Olukai Tauhine Men's Leather Beach Sandals vs. Tread Labs Men's Orleans Leather Sandals

Tread Labs Orleans Leather vs. Olukai Tuahine Leather

by Mark Paigen 6 minute read

When searching for the perfect beach sandals, it's essential to find a balance of functionality and style. This comparison looks at two excellent choices: Tread Labs Men's Orleans Leather sandals and Olukai Tuahine Men's Leather Beach sandals.

Both are high-quality options from well-respected brands. We will delve into their distinctive approaches to design and comfort. Let's examine their features to understand their functionality, style, and overall value, and see how they compare.

The Basics: TL;DR ---

  • Company Background. Tread Labs, founded by Chaco's original creator, focuses on comfort and biomechanics. Olukai is inspired by Hawaiian culture, emphasizing sustainability and craftsmanship.
  • Key Features. Both sandals offer durability and water resistance with rubber soles and leather straps. Tread Labs features polyurethane midsoles for longevity, while Olukai men's sandals use EVA midsoles for comfort.
  • Style and Fit. Tread Labs offers a more orthopedic fit with a focus on support, while Olukai leans towards a relaxed, Hawaiian-inspired style.
  • Value and Maintenance. Tread Labs' durability offers long-term value, while Olukai provides a premium feel. Both require simple maintenance, with Tread Labs recommending regular cleaning and Olukai suggesting leather care products.
  • Overall Choice. The decision comes down to personal preference for style versus long-term durability and support. Olukai offers immediate luxury, while Tread Labs balances style with lasting durability.

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Table of Contents

  1. Key Differences
  2. Should I buy Olukai Tuahine Leather or Tread Labs Orleans Leather?
    1. Versatility
    2. Fit
    3. Durability
    4. Maintenance
    5. Value
    6. Style
    7. The Bottom Line

What are the differences between Olukai Tuahine Leather and Tread Labs Orleans Leather?

Olukai Tauhine Men's Leather Beach Sandals vs. Tread Labs Men's Orleans Leather Sandals

This chart shows Olukai Tuahine Leather Beach sandals (left) head-to-head with Tread Labs Orleans Leather sandals (right). It’s based on information taken from each company’s website and our own direct observation.

  Olukai Tuahine
Tread Labs Orleans Leather
Company History

Olukai, established in 2005, is a footwear brand inspired by ocean life and Hawaiian culture. The brand integrates sustainability, meticulous craftsmanship, and a philosophy of positive living. Embracing the Hawaiian concept of 'Ohana (family), Olukai underscores global interconnectedness. Their commitment extends beyond footwear through the Ama OluKai Foundation, embodying the spirit of aloha by giving without expecting return.

Mark Paigen, the original Chaco founder, launched Tread Labs in 2015. This new venture was a culmination of his extensive experience with Chaco and his commitment to advancing biomechanical principles in footwear. With Tread Labs, Paigen's aim was to create sandals that stood out for their exceptional comfort, leveraging his three decades of industry experience.

Product Description (from website) "Tuahine: famed rain of the Mānoa Valley. The Tuahine is the ideal all-day leather sandal. Crafted with waterproof, full-grain leather and stitching inspired by the winds of Hawaiʻi, this style is a breeze to wear no matter the occasion." "It’s summer and you need comfortable, breathable sandals that can handle a night on the town and off the beaten path. Slide into velvety-smooth waterproof nubuck leather for a top-shelf look and feel without sacrificing on comfort and convenience."
Best Use Casual, Everyday, Beach Casual, Everyday, Beach
Style/Adjustment Thong-style flip flop design. Non-adjustable. Thong-style. Strap design secures the foot better than standard flip-flops. Non-adjustable.

Arch Support

1 = Flat

5 = High Arch Support


Contoured footbeds provide good arch support.


Anatomic footbeds provide incredible arch support.

Footbed Surface Waterproof fullgrain leather Microfiber suede
Midsole Compression molded EVA Ultra-Lightweight Polyurethane
Outsole Non-marking Wet Grip Rubber. Non-resoleable. Durable Rubber, 13% recycled content. All Tread Labs Sandals are resoleable.
Upper Waterproof fullgrain leather with stretch mesh lining and a soft nylon toe post. Waterproof Nubuck leather. Premium oiled leather with a comfortable webbing toe post.
Closure Non-adjustable Non-adjustable


EVA midsoles will compress and wear out faster than polyurethane.


Polyurethane and rubber are durable and long lasting.

16 oz/pr 

14 oz/pr

Break-in Time Leather top-cover can take a week to break-in Nearly none
Water-friendliness Waterproof leather footbed and straps are not designed to be submerged.  Frequent water exposure may degrade the midsole's leather top cover. Sole, midsole, and microfiber suede top cover are all water-friendly.  Waterproof Nubuck leather straps are water-friendly but should not be submerged. 

