Pace Wide vs. Superfeet All-Purpose Wide-Fit

Pace Wide vs. Superfeet All-Purpose Wide-Fit

by Mark Paigen 8 minute read

Selecting the best insoles for wide feet can be challenging. This article compares Superfeet All-Purpose Wide-Fit (previously GREEN Wide) and Tread Labs Pace Wide insoles, focusing on features that are crucial for those with wide feet. This comparison will help you discern which wide insoles will better suit your specific needs as it delves into the design, fit, support, durability, and value, of both models.

The Basics ---

  • Superfeet All-Purpose Wide-Fit and Tread Labs Pace Wide are leading insoles for wide feet. Both aim to boost comfort and support, enhancing the overall footwear experience for those with wider foot profiles.
  • Both insoles are designed to reduce excessive foot pronation and improve the efficiency of your movements.
  • Superfeet All-Purpose Wide-Fit insoles feature a fixed top cover while Tread Labs Pace Wide insoles, come with replaceable top covers.
  • Superfeet Wide insoles offer a single arch height (High), while Tread Labs Pace Wide insoles come in four arch heights (Low, Medium, High, Extra High), catering to different arch profiles and providing a semi-customized fit.
  • Both models use molded plastic arch supports covered with firm foam top covers, but the foam on the Pace Wide is noticeably softer.
  • Superfeet has a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee, that requires the customer to pay for return shipping. Tread Labs has a 90-Day Fit Guarantee for refunds or exchanges, and provides free-shipping both ways.  The arch supports on all Tread Labs insoles also have a Million Mile (lifetime) Guarantee.
  • Superfeet All-Purpose Wide-Fit insoles cost $54.99, and Tread Labs Pace Wide insoles cost $75.
  • For long-term use and value, Tread Labs Pace Wide insoles are a top choice. They're perfect for athletes who need strong, light, and long-lasting carbon fiber insoles.
  • Tread Labs Pace Wide insoles stand out for their longevity and value, making them an excellent choice those with wide feet seeking lasting support and comfort.

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What You Need To Know ---

Superfeet All-Purpose Wide-Fit and Tread Labs Pace Wide insoles are both wide width insoles that enhance comfort and support while reducing foot pronation. Superfeet offers a fixed top cover and a single high arch height, whereas Tread Labs features replaceable top covers and multiple arch heights.

Tread Labs insoles stand out for their value, with a more flexible return policy and a lifetime guarantee on arch supports, at a higher price point. Ultimately, Tread Labs Pace Wide insoles are recommended for their longevity and comfort, especially for those seeking durable, high-quality insoles for wide feet.

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What Are The Differences Between Superfeet All-Purpose Wide-Fit Insoles and Tread Labs Pace Wide Insoles? 


Superfeet All-Purpose Wide-Fit Insole side-by-side with Tread Labs Pace Wide insole.

This chart directly compares Superfeet All-Purpose Wide-Fit (Green) insoles with Tread Labs Pace Wide (Blue) insoles, drawing information from both companies' websites and firsthand assessments. It's designed to give a clear, side-by-side comparison of the two insole models.

  Superfeet All-Purpose Support (GREEN) Insoles Tread Labs Pace Insoles
Company History

Superfeet was established in 1977 by Dennis Brown and Chris Smith as the Sports Medicine division of Northwest Podiatric Laboratory. Their founding mission was to create affordable, professional-grade orthotics, infused with extensive medical knowledge, at a much lower cost compared to custom-crafted orthotics.

Tread Labs, founded in 2015 by Chaco sandals creator Mark Paigen, evolved from the same biomechanical principles that earned Chaco a dedicated following. Paigen introduced a unique two-part system and the Million Mile Guarantee with Tread Labs insoles.

Product Description (from websites)

Superfeet All-Purpose Wide-Fit (GREEN) insoles are designed for people with wide feet seeking professional-grade orthotic support at an affordable price. They enhance comfort and performance, making them a great choice for improving the fit and feel of your footwear.

