Stride Thin Insole Top Cover Replacements


In between sizes? - We suggest sizing down to the next size if you are between sizes.

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Refresh your Stride Thin insoles.

Your Stride Thin Insoles can be refreshed quickly and easily. Low profile Velcro hook on your existing arch supports attaches easily to new top covers. Replacing your top covers is easier than falling off a log.

  • Open cell polyurethane foam delivers lasting comfort - Polyurethane foam resists compression set 5X better than EVA. With new foam top covers, you’ll notice more comfort cycling or competing on the field.
  • Mix and match – Any of our top covers will fit the same size arch supports.
  • Need more cushion in your shoes? - Our Stride top covers are 2X thicker and will put more bounce in your step. (Make sure your shoes are roomy enough for the added thickness of the insoles).
  • Fresher feet - Low friction, polyester top deck is engineered to minimize heat in your shoes. PureⓇ antimicrobial treatment keeps your shoes friendly.
  • Sizing – Just order the size corresponding to the arch supports you already own. The top covers will fit any of the arch heights in your size.

Replacement is Easy

  • Start at the toe and peel your old top cover from the arch support.
  • If your old top covers were trimmed, lay them over your new ones and trim. Measure twice and cut once. Be conservative.
  • Lay the new top covers flat on the table, black side up.
  • Position the arch support over the top cover, check the alignment.
  • Push the arch support onto the top cover and smooth down with both hands.
  • Perfectly straight? Congratulations? A little off? No problem, rip it off and do it again.
  • Questions? Please give us a call at (781) 435-0662 or drop us an email.


Product questions? Email us or call (781) 435-0662.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Great product; great service!

Tops work very well, easy to apply.

Different boots need different style thicknesses

Great fitting. The thin style works better with my pull on boots which are tighter fitting. Thanks for different styles.

Podiatrist recommended

My podiatrist recommended these for my plantar fasciitis and they worked! I love them.

nice option

Nice to have a lower volume option for footwear that requires it. Good complement to the full thickness Tread top cover, and the two are easily interchangeable.


Stride Thin - Replacement Top Covers