Stride - Replacement Top Covers

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Renew the spring in your step.

Refresh your Stride Insoles quickly and easily. The Velcro hook on your existing arch supports attaches to the Velcro friendly fabric on the bottom of your new top covers. Replacement is easier than checking your email.

  • Mix and match – Any of our top covers will fit the same size arch supports.
  • Open cell polyurethane foam delivers lasting comfort - Polyurethane foam resists compaction 5X better than other foams. The bounce in your step will last longer with Tread Labs replacement top covers.
  • Fresher feet - Low friction, The polyester top deck is treated with a silver ion antimicrobial to keep your shoes from becoming a science experiment. The weave is engineered for low friction to minimize heat in your shoes.
  • Sizing – Just order the size corresponding to the arch supports you already own. The top covers will fit any of the arch heights in your size.

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Customer Reviews

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Stride - Replacement Top Covers

Tread labs

I orders the replacement so I liked the first ones enough. I ordered the original pair in August 2016 and I just ordered the top covers in August 2018 so they lasted exactly 2 years. They are the longest lasting pair so as long as you don't go out of business I'll keep ordering them.

Not Very Long Lasting

This is the second pair of replacement covers I've worn and I've been wearing this current set for nearly 6 months. These appear to begin predictably disintegrating where my large toes are. Considering the cost up-front for these and the ongoing replacements, I'm beginning to wonder if it is more cost-effective and healthier feet to revisit custom-made orthotics, which I was really hoping I wouldn't have to do.

Not worth price

These are no better than dr scholls you can buy at cvs.

Hi Debra, Sorry to hear that the insoles didn't work out. We can certainly help set up a return for a full refund if you'd like. You can visit Or, give us a call at 781-435-0662, we'd be happy to help.
Cheap quality way to go

Beats the wait and price of arch store

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