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What Makes Tread Labs Insoles Different?

by Mark Paigen 3 minute read

With so many insole options to choose from, it can be difficult to know which can deliver the results you need.

Let's break down what makes Tread Labs Insoles stand apart from the rest of the pack, including our innovative 2-part system and Million Mile Guarantee.

The Basics —

  • Tread Labs insoles are made with two parts: a molded arch support and a foam top cover.
  • The foam top covers can be removed and replaced easily, and at an affordable price, maximizing value for you in the long-run.
  • The molded arch supports are backed by our Million Mile Guarantee. If they ever break or lose their shape, we'll replace them at no charge.

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 2-Part System


Tread Labs Insoles showing the two part system

Each pair of Tread Labs insoles features:

  1. A pair of molded arch supports
  2. A pair of foam top covers

The arch supports improve alignment and biomechanics. The top covers provide cushioning and comfort.

The two parts connect with low-profile hook-and-loop; i.e. Velcro. The foam top covers can be separated from the arch supports and easily replaced when they wear out.

Tread Labs Maximizes Long-term Value

Durability, comfort, and price all contribute to the overall value of an insole. Other over-the-counter insoles can be less expensive to purchase initially; however, replaceable top covers from Tread Labs offer a great long-term value.

Say you’re an active user who puts 500 miles on your insoles in 6 months. The chart below shows your insole-related expenses over the course of two years time with another well-known insole maker, Superfeet.

Initial Purchase

6 months 12 months 18 months 24 months
Superfeet GREEN $54.99 $109.98 $164.97 $219.96 $274.95
Tread Labs Pace Insoles $75.00 $92.50 $110.00 $127.50 $145.00


When you wear out the fabric or foam of your Superfeet Green insoles, you will need to put a whole new pair of insoles on your shopping list. With Tread Labs, you can just replace the top cover, at a fraction of the cost.

Our 2-part system is better for the planet and better for your wallet. You save money and reduce waste. Rather than throwing out a whole pair of insoles, you're just tossing the top covers, because the Tread Labs arch supports are guaranteed to last forever. Literally.

Tread Labs Arch Support Comparison

Product shot of Ramble Insoles
Ramble Insoles

Product shot of Ramble Insoles

Pace Insoles

Product shot of Pace Wide Insoles

Pace Wide Insoles

Product shot of Dash Insoles

Dash Insoles

Description Firm insoles that revive tired feet with the comfort they crave. Extra firm, medical-grade support that improves alignment, increases stability, and reduces foot pain. Extra firm, medical-grade support built specifically for wide feet. 100% carbon fiber arch supports for super-strong, ultra-lightweight, nearly rigid support.
Material Polypro Polypro+ Polypro+ 100% Carbon Fiber

Million Mile Guarantee

The arch supports are backed by our Million Mile Guarantee. If they ever break or lose their shape, we'll replace them at no charge. No questions asked.

With normal usage, Tread Labs replaceable top covers will last a year. If you're a thru-hiker or ultramarathoner, expect a shorter lifespan. You can replace your top covers whenever you need by ordering a new pair.

Your satisfaction is our priority. If you're unhappy with any Tread Labs product, we want to make it right. Drop us a line and let us know how we can help.

Tread Labs Million Mile Guarantee. Our arch supports are unconditionally guaranteed forever.
We could go on all day about what makes Tread Labs insoles a great option whether you're looking for comfort, pain relief, or athletic performance. But the best teacher is experience, so give them a try yourself and feel the difference.
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