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The best over pronation insoles make footwear more comfortable. Limit pronation and promote healthy alignment with Tread Labs overpronation inserts. Learn more about this condition, and how insoles can help!

Over Pronation Insoles Provide Structure and Support

If you could see inside your foot, you would see a shelf on the inside of the heel bone, towards the rear of the arch. This is the “calcaneal shelf” and it is a perfect way to limit pronation.

  1. Over pronation insoles provide support under the calcaneal shelf, controlling pronation.
  2. Spreading the support forward into the arch makes the overpronation inserts much more comfortable.
  3. The best support is fairly firm, with a spring-like feeling. An accurate fit is necessary to ensure that this firm support is completely comfortable.

Overpronation insoles support the calcaneal shelf

Tread Labs offers some of the best insoles for overpronation available today. Our over pronation insoles feature resilient, polypropylene arch supports that are designed to support the calcaneal shelf. With 4 arch heights, you are guaranteed a precise fit. Resilient foam top covers deliver just the right amount of cushioning.

What Happens When You Take A Step?

  1. Heel strike happens on the outside of your heel. (This is normal.)
  2. The weight distribution moves to the center of your heel, then progresses forward along the outside of your foot.
  3. When the weight reaches the ball of your foot, it moves across the ball towards the inside of your foot. This inward rolling motion is pronation – a valuable shock-absorbing feature of the foot.
  4. For an efficient stride, push-off happens when the weight is just behind the second toe.
  5. Unfortunately, most people continue to roll to the inside and over pronate.

Overpronation insoles deliver relief

Pronation and Foot Biomechanics 101

  1. When your foot over-pronates, the arch flattens, the toes pivot toward the outside and the knee rotates inward. None of these motions are good for your body.
  2. When the arch flattens, it puts stress on the connective tissue between your heel and the ball of your foot, causing fatigue. In addition, your foot now has a lower instep and tends to slide forward in your shoes.
  3. As the toes pivot outward, the bones of the foot are no longer in a stable position and forward motion is much less efficient.
  4. The inward roll of the knee can cause discomfort and alignment problems, especially if you're on your feet all day.

Overpronation insoles prevent faulty biomechanics

Million Mile Guarantee

Million Mile Guarantee

The molded base of Tread Labs insoles is unconditionally guaranteed. Forever. The comfort layer on top can be replaced inexpensively to freshen your step. Try our insoles for 30 days. If you’re not completely satisfied, send them back for an exchange or refund, we’ll cover the (domestic) shipping.

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