US Gender Specific Sizing

Whole Sizes

Men 7-15

US Gender Specific Sizing

Whole Sizes

Men 8-13
Fit Guarantee

Olukai allows free exchanges and free returns for store credit for sandals that are in new condition, within 30 days of order date. Returns for refunds are charged a $5.00 re-stocking fee.

Tread Labs offers a free 30-day return policy for sandals in new condition, and covers the cost of return shipping.

Price $100



Standard USPS Shipping $5.95, Free on orders over $125

USPS First Class Shipping (2-3 Days) = Free


Tuahine Men's Leather Beach Sandal

Men's Orleans Leather Sandal


Should I buy Olukai Men's Tuahine Leather Beach sandals or Tread Labs Men's Orleans Leather sandals?

Olukai Tuahine sandals vs Tread Labs Orleans leather sandals

When choosing between Olukai Tuahine and Tread Labs Men's Orleans Leather sandals, consider your preferences. Olukai offers a relaxed, Hawaiian-inspired style suitable for leisure and beach wear. Tread Labs focuses on orthopedic support and comfort for extended wear.



Both the Olukai Tuahine and Tread Labs Men's Orleans Leather sandals feature rubber soles and leather straps that allow them to strike a nice balance between function and style. Olukai’s design is ideal for relaxed beach outings and casual strolls, embodying a laid-back Hawaiian vibe. Tread Labs' sandals, on the other hand, are great for both casual and active outings, offering orthopedic support for extended wear.


While Olukai Tuahine sandals and Tread Labs Orleans Leather sandals are both leather flip flops that feature contoured footbeds for comfort and foot support, the two models differ in their fit. Olukai leather sandals emphasize a relaxed fit, suitable for beachwear and casual use. Their arch support is not as high as the Treads Labs arch support and the straps on the men's Olukai sandals provide a looser fit.

Tread Labs leather sandals, in contrast, provide a more secure, structured fit. These sandals offer amazing arch support in a lightweight sandal design. Their design focuses on orthopedic support, making them ideal for prolonged wear. This snug fit caters to those seeking a blend of comfort and support in various settings, from casual outings to more active endeavors.



Relaxed, leisure design vs. supportive orthopedic fit

Olukai Tuahine Men's Leather Beach Sandal vs Tread Labs Orleans Leather



Both the Olukai Tuahine and Tread Labs Men's Orleans Leather sandals feature durable rubber soles and water-resistant leather straps. Tread Labs sandals are resoleable when the outsole wears out, while Olukai makes no mention of potential resole options.

A key difference lies in the midsole materials. Olukai's EVA midsoles, while comfortable, may wear out faster compared to Tread Labs' polyurethane midsoles. Polyurethane offers greater longevity, ensuring the Tread Labs sandals maintain their shape and support over a longer period. Tread Labs uses ultra-lightweight PU to ensure that the Orleans Leather are still lightweight sandals.


For Olukai's Tuahine Leather sandals, wipe with a damp cloth and apply leather cleaner. Optionally, use a leather conditioner after cleaning. Air-dry in a cool, shaded place.

Tread Labs' Orleans Leather sandals' soles and midsoles can be scrubbed with soap and water. Wipe leather straps with a damp cloth and treat with leather conditioner if desired. Air-dry.


The Olukai Tuahine Men's sandals, with their full-grain leather exterior, exude a luxurious and premium feel. However, they incorporate a less durable EVA material in the midsole, which may affect their longevity.

In contrast, Tread Labs balances the durability of polyurethane midsoles with the use of waterproof nubuck leather in the straps, offering a blend of longevity and quality. While the Olukai Tuahine sandals present an upscale appearance, the value consideration tilts towards Tread Labs Orleans Leather sandals due to their likely longer lifespan.


In terms of style, both the Olukai Tuahine sandals and Tread Labs Orleans Leather sandals bring their unique aesthetic appeal to the table. The Olukai sandals showcase a traditional, full-grain leather look that exudes a sense of premium quality and luxury.

Meanwhile, Tread Labs offers a more modern and minimalistic design with their use of waterproof nubuck leather straps. This design provides a sleek and contemporary look. Ultimately, the choice between these two in terms of style will depend on personal preference and the specific aesthetic one is seeking in their beach sandals.


Olukai Tuahine Men's Leather Beach Sandal vs Tread Labs Orleans Leather

The Bottom Line

If you're looking for quality men's leather flip flops either pair is a solid choice. When choosing between Olukai Men's Tuahine Leather and Tread Labs Orleans Leather sandals, the decision hinges on balancing premium feel, durability, and style. Olukai's full-grain leather offers a luxurious touch but the EVA midsole may compromise longevity.

Tread Labs, with its balanced use of waterproof nubuck leather straps and more durable polyurethane midsoles, presents a compelling value proposition for long-term use. While Olukai excels in immediate luxury appeal, Tread Labs offers a blend of style, functionality, and lasting durability, making it a slightly better choice for those prioritizing long-term value and versatility.

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