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Hiking boot insoles

Looking for the best insoles for hiking boots? Tread Labs hiking boot insoles feature lifetime arch supports & replaceable top covers for long-distance comfort. Learn more, and shop today.

Hiking Can Be Tough On Your Feet

You’ve been following the stream for 45 minutes. Beautiful, clear water. Smooth granite boulders. Now the trail curves right, up to the ridge. Starting to gain elevation, the legs and lungs feel the difference.

Hiking brings you closer to nature. Hiking also creates a big challenge for your feet. Uneven terrain.  Ascending and descending. Carrying a pack. Long hours on the trail. Steep downhills can push your toes against the front of your shoes. This often results from overpronation. As your arches flatten, your feet lose instep height and slide forward in your shoes. When they do, friction builds creating heat and discomfort.

Give Your Feet The Comfort They Deserve

Hiking Boot Insoles Make Life on the Trails More Comfortable

The exposed ridge leads all the way to the peak. Easy on the eyes. Not so easy on the legs. A steady pace, based on your breathing.  A walking meditation.

Strong, flexible arch support can make a world of difference in your comfort on (or off) the trail.

  • Hiking boot insoles will spread the weight more evenly over the bottom of your feet decreasing the possibility of ‘hot spots’.
  • By controlling pronation, hiking insoles will make your footwear fit more consistently, minimizing toe banging. (Make sure your shoes are long enough. No insole will prevent toes from jamming if they’re too short.)
  • Less motion in your shoes means less friction. Keeping your feet cool always helps comfort.
  • The resilient arch support helps stabilize softer, lighter weight hiking shoes. A light hiking shoe with a great insole is more supportive than a heavy hiking boot with flat footbeds.
  • Pure antimicrobial treatment battles foot odor for fresher footwear.

Find hiking boot insoles for comfort on the trails

Hiking Footwear Tips:

Think about these things when looking for the best hiking boot insoles:

  • Hiking shoes need to fit well in order to perform well, no matter what hiking insoles you use. There should be about ½ inch between the end of your toes and the front of your shoes. Your feet should be snug side to side without constriction or excess room.
  • The firm support of Tread Labs does wonders to stabilize your feet. With this strong, spring-like support, lighter shoes can be worn for hiking. Experiment with different shoes to find the perfect balance of weight and protection for the hiking you do.
  • Lighter footwear can boost mileage, but choose your footwear with care. It takes strong feet to hike rough terrain with lighter shoes.

Tread Labs 30-Day Fit Guarantee

At $75, you want to rest assured that your purchase meets your needs and delivers true value. Tread Labs offers hiking boot insoles with a 30-day fit guarantee. We are confident that our insoles will elevate your experience. Try Tread Labs hiking insoles for 30 days. Feel the difference they make in comfort, alignment, and performance. Discover what exceptional support does for the health and comfort of your feet. If you're not completely satisfied, send them back for a full refund. We’ll even pay your return shipping.

Long Distance Durability

Tread Labs are made with a molded arch support and a layer of resilient foam. They're connected with low profile Velcro. The arch supports are guaranteed against breaking, cracking or losing their shape. Forever. The polyurethane top covers will eventually wear out. They can be easily replaced for $15. Postpaid. There is no need to toss more plastic in the trash when you can simply replace the foam on top. Maximize your investment and minimize your footprint.

Experience the difference of the best insoles for hiking boots today!

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