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  • Walk Better. Feel Better. Live Better.

    Your feet power your active lifestyle. Give them the support and comfort they deserve.

    Stride insoles have the medical grade support of an orthotic. They have the power to re-align your kinetic chain, providing relief from many foot problems associated with poor biomechanics.

    Stride insoles feature 4mm cushioned top covers making them a perfect fit for running shoes, hiking boots, work boots and any other footwear with full length removable inserts.

    • Pain relief through biomechanics - Firm, resilient arch supports give more comfort than softer, foam insoles.
    • A fit as individual as you are - 4 arch heights guarantee a precise fit. From flat feet to high arches, you are guaranteed a perfect, supportive fit.
    • Relieves and prevents Plantar Fasciitis - Excellent pronation control helps relieve the pain and ongoing support prevents re-occurrence.
    • Cushioning that lasts – Durable, open cell polyurethane foam and low friction polyester fabric maintain their cushion, mile after mile.
    • Long term value - Our arch supports are guaranteed forever. Top covers can be replaced inexpensively. Check out the video here.
    • Shoes stay fresh longer - PURE antimicrobial fabric treatment kills 99.9% of bacteria.
    • Risk free – Buy Tread Labs insoles and discover what exceptional support does for the health and comfort of your feet. If you are not completely satisfied, send them back for a full refund. We’ll pay the shipping.
    • Size questions? - Email us or call (781) 435-0662. We love helping people find comfort!
  • Getting a Perfect Fit

    Tread Labs offers a broad range of arch heights and sizes. Getting the right fit is easy. Refer to the guide below or use our interactive 'Find Your Fit' tool.

    Tread Labs Fit Guide

    Arch Height

    Tread Labs insoles are available in 4 arch heights. (Except for the smallest sizes)

      • Low Arch Height – Ideal for people with flat feet, our lowest arch height is excellent for feet that have full contact with the ground.
      • Medium Arch Height - Our most popular arch height. If you have not worn insoles previously, this is the place to start.
      • High Arch Height – Our second most popular insole, this height is best for people who leave a "C" shape footprint on a wet sidewalk.
      • Extra High Arch Height – Few companies offer this level of support. If you haven't found insoles high enough, these are for you.


    Our insoles are available in 3 lengths for men and 3 for women. These sizes are based on your most common shoe size. If you are between sizes, it is best to go with a smaller size.

    If you are unsure about fit, feel free to call us (781) 435-0662, or order 2 pairs with different arch heights. Keep the pair that feels best, we’ll pay the return shipping.

  • Comfort and Performance - Getting the Most from your Insoles.

    Stride insoles are designed to replace the generic inserts supplied with your shoes. They work best in sport and casual shoes that have full length, removable insoles.

    1. In some cases, your new insoles will need to be trimmed to fit into your shoes. Don't hesitate, the 30-day fit guarantee applies to all insoles – trimmed or not. A video that explains the trimming process is here.
    2. Remove your stock insoles and slide your new insoles in. Make sure the entire insole lays flat and that the heel is all the way back in the shoe.
    3. Wear them for a couple of hours the first day. Some people are comfortable to wear their new insoles full time. Others prefer wearing them for a few hours initially, increasing over time. This is how your new insoles should feel:
      • Comfortable - Your foot should feel consistent contact through all parts of your arch. There should be no uncomfortable pressure points or hot spots.
      • Supportive - Initially, a supportive orthotic may feel aggressive. After a few days, it should feel like it has always been there, supporting your every step.
      • Functional - Unlike soft, foam insoles, Tread Labs insoles support the bones of your feet, aligning your ankles, knees and hips for a more efficient stride and improved biomechanics.

    If you have questions, please email us or call (781) 425-0662. We're here to help.


Customer Reviews

Based on 422 reviews
Great insole

I have been suffering from plantar fasciitis for several years now and I’ve tried all kinds of insoles. These may seem pricey, but it’s worth it. The option of different arch heights has allowed me to get something very close to a custom insole at about a quarter of the price. I love that I can replace the top as needed, without having to buy a whole new pair. In conclusion, well worth the price, your feet will thank you



Best Insoles I have purchased.

I have purchased several different brands of insoles, as well as prescription. Tread Labs are by far the most comfortable and effect I have used. I love the fact that you can purchase different levels of support.

I am a customer for life! Thank you!

walking good

I called about high arch starting to hurt and you gladly exchanged for med a medium arch. Before I found you I was allmost crippled. Thank you for your product and friendly sales people.

Fantastic Insole

I developed plantar fasciitis over the last few years, a fairly minor case but it was annoying and I wanted to deal with it before it became severe. Foot doctor prescribed a night splint and recommended an insole. I used the night splint a few times but it didn't make much difference. After reading a lot of reviews I bought a Tread Labs insole. I felt immediate relief from the discomfort and almost five months later the pain from my heel spur is completely gone, even when I'm not wearing the shoes with the insoles. The build quality of this insole is superior and the replaceable top is a nice touch. I have no doubt that these things will outlast me, let alone my current shoes. They're more than worth the price.