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by Mark Paigen March 26, 2019

Foot Comfort For Long-Distance Cycling

Cycling insoles prevent hot spots and numbness. They spread your power transmission over a broader area for more comfort and efficiency. If you want to go further and you want to go faster, improve the fit of your cycling shoes with arch support insoles.

Foot Comfort For Long-Distance Cycling

Cycling shoes rely on a snug fit and a stiff sole to transmit power from your foot to your bike. Cleated shoes minimize wasted energy between your shoe and the pedal. Think for a moment about the connection between your feet and your shoes. Is it as efficient as it can be?

Do the Math

Cycling puts a tremendous amount of force on a small area of your foot (mainly the ball of the foot), especially on longer rides. Stiff soles help to spread this force, but without a supportive insole, much of the stress will still be on the ball of your foot.

Ever wonder how many times you actually spin your pedals on a longer ride?

Do the math: a 2-hour ride at a cadence (pedal revolutions/minute) of 85

  • 2 (hours) x 60 (minutes) x 85 (cadence) = 10,200 pedal revolutions.

Yikes! No wonder your feet get sore.

Cycling Insoles are the Cure for Sore Feet

Long-distance rides demand more from your cycling footwear. Feet fall asleep. Hot spots develop under the ball of your foot. Your feet get sore or tingly. Cycling shoe insoles can help in these ways:

  • Cycling insoles arch supports distribute pedal pressure over a greater area of the foot, preventing hot spots.
  • Less strap pressure is needed to keep your feet snug in your shoes because your instep does not lower with each pedal stroke.
  • Minimizing slippage in your shoes reduces friction, keeping feet cooler and more comfortable.
  • Reducing forefoot pressure helps avoid the uncomfortable sensation when your foot falls asleep.
Cycling Insoles Improve Comfort and Efficiency

Million Mile Guarantee

The molded base of Tread Labs insoles is unconditionally guaranteed. Forever. The comfort layer on top can be replaced inexpensively to freshen your step. Try our insoles for 30 days. If you’re not completely satisfied, send them back for an exchange or refund, we’ll cover the (domestic) shipping.

Cycling Shoe Insoles Considerations

Cycling shoes tend to fit shorter than other athletic shoes. If you are between sizes, size down for insoles in your cycling shoes.

If your cycling shoes are snug and/or the factory insoles thin, consider Tread Labs Thin Insoles.

Give Your Feet the Comfort They Deserve

More comfort = better performance and more importantly, more fun. Get a pair of Tread Labs cycling insoles and discover what an improvement they can make.

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Mark Paigen
Mark Paigen

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