For individuals with wide feet experiencing severe overpronation, or those who are heavy on their feet, Tread Labs Pace Wide insoles are an excellent choice. These are also great wide insoles for plantar fasciitis. These insoles offer extra firm, podiatrist-recommended arch support, and a deep heel cup to minimize impact and alleviate pain. With their 5mm-thick top covers, they fit well in various types of footwear, including running shoes, work boots, and hiking boots, providing comfort and stability.

Arch Support/Shape

The arch support in these insoles is primarily focused towards the rear part of the arch.

The arch support in these insoles extends further forward, ensuring complete support for the entire arch area.
Fit/Sizing Available in 8 sizes, covering a range from kids' size 13.5 up to men's size 17, with unisex sizing. Each size accommodates 1.5+ shoe sizes with the insoles designed to be trimmed for a custom fit in your shoes.  These insoles are designed for shoe width sizes 3E-6E, but could be considered 4E wide insoles.

Available in 11 unisex sizes, accommodating men's shoe sizes 4 to 14.5. Each size spans one full shoe size and usually doesn't require trimming. Additionally, each size offers four arch heights, allowing for a precise fit to your foot's contour.  Pace Wide insoles are slightly wider than Superfeet Wide insoles and will cover a similar range of shoe widths.

Cushioning Closed-cell polyethylene foam makes them firm and easy to slide into shoes. They feature a 3mm thickness in the forefoot area. The open-cell polyurethane foam used in these insoles offers resilient cushioning. While not the easiest to slide into shoes, they have a 5mm thickness at the forefoot, providing a softer feel compared to SuperFeet All-Purpose.
Durability The materials used in the insoles, including durable plastic and closed-cell foam, appear to offer good longevity. Superfeet suggests that their lifespan extends up to 12 months or 500 miles, whichever is reached first. Tread Labs features a two-part system, with the molded arch supports carrying a lifetime guarantee. The system includes replaceable foam top covers, which are affordable and can be swapped out when needed. Tread Labs estimates these top covers last between 6 to 12 months, offering a cost-effective solution for insole maintenance.
Company Fit Guarantee Superfeet offers a 60-Day satisfaction guarantee with a full refund, but customer pays return shipping. Tread Labs provides a 90-Day satisfaction guarantee with a full refund, and they cover the cost of return shipping.
Odor Control

Organic coating that is designed for odor control. This natural coating effectively eliminates bacteria that cause odors.

The PURE™ silver ion treatment on these insoles is durable, maintaining its effectiveness without washing out or degrading over time.




Shipping Costs (when ordered from company website) USPS Shipping (7-14 days) = Free USPS First Class Shipping (2-3 Days) = Free
URL All-Purpose Wide-Fit Insoles Pace Wide Insoles


Image showing 3 Tread Lab Pace Wide Insoles and 3 Superfeet All-Purpose Wide-Fit insoles

Should I Buy Superfeet All-Purpose Wide-Fit Insoles or Tread Labs Pace Wide Insoles?

Both Tread Labs Pace Wide and Superfeet All-Purpose Wide-Fit insoles are high-quality, full-length options that provide firm support, far surpassing standard flat foam inserts. It's important to note that while cushioning is beneficial, true long-term foot comfort comes from proper arch support, which is essential for efficient movement and overall foot health.

Arch support

A key difference between Superfeet and Tread Labs insoles lies in the placement and design of the arch support. Superfeet insoles focus the support more towards the rear of the arch, while Tread Labs extends support along the entire arch length, which some users find more comfortable. If you are looking for plantar fasciitis insoles for wide feet, Pace Wide insoles will provice the firm arch support you need.

Tread Labs Pace Wide Review "Randi R  Verified Buyer  4 months ago Great comfy insoles I decided to try a refurbished pair to save money. I have had plantar fasciitis and was told to wear firm insoles. These fit great in my wide sneakers and add the needed firmness and arch support. I will order more when I need insoles. Review left on: Refurbished Pace Wide Insoles- All Sales Final - Men 8-8.5 || Women 9-9.5 || EU 40-41 / High"

Additionally, Tread Labs offers four arch heights for a semi-custom fit, whereas Superfeet's All-Purpose Wide-Fit is only offered in one arch height that is comparable to Tread Labs' medium arch height. This difference is crucial for those with very high or very low arches, as Superfeet doesn't offer insoles with either low or extra-high arch support in wide widths, unlike Tread Labs.

