Insoles for Tennis Players: Avoid Overuse Injuries

by Cassia Roth

Insoles For Tennis

On the court, your footwear is critical. Surefootedness and agility are vital in body positioning and response time. Make sure your footwear enhances your ability to be in the right place at the right time. Find out how the best insoles for tennis shoes can improve your game, while decreasing the possibility of injury. Support your arches and crush your opponent.

Take Care of Your Feet and They Will Take Care of You

On the court, you put a lot of stress on your feet. Tennis requires instant changes in direction, frequent acceleration, and abrupt stops. Your feet and ankles are heavily weighted, usually in a rotated position. Rapid stops can force your toes into the front of your shoes. Select shoes that fit well – snug but with enough room so your toes do not bump the front of the shoe. Wear polyester or wool socks that provide moisture management. Find orthotics for tennis shoes that will minimize the stress and impact on your feet. You need to concentrate on your game, not on your feet.

How Tennis Shoe Insoles Help Players Compete

Increasing the contact area between the bottom of your foot and the shoe through the use of tennis shoe insoles helps in a number of ways:

  • Proprioception (the sense of how your body is positioned) is increased. Heightened awareness translates to faster response and a higher level of play.
  • Pronation control prevents your arches from flattening. Avoid the risk of Plantar Fasciitis and other foot ailments by supporting your arches.
  • A more stable foot moves less inside your shoe. Blisters are minimized. Your feet stay cooler and more comfortable.
  • Deep heel cups stabilize the rear foot and concentrate the fatty pad beneath your heel for additional cushioning.

Why Tread Labs Orthotics for Tennis?

Tread Labs tennis insoles fill the gap between custom orthotics and over-the-counter insoles. They offer the support and durability of custom insoles, but with a price ($75) much closer to over-the-counter products. To perfectly fit your feet, they are available in various sizes and arch heights and are come with a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, send the insoles back and we'll refund your purchase. (we'll even pay your return shipping.) If you have tried other insoles with limited success, it's time to try Tread Labs.

Tread Labs Design and Materials

The guts of a Tread Labs orthotic for tennis is a springy molded polypropylene arch support. It is firm but flexes as weight is applied. High rebound, polyurethane foam sits above the arch support. This provides shock absorption and comfort. The very top layer is a low friction, 100% polyester fabric. It keeps your feet cool and has an antimicrobial treatment to keep your shoes fresh.

Tennis players have known for years that orthotics for tennis shoes can dramatically improve their game. Our Million Mile Guarantee allows you to test Tread Labs tennis shoe insoles in your favorite shoes. Experience the feeling of a seamless connection with the playing surface and see if better footwork translates to a competitive edge.

With a large number of sizes and varying arch heights, we can fit nearly everyone with an insole that will improve their game. Try our Stride orthotics for your tennis shoes and gain the advantage you've always wanted.


Cassia Roth
Cassia Roth

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