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Pace Insole Kit
Mackenzid Fleming (Kelowna, Canada)
Great purchase!

I've been searching for a good pair of Insoles! I purchased the Pace Insole Kit, amazing quality and my feet feel great!

Ramble Insoles
Randolph Palma (Melbourne, United States)
World’s greatest customer service !

I wrote kind of a whiny review directly to Tread Labs complaining about how the insoles were not for wide feet and about how most of the cushions I need is in the ball of the foot. I also mentioned my military service as a reference for my experience in walking great distances. They immediately wrote back and told me they would send for free some metatarsal pads and exchange my insoles for wider ones as well as refund me for a military discount that I did not know about. They have my business for LIFE !

Pace Insole Kit
Caleb Mitchell (Rochester, United States)
I love my Pace Insole Kit

I have been looking for inserts that cover the entire foot bed for high arches and thanks to Tread Labs, I finally have them! Cheers!

Pace Thin Top Covers
Desmond (Singapore, Singapore)
Pace Thin Insoles

Third purchase of another set of insoles for the wife and additional top covers for myself. Though my heel pain is long gone, I have continued to wear them daily for work and sports. They are comfortable and I hardly notice them at all, which means they are doing a good job of supporting my feet.

Dash Short Insoles
Jerrod (Groton, United States)
Great Arch Supports!!

There are lots of choices out there when it comes to insoles, but these are some of the best. Definitely worth a try if you are at all active!

Ramble Insoles
Z.L. (Charleston, United States)
Comfort and Running

I got these to wear in my converse for running and general workouts. They have been incredible makes me forget that I’m even in converse whenever I go for a run.

Pace Insole Kit
Dylan (Duson, United States)

I have flat feet that constantly feel tired and ache at the end of the day. I ordered the Pace Insole Kit and it has made a drastic difference. I would highly recommend these insoles to anyone.

Dash Insoles
Larramie Timmins (Yorba Linda, United States)
Dash Insoles Feel Great!!

The Dash Insoles felt a little uncomfortable at first but once my feet got used to them it’s like they weren’t even there! I had an issue with one of the insoles squeaking when I took a step but I adjusted the bottom part of the insole and fixed the problem. Great insole!

Dash Short Top Covers
Josh (Carnelian Bay, United States)

Love em!

Ramble Insoles
Tyler W (Springdale, United States)
Great Insoles!

These are the first pair of insoles I have tried that are 100% comfortable. I have over pronation with a low arch and can wear these all day long without pain in my knees and feet. The ramble insoles paired with my Brooks have been a great investment!

Metatarsal Support Pads
Mary S (Towson, United States)
Adjustable to fit your foot!

I love the design of these insoles including how the metatarsal support pads come in different sizes and the placement can be adjusted for your individual foot. This has been a game changer for me! I have a neuroma and this design has made my life easier and feet happier. I ended up using one size larger than recommended for my shoe size to get the correct area coverage and amount of support needed for my foot. Make sure it is placed just behind your metatarsal heads including the additional bump the top cover makes going over it. It's not always easy to get it right on the first try but make small adjustments until you get it and experiment with different sizes if needed. The other nice thing about the design is that once you find that sweet spot, it stays in place.

Ramble Insoles
Austin Prather (Denver, United States)

I’m a mechanic, which means I walk and stand on concrete all day long. After about 4 hours in my Redbacks my feet are usually ROCKIN’ and I can’t wait to take a break and rest my feet. My heels start throbbing and my feet would feel GROSSLY swollen… This has been an ongoing issue for years and years. I finally decided to find some new insoles and had remembered a foot scan I did at a Red Wing boot store… they said I had a super high arch and they didn’t have ANY there that would come close to supporting my arches. I’ve tried other insoles for “high arches” but found NO RELIEF. So, I searched and searched for arch supports I could afford that were made for high arches and finally found these inserts. I purchased the tallest supports that they had to offer… skeptically. They arrived within a few days and by that time I was extremely excited to give these a shot! I put them in my Redbacks and was almost disappointed… they felt all WRONG! I was so used to not having any arch support… they just felt unnatural. BUT… I got used to them within the day and walking felt normal again. Unfortunately, my feet were hurting again in a completely different way… my arches were aching instead. Day two and three were much better… the pain I initially felt had began to subside and by the end of the week, I totally forgot I had new insoles. Here we are about a month later… I was on my feet today for about 12 hours and my feet don’t hurt ONE BIT! It’s amazing what the proper foot support will do. These insoles are going to change my life. If I can stay on my feet and keep working like I have been… I’m going to clear an extra $30,000 this year. I’ll be recommending these to everyone I know and anyone I don’t. Not saying the tallest supports are right for you… but, to my fellow humans with tall arches, GO FOR IT. You won’t regret it in two weeks.

Wow, just wow! Thanks so much for sharing your experience. We're so glad you gave us a try and gave yourself the time to get used to proper arch support. It truly makes all the difference.

