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Top view of Tread Labs Metatarsal Pads
Top view of Tread Labs Metatarsal Pads Tread Labs Metatarsal Pads installed in Stride insoles Positioning instructions for Tread Labs Metatarsal Pads Bottom view of Tread Labs Metatarsal Pads

  • Relieve Forefoot Pain with Metatarsal Support

    Forefoot pain can be caused by a variety of factors. Taking pressure off the ball of the foot often reduces or eliminates the pain.

    Our Met Pads provide fast relief by transferring pressure away from the ball of the foot. The met pads attach with low profile hook and loop to any Tread Labs insole. Their position can be easily adjusted and they can be removed at any time.

    • Fast Pain Relief - Open cell polyurethane foam gently supports the metatarsal bones, taking pressure off the ball of the foot.
    • Preferred Shape - Tapered edges and oval shape are optimized for all day comfort.
    • Perfect positioning = maximum comfort - Met pads must be positioned correctly to alleviate pain. Tread Labs modular design allows you to position (and re-position) your met pads for an ideal fit.
    • Risk free – With all our products, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Buy a pair of Tread Labs Met Pads to relieve your forefoot pain. If you are not completely satisfied, send them back for a full refund. We’ll pay the shipping.
  • Getting a Perfect Fit

    Met Pad Kit
  • Forefoot Comfort - Getting the Most from your Met Pads.

    Tread Labs met pads support the forward shafts of your metatarsal bones to unload pressure from the balls of your feet. For optimum pain relief and all day comfort, follow the guidelines below:

      1. Position the met pads as indicated in the "Placement" tab to the left. Take your time and place the pads accurately in your Tread Labs insoles. The Velcro attachment makes placement easy.
      2. Wear your met pads for a couple of hours the first day. Some people are comfortable wearing them full time. Others prefer wearing their new met pads for a few hours initially, increasing over time. If you have not worn met pads, they will feel different. They should not hurt.
      3. Don't hesitate to re-position. Everyone's feet are different and placement is important. Rather than build met pads into our insoles, we offer them as an modular add-on so that you can adjust their position for a perfect fit. If the pads are not delivering comfort, try moving them forward or back. Just a couple of millimeters can make a difference. Make sure that you do NOT feel the met pad under the ball of your foot.

     If you have questions, please email us or call (781) 425-0662. We're here to help.


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Didn't use them yet.

Had good luck with the Medium low stride orthotic. Have the Low orthotic on the way also. Great customer support from Dan. Thanks!