How To Determine Your Arch Height

Tread Labs offers a broad range of sizes and arch heights. Getting the right fit is easy. Refer to the guide below or take a “Wet Test”. Tread Labs insoles are available in 4 arch heights. (Except for the smallest sizes)

Tread Labs arch fitting guide

  • Low Arch Height – Ideal for people with flat feet, our lowest arch height is excellent for feet that have full contact with the ground.
  • Medium Arch Height - Our most popular arch height. If you have not worn insoles previously, this is the place to start.
  • High Arch Height – Our second most popular insole, this height is best for people who leave a "C" shape footprint on a wet sidewalk.
  • Extra High Arch Height – Few companies offer this level of support. If you haven't found insoles high enough, these are for you.

If you are unsure about fit, feel free to call us (781) 435-0662, or order 2 pairs with different arch heights. Keep the pair that feels best, we’ll pay the return shipping.


Getting the Most from Your Insoles

Stride Short insoles are designed to provide comfort enhancing support in shoes that traditionally do not offer much support. No longer do you need to wear running shoes 24/7 in order to get the support you need.

Stride Short insoles will not need to be trimmed. Slip them into your shoes and feel the immediate difference they make in your comfort and alignment. If for any reason, you need to exchange or return your insoles, 30-day fit guarantee offers free return shipping.

Wear your new insoles for a couple of hours the first day, increasing slowly over time. If your feet are not used to firm support, it may take a few days to get used to them.This is how your new insoles should feel:

  • Supportive - Initially, a supportive orthotic may feel aggressive. After a few days, it should feel like it has always been there, supporting your every step.
  • Comfortable - Your foot should feel consistent contact through all parts of your arch. There should be no uncomfortable pressure points or hot spots.
  • Functional- Unlike soft, foam insoles, Tread Labs insoles support the bones of your feet, aligning your ankles, knees and hips for a more efficient stride and improved alignment.


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