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Pace Top Covers
DallasJames White
Happy feet

Second order of tread labs. So happy with them.

Pace Insoles
Charlene (Warwick, United States)

Great to have some support for extreme arches. Have tried several types, but these have been consistently helpful (about 3 weeks, so far). Would like them to be a bit more cushy, so trying the comfort level next.

Hi Charlene,

Thanks for leaving a review. If you have any questions, please drop us a line at

Pace Insoles
Jhaleel White (Dallas, United States)

Love them

Pace Insoles
Suzanne (Traverse City, United States)
Squeaky but supportive

Good support, love the design with the separable insole and support. The only negative is the noise -- a sort of croak as I walk. Not sure if it's some humidity, or the fit of it in my shoe, but it's noticeable and not great when I'm in public. I won't be sneaking up on anyone, let's put it that way.

Hi Suzanne,

Thanks for leaving a review. For the off chance the insole squeaks, we recommend Talcum powder or a dryer sheet. Please drop us a line at if you have any questions.

Ramble Insoles
WesternBoots (Paducah, United States)
Insoles for Cowboy Boots

It took several tries to find the correct arch height that work for my cowboy boots, but after finding the right arch height they fit nice and snug in my boots and provide the support I need. My foot shows to be a high arch by the sizing guide, but I ended up going with a low support for the 1.5" tall heels on my boots.

Pace Insoles
Stan (Mundelein, United States)
Great insoles

Relieved pain. Sturdy. Innovative and functional design.

Pace Insoles
Samir Gupta (Oak Park, United States)
Pace Insoles have given my feet a new lease.

I have been using the Pace insoles for my shoes for the past 6 months and my plantar fasciitis has been significantly reduced. I work as a surgeon and am on my feet for hours upon hours. I’ve used all the best shoes I could find and putting the Pace insoles in absolutely made the difference. I recommend them to my friends and colleagues. They are quite reasonably priced - I got two more insoles for other shoes I didn’t think were comfortable and now are.

Hi Samir,

This is amazing to hear. We are glad we can support you during surgeries. What a great impact to have.

Pace Insoles
david buczkowski (Portland, United States)
Improving your running shoe insole

My pace insoles have work wonders in my running shoes. they provide exactly the right amount of cushion and support. Much better than the former green insoles I was using at a much better price value. Thank you Tread Lab!

Hi David,

Thanks for leaving a review. The Pace Insoles provide the perfect amount of support/cushion for running.

Pace Insole Kit
Shannon TX (Austin, United States)
These are a GAME CHANGER!!!

I would have given five stars, but I ordered the high supports when I should have gone for the extra high. That being said, even the high ones have significantly reduced pain due to plantar fasciitis and tarsal tunnel! I still feel lots of numbness, but the stabbing pains have ceased. These work in almost all of my shoes - even some of my cute heels! They do make some shoes feel a bit tight, but I will start ordering a half size up in certain shoe types/brands to compensate because these are so worth it! After all, you can’t put a price on quality of life (but at such an affordable price, these are a total no-brainer!) Thanks Tread Labs!!!

Pace Short Insoles
Janie Miller (Houston, United States)

Pace Short Insoles

Pace Insole Kit
Chris Ries (East Petersburg, United States)
I can wear Vans again!

Seriously, after I started having Plantar Fasciitis my shoe choices were limited. And store bought insoles only helped a little. After receiving my properly sized and correct support Pace kit, I can wear many shoes I couldn’t wear anymore. My pain is gone most of the time and I can wear my beloved checkerboard Vans again!! Thank you Tread Labs!

Hi Chris,

Vans and Tread Labs are a perfect match. Thanks for leaving a review.

Ramble Insoles
Adam (Brainerd, United States)
Good, not great.

The arch support felt really good, but there is minimal heel support. I am constantly stepping on the edge of the insole with my heel. I wish it was cupped higher to hold the heel better. The size is correct and I’ve tried them in multiple shoes with no luck.

Ramble Insoles
Charlie W (Fort Collins, United States)
If you need high arch support!

I work in construction, usually 70+ hours a week during the summer. I absolutely have to have that extreme high arch support to feel comfortable. I've used a handful of brands, usually more expensive, and landed on these. This is the real extra high arch! The only reason for 4 stars is because I'm not sure how long they last, but they sell new top covers. So for less than half the price you literally have a new set of insoles, i'm sold!

Hi Charlie,

Thanks for leaving a review. The Top Covers will last 6-12 month depending on use. The insoles have a million mile guarantee. The real Extra High arch is a game changer.

Refurbished Ramble Insoles - All Sales Final
Les B. (Seattle, United States)
Refurbished Ramble Insole

I like being able to get Refurbished Insoles, once I have determined what insole I need. It is a great way to get the number of insoles I need for some of the shoes I wear each season. This way I don't have to move insoles from one pair of shoes to another, each time I decide to wear a different pair of shoes.

