Wholesale Shoe Insoles, Inserts & Orthotics - Inquire Now

Interested to offer Tread Labs semi-custom orthotics to your customers or patients? We supply wholesale shoe insoles, inserts and orthotics. Inquire today.

Our system is particularly well suited for foot care providers:

Stride Thin 4 Heights

  • Excellent patient/customer satisfaction - Semi-custom sizing provides a personalized fit and pain relieving comfort.
  • Positive biomechanical solutions – Tread Labs’ medical grade support is similar to a custom orthotic, more substantial than an over-the-counter insole.
  • Functional Insoles for all kinds of shoes - Modular system offers multiple insole thicknesses as well as add-on met pads.

For more information about our wholes shoe insoles, inserts and orthotics, email us at: lsand@treadlabs.com or call 781.435.0662. We'd be delighted to hear more about your business needs.

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