Fit and Sizing

Superfeet orthotics cover a broad size range, offering an advantage for very small or large feet, but will likely require trimming as each size spans more than 1.5 shoe sizes. Tread Labs, on the other hand, provides more precise sizing in smaller increments, reducing the need for trimming and allowing for a better fit. Additionally, Tread Labs offers four arch heights for insole size, enhancing customization for individual foot shapes.


When comparing the cushioning of Superfeet All-Purpose Wide-Fit and Tread Labs Pace Wide insoles, the Tread Labs' foam is noticeably softer and more resilient than the foam used by Superfeet. Both brands, however, effectively utilize deep heel cups to enhance the natural cushioning beneath the heel, providing added comfort and support in this key area.


The top fabrics of both Superfeet All-Purpose Wide-Fit and Tread Labs Pace Wide insoles are similar, with both using a durable, long-lasting moisture-wicking polyester.  Tread Labs' polyester fabric is 100% recycled.  For foam, Superfeet using a firm, durable closed-cell foam that they claim lasts 12 months or 500 miles. Once worn out, the entire Superfeet insole must be replace.

In contrast, Tread Labs' uses a durable open-cell polyurethane in their top covers.  Tread Lab top covers are detachable and designed to be replaced when they wear out.  This enhancing the insole's longevity. While both insole models use durable molded plastic for their arch supports, Tread Labs' molded arch support comes with a lifetime guarantee. This means that only the replacement top covers will ever need to be purchased a second time, giving the insoles more longevity.

Tread Labs Pace Wide Review "4 months ago Good as new Nice to have the option to replace the top covers instead of the whole insole. Literally returns them to like new condition. Fits perfect (13 EEEE). Review left on: Pace Wide Top Covers - Men 13-13.5 || Women 14-14.5


When evaluating the value of insoles, durability, comfort, and price are key factors. Superfeet All-Purpose Wide-Fit insoles initially cost less, however, Tread Labs' insoles with their replaceable top covers offer significant long-term value. For active users cover an average of 500 miles every 6 months, the following comparison chart mapping out insole-related expenses over two years illustrates the cost-effectiveness of each option, considering wear and replacement frequency.

Initial Purchase

6 months 12 months 18 months 24 months
Superfeet All-Purpose Wide-Fit
$54.99 $109.98 $164.97 $219.96 $274.95
Tread Labs Pace Wide
$75.00 $92.50 $110.00 $127.50 $145.00


When your Superfeet All-Purpose Wide-Fit insoles wear out, you'll need to replace the entire pair. Tread Labs offers a more flexible solution where only the top cover needs replacing. The frequency of replacements, and thus your savings, will vary based on how light or intensive your activities are.

Final Verdict: Pace Wide vs. All-Purpose Wide-Fit

In comparing Tread Labs Pace Wide and Superfeet All-Purpose Wide-Fit insoles, the Pace Wide insoles emerge as the superior choice for several reasons. Their semi-custom fit, provided by multiple arch heights and incremental sizing, caters to a wider range of foot shapes. The full coverage arch support of the Pace Wide provides the perfect balance of support and comfort.

Tread Labs offers better warranty terms, and their value proposition is enhanced by replaceable top covers, allowing for cost-effective replacements. Additionally, their use of recycled materials will appeal to environmentally conscious consumers.

While we believe Tread Labs Pace Wide insoles are the best wide toe box insoles available, we want to recognize Superfeet's significant contributions to the insole industry. Their innovative design, introduced over four decades ago, has played a pivotal role in educating people about insole benefits and arch support. 

Whether you choose Tread Labs Pace Wide, Superfeet All-Purpose Wide-Fit, or other wide insoles with firm arch support, you will be doing your feet a favor and significantly improving the support and comfort of your footwear.


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