Ramble Insoles
Alexander Luna (Pomona, United States)
So comfortable !!

I felt so much relief & comfort when putting these in my running shoes. I noticed my over pronation correct itself right away. So happy with these

Pace Short Top Covers
Austin Zirkel (Huntsville, United States)
NCAA Athlete Review

I run NCAA D1 Cross Country, sometimes running over 100 miles a week. My arches couldn't keep up with the stress until I ordered a pair of treadlabs insoles. Now I don't have to worry about my arch support in my shoes as they get older.

Hi Austin,

Thanks for leaving a review. 100 miles a week sure sounds like a lot of work. Good thing Tread Labs has your arch supported. Good luck this season.

Pace Insoles
Mark Eads
Great insoles and great customer support

It took a couple different tries, but the great customer service helped me find the correct insole and arch height. After getting the correct fit, I can tell a big difference and the support has really helped my foot pain.

Pace Thin Insoles
Sarah W. (Los Angeles, United States)
Eliminated arch pain from standing and walking

I’ve tried many insoles over the years, but none have been supportive enough for my high arches. The website made it really easy to find the right insoles for me, and I love that they can be trimmed to fit my shoes perfectly. And after a full day of walking and standing at a football game with zero arch pain, I can say I am 100% happy with my purchase!

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for leaving a review. A full day of walking and standing can beat up your feet. We are glad your Tread Labs insoles are standing up to the challenge.

Refurbished Ramble Insoles - All Sales Final
Pam Smith (Brunswick, United States)

My feet feel wonderful when I use these insoles. I have high arches, and need the specific support these insoles provide.

Pace Insole Kit
Katherine (Brooklyn, United States)
Helps to ease foot pain

So far the Pace insoles have helped to ease my foot pain quite a bit, although not completely. I'll try going up one arch height to see if they can do even more, but if those don't work out, I'll continue to wear the original ones I purchased because they definitely help.

One negative I've found is that I can't wear the (short) insole with slip-on sneakers (and possibly dress flats, but I haven't tried yet) because it lifts my heel up so much that the shoe doesn't stay on. But it could just be these particular shoes or my feet, so others may not experience this.

The staff is very helpful, as is the return policy that lets you try different insoles. I'm happy with these insoles overall.

Metatarsal Support Pads
Sara Norman (Ann Arbor, United States)
Subpar product

I got the metatarsal support pads to go with the Ramble Insoles. LOVE the insoles. The pads—not so much. I tried them in all different positions (the ability to reposition is nice) but nothing seemed to be giving me the support in the right place. Perhaps they just weren't large enough for me? Anyway—my podiatrist added some adhesive pads on the insoles and that has been working much better.

Ramble Insoles
Micki Garrison (Olympia, United States)
I got relief from acute heel pain with these insoles

I have high arches that left me with acute heel pain. It was to the point that I could not be on my feet for more than an hour or two each day. I was to the point of having to tie pillows to my feet just to try to walk in my house. The combination of high arches, hard floors, and poorly built shoes had left both myself and my son in a lot of pain (he has high arches too.) I did my research and am also working with a physical therapist who agrees that this was a good decision. I finally broke down and decided to try the Ramble high arch supports from Tread Labs for both of us about three weeks ago. I also bought some expensive (for me) Kuru shoes that are specifically designed to reduce heel pain. And here is the thing; the relief was not instant. It took a few weeks of wearing the Tread Labs arch supports before the tendon pain in my heels subsided. But I could not be happier than to report that three weeks later I can be on my feet with no more pain at all. My son has also experienced complete relief from his heel pain too!

I don't write many product reviews, but if there are others reading this and questioning whether to spend the money on these insoles, my advice is -- do it. Buy them and wear them for a few weeks. If your heel tendons are as damaged as mine were it will take some time for them to heal completely. I also highly recommend taking a look at the shoes from Kuru that are designed to reduce heel pain. The combination of Tread Labs insoles for high arches and Kuru shoes have given me my mobility back. It was not cheap, but having my mobility back with no pain is worth every penny spent and more to me.

Pace Insoles
Anthony Do (San Jose, United States)

Pace Insoles

Pace Top Covers
Seth Gerringer (Smithville, United States)
Worth it

I’ve experienced exceptional comfort in my running shoes (Brooks) with these inserts. Trying them on a new pair of hiking boots next.

Hi Seth,

Thanks for leaving a review. We are sure you will love our insert's with your hiking boots.

Ramble Insoles
Allen East (Melbourne, United States)
Best Orthotics by Far

I’ve tried numerous orthotics for plantar fasciitis and the Ramble Low is the only one that I can wear comfortably. The fit of the Ramble Low is a giant relief after trying about 15 other brands and arch heights. Highly recommend them if you want comfort and proper support.

Hi Allen,

Thanks for leaving a review. The Ramble insoles are the perfect combination of support and comfort.