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Stride Thin
Stride Thin Stride Thin Stride Thin Stride Thin Stride Thin

  • Stride thin is the perfect choice for close fitting shoes where some forefoot cushion is desired. 2mm top covers make it perfect for footwear with thin removable inserts: cycling shoes, cleated sport shoes and casual shoes.

    • Active support through biomechanics - Firm, resilient arch supports give more comfort than softer, foam insoles.
    • Precise fit delivers lasting comfort - 4 arch heights guarantee a precise fit. From flat feet to super high arches, you are guaranteed a perfect, supportive fit.
    • Relieves and prevents Plantar Fasciitis - Excellent pronation control helps relieve the pain and ongoing support prevents re-occurrence.
    • Easily replaceable top covers enhance value - Our arch supports are guaranteed forever. Top covers can be easily replaced for $15, free shipping. Check out the video here.
    • Super resilient foam for long distance durability – Durable polyurethane foam and low friction polyester fabric maintain their cushion, mile after mile.
    • Shoes stay fresh longer - PURE antimicrobial fabric treatment kills 99.9% of bacteria.
    • 30-day fit guarantee – Buy Tread Labs insoles – risk free. Experience Stride insoles for a month. Discover what exceptional support does for the health and comfort of your feet. If you are not completely satisfied, send them back for a full refund. We’ll pay the shipping.
    • Size questions? - Email us or call (781) 435-0662. We love helping people find comfort! 
    • Made in the USA – Nothing wrong with that!
  • Tread Labs offers a range of arch heights and sizes. Getting the right fit is easy.

    Arch Height

    Tread Labs insoles are available in 4 arch heights. (Except for the smallest sizes). Refer to the the guide below or visit our 'Find Your Fit' page. 

    • Low Arch Height – Ideal for people with flat feet, our lowest arch height is excellent for feet that have full contact with the ground.
    • Medium Arch Height - Our most popular arch height. If you have not worn insoles previously, this is the place to start.
    • High Arch Height – Our second most popular insole, this height is best for people who leave a "C" shape footprint on a wet sidewalk.
    • Extra High Arch Height – Few companies offer this level of support. If you haven't found insoles high enough, these are for you.

    If you are unsure about fit, feel free to call us (781) 435-0662, or order 2 pairs with different arch heights. Keep the pair that feels best, we’ll pay the return shipping.

    Tread Labs Fit Guide


    Our insoles are available in 3 lengths for men and 3 for women. These sizes are based on your most common shoe size. If you are between sizes, it is best to go with a smaller size. 

  • Walk Better. Feel Better. Live Better.

    Your feet power your active lifestyle. Give them the support and comfort they deserve. Reap the benefits of a life in balance and alignment. The biomechanical design of Tread Labs insoles supports the structure of your feet, increasing your capabilities.

    Enjoy the confidence to push your limits - walking, running, hiking and cycling. Discover how strong arch support empowers your stride and adds efficiency to all your human powered activities.

    Getting the most from your insoles.

    Stride insoles are designed to replace the generic insoles supplied with your shoes. They work best in sport and casual shoes that have removable insoles.

    1. If you are unsure of your arch height, order 2 pairs and keep the best fitting pair. Shipping is free both ways.
    2. Take the removable insoles out of your shoes and slide your new insoles in. Make sure the entire insole lays flat and the the heel is all the way back in the shoe.
    3. If the insoles need to be trimmed in front, don't hesitate – the 30-day fit guarantee applies to all insoles – trimmed or not. Trim carefully with scissors. Be conservative.
    4. Wear them for a couple of hours the first day. Increase with time. Great insoles feel:
      • Supportive - Your foot should feel consistent contact through all parts of your arch. There should be no uncomfortable pressure points.
      • Comfortable - Initially, a supportive orthotic may feel aggressive. After a few days, it should feel like it has always been there; not having it in will feel hollow and unsupportive.

    If you have questions, please email us or call (781) 425-0662. We're here to help.

Customer Reviews

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As someone who has struggled with high-arches all of my life, these thin insoles are worth every penny. A few years ago as a broke grad student I sprung for the a pair and would swap them out of my shoes. Now I have a pair for each of the shoes I wear regularly. Thanks so much!

Stride Thin Insole

I purchased the XThin Insole after trying the XStride in my workout shoes. Not bad for off the shelf insoles but I wish they made an XX. I have a high arch. I also tried the X Stride Short. I don't like the short. The Shorts felt like I had sand in my shoes and they slipped around.
I am a bit of a perfectionist and when it came to trimming the inserts I found it difficult to do a good job. Why? Some shoes don't have removable inserts and some have cupped inserts...makes it really hard to get a precise outline to cut. It would be nice to have outlines printed on the insert to use as a guide, for instance an outline for a 10.5 size. I have seen this on other inserts and it works quite well. I plan to return the short and buy another XStride and another XStride Thin when I get a chance. Maybe they will have a XX by then. I hope!!

Stride thin insole fits perfectly in my son's soccer cleats

Fits perfectly in soccer cleats, give him great support, helps with his arch pain.

Highly recommend. The initial $75 is steep, but a great investment since you can replace the insoles for $15 dollars.


Stride Thin


Excellent relief