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These insoles are the best purchase I’ve made.

I have flat feet with severe plantar fasciitis and am waiting for custom insoles that are being made. The insoles were prescribed by my Podiatrist. Since I received the Tread Labs, my pain has reduced by at least 90%. I purchased two different sizes to be sure, and returned one pair for an exchange for the other size. The exchange was shipped to me within a week with no questions asked. If unsure about purchasing, DO NOT hesitate.

Exactly what I needed

I previously tried another brand in a new work shoe and it was not working out period. Tried the Ramble insoles and so far I love it. Everyday Monday thru Friday I end my day with more energy and a smile on my face. Thanks for a great product.

Just as good

Couldn’t tell the difference between these and brand new. Wish I could buy refurbished thin insoles but otherwise not complaints. Great deal thank you

Great Insoles

I ordered 3 pairs - one low for me, 1 high and 1 extra for family members. I was surprised the low wasn't high enough and the high wasn't high enough. I exchanged those two and the process was quick. I now need to exchange the other high pair. Please contact me. I sent an email.

Pain free!!!

The Pace Insoles in combination with the Metatarsal Support Pads have made my feet feel like a million bucks. No more pain. I'm on my feet all day long delivering the mail. It's now getting to the point where I'm forgetting all about my feet. They feel like they used to many years ago. Pain free. Highly recommend these insoles.

Happy Feet

I have high arches and started to have pain when I began running. Every day they were hot and inflamed. The pain stopped after putting these insoles in my shoes. They fit in every shoe I have without discomfort. I’ve been wearing them daily for 2 months and they’ve been holding up. PS, I now walk 20km a day for my job and my feet are still happy.

Top Service

I called customer care and they took care of me in a very professional way. Will reorder.

Great support! Helps heal arch pain

Love the inserts! Helping with arch pain and plantar fasciitis!


Fantastic ,my arches don't ache anymore when I stand on concrete floors for hours when working.


The insoles were exactly what I was looking for. They feel comfortable and relieve the pain in my heels.

Pace Thin Soles

I have low arches and love the low arch Pace Thin soles. I have bought two pairs so that I don't have to keep taking them out of my tennis or golf shoes and putting them into my everyday walking shoes. I used to be limping after walking 18 holes of golf but am fine when wearing these insoles.

Thin Toppers

Tread’s insert tippers is a brilliant idea. Quality is top notch!

soft but short-lasting

I appreciated the softness of the shearling. I ordered 2 pairs and I'm glad I did, as after wearing them every day for 2 weeks, the shearling is wearing off! They are very comfortable and I would like to order more, but expect them to last longer than 2 weeks.

Hey! I'm so sorry to hear this. I will pass this feedback onto our team, and please contact us at , and we'll be happy to replace them. Thanks. -Annie

Pain Free

These insoles are very comfortable and provide excellent support for my feet

The best insole I’ve had

As good as a custom fit, these work perfectly for me. I’ve had them about a month, use them every day and still looking fresh. There are other insoles out there that might be cheaper but I live by the moto “if you buy cheap, you buy twice!” and I can tell these will last me a long time to come!

Hey David! We couldn't agree more with that motto. We're so happy to hear that you're loving them. Cheers! -Annie

So Far So Good

Bought a pair of blue full length insoles for arch support for flat feet. Arch support does not flex with body weight. I ordered the high arches because I didn’t want the arches too low, and I think that these seem to be the perfect height. I will likely order another pair for other shoes soon.

Relieve Your Foot Pain

I have arthritis in my left foot. After checking out many insoles, I settled on the Pace insole from Tread-Labs. In just a couple of short weeks, I am no longer limping, I'm back on the treadmill and feeling much better. Thank you!

Brilliant — highly recommend

I have only ever used drugstore insoles before — foolish, considering how frequently plantar fasciitis, ankle sprains and other lower leg injuries have interrupted my running practice, despite daily yoga and stretching. Bought both Pace and Dash insoles after combing the internet for a solution and am amazed by the newfound stability in my ankles while running, and the pain I used to experience in my shins while walking in shoes without arch support is gone. I was initially concerned that the insoles seemed a little wide/large but they fit snugly in both my running and regular shoes. These are honestly one of the best purchases I've ever made — worth every penny, especially since the arch itself never needs to be replaced, which I appreciate as a sign that Tread Labs has full confidence in its own workmanship and product and also cares about its impact on the environment. I have persuaded my mother to get Pace insoles and am going to get more myself for other pairs of shoes. Life-changing!

Hey! Thanks so much for taking the time to write a review. We're so happy that your insoles have made such a difference and we're happy to hear you've convinced your mom to get some too! Cheers! -Annie

Dash Thin Top Covers

They work well. I would purchase them again.

So worth the investment!

I recently started a new job where I am on my feet all day. I had tried a few other insoles, but they weren’t doing the trick. I finally decided to invest in some high quality ones, and it was a game changer and worth every penny! My plantar fasciitis stopped acting up, my feet barely feel anything by the end of the work day, and the sizing was easy! I also LOVE how they have insoles made specifically for extra high arches. I will definitely be a repeat customer!

Hi Leah! Thanks for your review. I'm so happy to hear that the insoles were a game-changer. Nothing better than living pain-free. Cheers! -Annie

Great Fit and Great Feeling!

Ordered the Pace Insole Kit, and my boots fit so much better! Reduced back pain and fresher feeling feet at the end of the day.

Ramble Thin perfect comfort

Helped relieve my knee and back pain. Great support.

Get tread labs

I’ve been using tread labs for the last 4 years or so and it has helped my PF tremendously. Rambles are a bit more comfortable vs pace in my opinion.

Solved my problem

I replaced my Pace insoles with the softer Ramble model to relieve minor pain from planter fascitis. The fact that the inserts are separate from the arch support meant I didn’t have to buy the whole kit again. Excellent design!

Hey! Thanks for taking the time to write a review. We're happy to hear that you love the replaceable top covers as much as we do. Cheers! -Annie

Thank the LORD

Thank you Tread Labs for making a product that really works. I can run again!