sweden)
Best insoles ever

I used the predecessor model earlier, this model is a bit softer and more comfortable to wear.