Metatarsal Support Pads
Eddie M (Concord, United States)
Metatarsal pad

The metatarsal pad works as it should and fits in between the orthotic and cover well. The Velcro used to keep everything together is the weak link in the setup. The cover loses Velcro area due to the insertion of the pad. If the top of the pad had Velcro as well the entire insole would work well as a cohesive unit. The allows for movement of the pad at times.

Hi Eddie,
Thanks so much for your suggestion - we'll definitely pass that along to our product development team!

Pace Insole Kit
Lacey Kern (Sioux Falls, United States)
So amazing!

I have never ever found insoles that actually support my high arches! Get these!

Pace Insole Kit
Desiree (Los Angeles, United States)
Excellent insoles!

So happy with Tread Labs Pace insoles! I no longer have to the foot pain associated with plantar fasciitis during my daily long walks. The extra cushioning is a plus!

Ramble Insoles
michael jeffrey
I really like the Insoles

When contacting the company, I was very impressed by the knowledge of the rep. who described the difference between the Insoles, which made it much clearer for me and consequently I was able to order the right one and size!

Hi Michael,
We're so happy we could help you find the right insole! Thanks so much for the kind words - we aim to please.

Ramble Insoles
Sietia (Tavernier, United States)
Excellent insoles

They’re like prescription orthotics for my feet. I have both the green and the blue and use them in different shoes.

Dash Insole Kit
Derek N (Seattle, United States)
Great support, few issues

My partner and I each got a kit, on average we spend roughly 50-60% of our standing time in shoes. Saw a previous inquiry about waterproof top soles, we really hope for that by the time they need to be replace.

*The bad:
-Bottom of insole is sleek so it slides around in our shoes (granted we wear wide shoes). I added a thin rubber layer between the insole and our shoes and it significantly reduced the sliding/shifting behavior.
-Top layer is spongey material. I'd expect issues in high humidity environments, if one has sweaty feet, or if one gets water in their shoe in some way (like accidentally stepping in a river). I haven't tested drying times but I'd expect the greater part of a day minimum anywhere that isn't a warm desert.

*The good:
-Excellent support
-Feet feel great, even when not wearing shoes my feet feel better than before getting these.

Pace Insoles
Lydia H (Belmont, United States)
Winter boot support

The Pace insoles turned a good winter boot into a great winter boot. Perfect fit and the combination of the Adak winter boot from Icebug and the Pace full length insoles eliminated bunion pain. Also appreciate the pre-purchase customer service and insole advice from Tread Labs :)

Hi Lydia,
Winter is definitely here so we're so happy we could help you find the right support for your boots. Saying goodbye to bunion pain is a great way to start the season! Thanks so much for sharing your review.

Metatarsal Support Pads
J Wright (New York, United States)
The metatarsal pads make all the difference!

I have very high arches and a compromised sesamoid bone in one foot. The metatarsal pads take the weight off that vulnerable part of my feet that otherwise get pounded at every step. Using them with the extra high arch insoles is a perfect combo.

Pace Short Insoles
Tony Cain (Minneapolis, United States)
Arch not as high as expected

Very solid so far. I just wish the arch was higher. The “High” arch insole is supportive, but I wouldn’t call it a high arch.
I would order Extra High if you like a lot of arch support

Hi Tony,
If you would like to try an extra high arch, we'd be happy to help set up an exchange. Just drop us a line at and we'll get you all sorted!

Dash Thin Insoles
Steven H (Los Angeles, United States)
A great learning experience from a great product

Let me say I've been running for about 13 years, beginning in my early 30s. It's taken some time to find which shoes (neutral, stability, stack height, heel drop, etc) work for my feet and body. Even sophisticated shoe store measurements did not help.

I tried Tread Labs medium arch insoles with the metatarsal pads, since I have Morton's neuroma on my left foot. These performed wonderfully, but I started to wonder if I indeed needed high arch support.

I've done the wet paper bag experiment many times and can never get an accurate reading, so I've always flown blind on that and just assumed I had a medium arch. I purchased this pair of Dash insoles with high arches and it has been heaven to run in them!

The higher arch supply has definitely suited my feet more, and my mileage continues to climb as 2022 gets started. Now I just have to find a magical method of procuring 3 or 4 more pairs for all my running shoes!

Hi Steven,
Wow - we're so glad you tried the high arch and got a great fit! As you know, matching your insoles to the contours of your arches makes all the difference. All the best for big pain-free miles in 2022!

Pace Insoles
Jim French (Brighton, United States)
Excellent comfort and adaptability

Ordered for athlete and quickly realized what she was missing. The comfort and durability provided is unmatched. No longer are we in the market for a competitor and looking to order again!

Ramble Insoles
Justin McCann (Akron, United States)
They’re great.

These insoles are pretty amazing. They are comfortable, and helped with hip pain I used to have before getting them. The replacement foam pads are cheap too.

Pace Short Insoles
Charles Balcer (Baltimore, United States)
plantar fasciitis

I was having horrible shooting pains in my arches from plantar fasciitis in my feet. These have relieved the pain and made life normal again. I will be purchasing another pair for my casual shoes.