Stride Short Insole Top Cover Replacements


In between sizes? - We suggest sizing down to the next size if you are between sizes.

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Make Stride Short insoles new again.

Refresh your insoles easily - low profile Velcro hook on your arch supports attaches to the Velcro friendly fabric on the bottom of brand new top covers. Its easier than walking the dog.

  • Open cell polyurethane foam delivers lasting comfort - Polyurethane foam resists compaction delivering long lasting resilience.
  • Mix and match– Any of our top covers will fit the same size arch supports.
  • Fresher feet- Low friction, The polyester top deck is treated with a silver ion antimicrobial to keep your shoes from becoming a science experiment. The weave is engineered for low friction to minimize heat in your shoes.
  • Sizing– Just order the size corresponding to the arch supports you already own. The top covers will fit any of the arch heights in your size.
  • Need more cushion in your shoes? - Order our Stride or Stride Thin top covers, they offer more cushion, depending on the fit of your shoes.
  • Questions? – Feel free to give us a shout – or ring us up at (781) 435-0662. We love helping out.

Replacement is Easy

  • Start at the toe and peel your old top cover from the arch support.
  • Lay the new top covers flat on the table, black side up.
  • Position the arch support over the top cover, check the alignment.
  • Push the arch support onto the top cover and smooth down with both hands.
  • Perfectly straight? Congratulations? A little off? No problem, rip it off and do it again.
  • Questions? Please give us a call at (781) 435-0662 or drop us an email.


Product questions? Email us or call (781) 435-0662.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
I don't leave the house without them.

Since I bought my tread lab insoles in August 2017 I use them in every pair of shoes and have less foot pain. I like the shorty insole covers becauise it makes lsipping them out of one pair of shoes and into another really easy. If the insoles were not as expensive, I would have two pairs with covers on all the time. My first pair of shorty covers last a little over a year before I replaced them. Great product and good customer service.

Stride Short Replacement Top Covers

I’m very happy with my replacement top covers.
I will order again.

Outstanding product

I wear 7.5 shoes and have very high arches. Plantar fasciitis is GONE with these insoles. I'm still using my first pair purchased in 2017. Only bought another pair for convenience. 2 sets of top covers lasted about 18 months. I just wash and rotate them. You will not regret this purchase!

My feet are happy again

I can wear any shoe with out the inserts. My hips and back don’t hurt if on feet all day


Not quit wide enough, but otherwise work decently well.