Tread Labs Insole Videos

How Tread Labs Unique 2-Part Insole System Works

All Tread Labs insoles are made with a unique two-part system. Covered by our Million Mile Guarantee, the molded arch supports are guaranteed for life. The interchangeable top covers can be easily replaced, as often as you need.

All of our Replacement Top Covers are designed to fit any of our insoles, including Ramble, Pace and Dash, as well as the discontinued Stride insoles.

How to Replace Your Tread Labs Top Covers

Tread Labs top covers are easily replaceable and interchangeable. Simply hold the molded arch support in one hand and peel back the top cover, starting at the front, with the other hand.

To put a new top cover on, line up the heel cup of the top cover with the heel cup of the arch support and apply pressure to the hook and loop to secure the two pieces. Top covers are easily adjustable.

How to Attach a Tread Labs Metatarsal Pad

Metatarsal Pads are a modular add-on to Tread Labs insoles. They can be easily added, adjusted or removed. Metatarsal Pads are designed to support your metatarsal bones, taking pressure of the balls of your feet.

To add a Metatarsal Pad to any pair of Tread Labs Insoles, peel off the top cover from the molded arch support, place the flat side of the Metatarsal Pad on the hook and loop at the front of the arch support, and replace the top cover. Apply pressure to secure the pieces together. Repeat as necessary to adjust the Metatarsal Pad placement.