Stride - Replacement Top Covers

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Renew the spring in your step.

Refresh your Stride Insoles quickly and easily. The Velcro hook on your existing arch supports attaches to the Velcro friendly fabric on the bottom of your new top covers. Replacement is easier than checking your email.

  • Mix and match – Any of our top covers will fit the same size arch supports.
  • Open cell polyurethane foam delivers lasting comfort - Polyurethane foam resists compaction 5X better than other foams. The bounce in your step will last longer with Tread Labs replacement top covers.
  • Fresher feet - Low friction, The polyester top deck is treated with a silver ion antimicrobial to keep your shoes from becoming a science experiment. The weave is engineered for low friction to minimize heat in your shoes.
  • Sizing – Just order the size corresponding to the arch supports you already own. The top covers will fit any of the arch heights in your size.

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Customer Reviews

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Stride - Replacement Top Covers



Replacement Top Covers

Great product, my feet feel refreshed again. Try to replace once a year

comfortable but not effective for halux limitus

found Treadlabs searching the web for halux rigidus or halux limitus support for hiking. the insoles were comfortable and stable but unfortunately they did not have any support in the big toe area and did not provide any stiffness under the big toe joint. i'm sure these are great for PF sufferers but they did not really do a thing for my HR/HL toe joint pain. insoles would need either stiffer foam or some sort of reinforcement under the big toe joint to be effective in limiting the flex of the big toe joint.

Support & Comfort - Finally

Had tried many different insole brands before finding Treadlabs. Hiking 12-17 miles with a 35-40 lb pack in addition to technical and rescue gear was murder on the feet. Had a bad case of plantar fasciitis after one outing and tried many different types of insoles to help relieve it. The Treadlab Strides were the only ones that felt great from the beginning and maintained that support throughout. The insole replacement setup is fantastic, having to just replace the cushion as required. At 6' & 215 lbs, these insoles take a beating every time I go out, but I've never had any pain or recurrence of the fasciitis since I've been using them. I'll be sticking to these from now on!

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