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Running Orthotics - A Necessity for Trail Running

Running orthotics for efficient trail runs

Trail Runners Need Strong Arch Support

Trail running is a demanding sport. Long miles, steep verticals and rough terrain. Your feet take a beating. Supportive running orthotics make a huge difference.

Into Thin Air

Back in the day, the only footwear on these trails were lugged hiking boots. Carrying full backpacks. Lots of gear. Now, you are running in one day what used to be an overnight trip. It feels powerful to cover serious distance in a short amount of time. You depend on your strength, judgement, and stamina instead of gear and redundancies. Slow and steady is not your ticket. Fast and steady is more like it.

Trail running is adventure. Self-reliance is key. Making sure your footwear meets your needs is critical. The lighter your gear, the stronger you need to be. And the faster you will go. Increase the capabilities of your footwear with strong, supportive running orthotics from Tread Labs.

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The Power of Running Orthotics for Trail Running

Trails can be hard on feet. Roots. Rocks. Off-camber surfaces. The descent can be especially challenging. Having the right footwear is important. You're always trying to find the optimum balance between light-weight, high-traction, and long-term durability. Boost the performance of your trail running shoes with running orthotics from Tread Labs. 

Great running orthotics for your trail footwear should:

The Road Less Traveled

Sandy canyons in Utah. Alpine trails in Colorado. The woods at the end of the road. Very different places but similar as well. No cars, few people. The freedom to run in beautiful places. Places that demand respect. Don't skimp on gear. There isn't much gear involved in trail running and it all needs to perform. Learn more about Tread Labs' running orthotics. Try them in your trail running shoes and feel the difference they make. 

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