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$75.00 saved me

never had foot pain until a couple of years to the point i was having issues walking..tried the tennis ball thing and some other a video about walking with a arch..purchase the high arch supports here and 95% of problem went away..that was around 2 years ago..still wearing them.i would have spent 500.00,600.00,700.00, etc..


Super comfortable and supportive

Great product

Excellent product and excellent customer service

high arch

This is a good insole at a fair price. The ability to switch cushions is great and the support is solid.

Stride Insoles

Great affordable insole

Too narrow

Great inserts however the inserts are too narrow and hurt when I walked. I called and they don't make inserts for wide feet unfortunately. However they would contact me when they do hopefully soon.

Great Product

Great fit and support. Ordered one arch size too high. Customer service was great and went way beyond expectations. Sent a replacement set and received in two days. Easy transaction, excellent product. Thank you!


These are the best inserts I have found to support my extremely high arches.



Soft Top Replacement Cover

Ordered the 26ThirtyThree replacement cover to try it and noticed no difference. It felt the same as the regular Stride Cover. I had no issues with the original. Love it. Just wanted to try the new one and it was cheaper. Love the Stride insoles. Cannot run without them now. I had major foot pain before (classic Planter Fasciitis) but since i purchased my insoles about 2 1/2 years ago now I've had zero problems. Definitely recommend getting these. I have extra high arches and they work great. Only negative is they squeak when you walk around with them. I don't know if that is the case for everyone but it is for me and my wife.

Hi Alex, Thanks for taking the time to review our product. We're so glad to hear that your Tread Labs insoles are keeping your feet happy and have you running pain free again. We've found that placing a dryer sheet beneath the insole will completely eliminate the squeaking sound. Thanks, Tread Labs
no better or worse than any other inserts

Don't spend money on inserts, go to an custom shoe store and get custom orthotics made. They will not cost anymore than you are spending on inserts.

Hi Lori, In many cases the expense of a custom made orthotic will far exceed the cost of an over the counter insole. For some people the fully custom route is the only way to go, but many folks do find that an arch supporting insole can offer many of the same benefits at a much lower cost. If you would like to return your Tread Labs insoles for a refund, please let us know and we can certainly help set that up. Thanks, Tread Labs
Great product, with great service

Title says it all. Thanks Treadlabs!

Not Great—Not Even Good

I was very excited to try these soles. Unfortunately, they did not fit my arch (too far toward the toe), and the heel slid around.

Hi Eric, Sorry to hear the insoles didn't work out for you. If we can help set up a return for refund please reach out to us, we'd be happy to help. Thanks, Tread Labs
They SQUEAK non stop

no matter what I do they will not stop squeaking.

Hi Jeremy, We've found that placing a dryer sheet in between the sole of the shoe and the insole can eliminate the squeak. Let us know if you need any sheets and we'd be happy to send some your way. Thanks, Tread Labs
Stride Thin Insoles are the best!!

Our 11 year old son was hit with Plantar Fasciitis out of the blue. I googled and found Tread Labs website, emailed them in the evening and heard back first thing the next morning. Dan was SO helpful in giving me really great advice. Once we figured out the best fit for our son, he helped me overnight them so I could receive them in time for my son's soccer practice the next day. This was so huge on Dan's part as our son was in so much pain that he could not take part in practice until we received the insoles and at the same time, soccer practice is mandatory and it presents a huge challenge if we don't attend.

Dan SAVED the day, the week, the month for us. And the insoles instantly removed the pressure for our son and he no longer feels any pain.

We highly recommend Tread Labs AND the Stride Thin Insoles!

Thank you so so much, Dan. For everything!

Comfortable but squeaky

Really like the insoles. Just wish they didn’t squeak as if I were walking across an old floor. That said, I’ll probably buy again.

Hi Aaron, We've found that placing a dryer sheet in between the sole of the shoe and the insole can eliminate the squeak. Let us know if you need any sheets and we'd be happy to send some your way. Thanks, Tread Labs
Great quality insole, at a great price!

Using my Tread Labs insoles has been life changing! I get really bad heel pain in my left foot, Wich makes it really difficult to do my job, that requires me to walk all day long! Before purchasing the insoles my feet & legs would be so fatigued by the end of the day, that it was very difficult to get up & work the next day! Now the pain is very minimal to none & am able to push through an entire week without issues! If you have plantar fasciitis, I would absolutely recommend Tread Labs stride insoles!

Hi M. We're so glad to hear that the insoles are working out for you and you're able to work pain free. Happy feet can make the work week go by that much faster! Cheers, Tread Labs

The stride thin fit well in my Rothy’s! I showed my Threads to my podiatrist who told me they were very similar to a custom orthotic he could make me.

Hi Marianna, It's great to hear that you are treating your feet to style and comfort! Thanks for being a Tread Labs customer, -TL

Didn’t help me. Felt ok ,but after wearing them for 5 days my calf’s hurt and my back. I’m used to wearing custom orthotics. I was hoping these would work out. Maybe I needed to wear them longer not sure.

Hi James, An adjustment in arch height may help resolve the discomfort you are experiencing in your calf muscles and back. Please feel free to reach out to us and we'd be happy to assist with an exchange. Thanks, Tread Labs
Great insoles!

Great insoles! A little pricey, but they work!

Finally a fix after 15 years

I’ve seen doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, tried the Good Feet store, OTC inserts, all kinds of different high-end shoes, and searched for solutions on the internet to my plantar fasciitis & other foot pain, but I finally found a reliable & an affordable product made in the USA by a company that stands by its product. Zero foot pain. These inserts worked immediately.

soft pads

The soft pads don’t work for me. I’d like to return the second pair, but I don’t have the box anymore, although I haven’t used them.

Hi Stacie, You can absolutely still return your item for a refund even if the box is missing. The item can be shipped back with any box or padded envelope. Please let us know if we can assist with the return process in any way. Thanks, Tread Labs

I've tried all the store bought brands. Nothing works, or if does not for very long. Time will tell but after a month I've got pain free feet.

Just what my KNEE needed!

I’ve been suffering with knee pain for nearly a year. Whenever standing and shifting weight to one leg, my knee would begin to ache amongst pain while doing other things. I ordered the medium support and almost my first day normal standing improved. I’m really diligent in wearing them, but am concerned what I will do this summer with sandals. While they are working I regret not buying two sizes and then try both to see which feels better. I’m not wanting to buy, try, return, buy and only to realize the first size was the right one. When I get my next pair that will be the route I go.