Stride Insole Cover Replacements


In between sizes? - We suggest sizing down to the next size if you are between sizes.

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Renew the spring in your step.

Refresh your Stride Insoles quickly and easily. The Velcro hook on your existing arch supports attaches to the Velcro friendly fabric on the bottom of your new top covers. Replacement is easier than checking your email.

  • Mix and match – Any of our top covers will fit the same size arch supports.
  • Open cell polyurethane foam delivers lasting comfort - Polyurethane foam resists compaction 5X better than other foams. The bounce in your step will last longer with Tread Labs replacement top covers.
  • Fresher feet - Low friction, The polyester top deck is treated with a silver ion antimicrobial to keep your shoes from becoming a science experiment. The weave is engineered for low friction to minimize heat in your shoes.
  • Sizing – Just order the size corresponding to the arch supports you already own. The top covers will fit any of the arch heights in your size.

Replacement is Easy

  • Start at the toe and peel your old top cover from the arch support.
  • If your old top covers were trimmed, lay them over your new ones and trim. Measure twice and cut once. Be conservative.
  • Lay the new top covers flat on the table, black side up.
  • Position the arch support over the top cover, check the alignment.
  • Push the arch support onto the top cover and smooth down with both hands.
  • Perfectly straight? Congratulations? A little off? No problem, rip it off and do it again.
  • Questions? Please give us a call at (781) 435-0662 or drop us an email.


Product questions? Email us or call (781) 435-0662.

Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews

The stride thin fit well in my Rothy’s! I showed my Threads to my podiatrist who told me they were very similar to a custom orthotic he could make me.

Hi Marianna, It's great to hear that you are treating your feet to style and comfort! Thanks for being a Tread Labs customer, -TL
Tread Labs saved my feet

If it weren't for Tread Labs I wouldn't be on my feet. I suffered with plantar fasciitis and during/after physical therapy for the plantar fasciitis Tread Labs relieved my pain to the point that I could resume my normal activities. The sizing is made very simple. Just order within your range and it comes with instructions on how to cut them down a little if needed. Very easy to do. I ordered mine for a high arch. It took a couple of days to get used to them. Kind of felt like there was a golf ball in my arch. And I didn't wear them all day long when I first started out. But I quickly overcame the feeling of the golf ball in my arch and found that they felt so good on my feet. They alleviated my plantar fasciitis pain. They are extremely durable. I did not need to change the top cover for a year. And in the summer I am working outside every day. The people at Tread Labs render great service in shipping them out very quickly. I love my Tread Labs and switch them around to whatever shoes I am wearing. They literally gave me my life back!!!

Perfect fit!

I have previously purchased the Stride inserts and even after a year, the original pads were in very good shape. I decided to replace them with a new pair and they were just as good as the original set. They are still comfortable, same quality, and fill the same need. I am very pleased with the purchase and feel the price is reasonable.

Most Affordable!

Great product and very affordable!
Saved me hundreds of dollars as opposed to buying presrcibed orthotics.

Great product

Love the Tread Labs product. Tried many other but Tread Labs is the best in perfect support, comfort, durability and wear and tear! Keep up the great work Tread Labs!