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UGG Boots Insoles - Increase Your Comfort and Your Arch Support

Ugg boot insoles

 UGG Boots are Incredibly Comfortable

The natural shearling insulation of UGG boots is both more comfortable than synthetic insulation and incredibly warm. The sheepskin uppers breathe well, so your feet don't get sweaty. Soft, flexible outsoles add to your comfort and help insulate your feet from the cold ground. Few pieces of footwear feel so good to put on when your feet are cold.

This style of shearling boots was first imported from Australia in 1978. Surfers on the west coast of Australia liked how they felt after peeling off their wetsuits and putting on dry clothes. The popularity of the style grew slowly in the surf and beach scene of southern California during the '80s and '90s. The boots started gaining widespread popularity in the early ‘00s and got a huge boost when they appeared on Oprah's TV show in 2003. After a meteoric rise in popularity, they have become a staple for women (and a few men). Mostly worn in cool weather, their supreme comfort has generated tremendous brand loyalty.

Benefit from UGG Boot Insoles with Additional Arch Support

More recently, UGG has branched out into new styles that are quite different from the original shearling boots. The variety of styles now available from UGG range from insulated to more lightweight. Some are now waterproof. Luckily, many still feature natural sheepskin as insulation.

Traditional UGG sheepskin boots have no arch support. They are fine for lounging around the house, but not so comfortable for walking or standing for longer periods. If you often have sore feet or know that you have plantar fasciitis, adding arch supports can make a big difference in your comfort, especially for active use.

Some styles of UGG boots have removable insoles. Take a look at your boots and see if the insoles come out. If they do, you'll have a few more options, as you can replace them with insoles of your choosing:

  • If your UGG boots have removable insoles:
    • If you'd like more arch support, Tread Labs insoles work well and are available for a thirty-day fit guarantee. They can replace the Original UGG boot insoles and will provide support and alignment.
    • If you know your Tread Labs size, we can send you a pair of our arch supports without the usual foam top covers. These indestructible (lifetime guarantee) arch supports can go underneath the sheepskin UGG boot insoles in your boots and provide the arch support your feet crave. You get the best of both worlds, great support and the wonderful feeling of shearling against the bottoms of your feet. Call us up (781) 435-0662 and we'll send you the goods.
    • If arch support is not something that works for you, the standard UGG boot insoles (replacement) will freshen up your boots and make them a bit snugger.
  • If your UGG boots do not have removable insoles:
    • For arch support, Regular Tread Labs insoles will work if your boots have a roomy fit. If your boots are snug, try Tread Labs Thin insoles. The top cover is 1/2 the thickness of the regular insoles and they take up less room in your shoes.
    • Replacement sheepskin insoles from UGG may or may not work in your boots. The shearling will pack down a bit over time, but it will still take up a decent amount of room in your boots to begin with.

Tread Labs Ugg boot insoles

When you pull your UGG boots out for the cooler weather, know that your boots can have the comfortable arch support that you enjoy in all your other shoes. UGG boot insoles will add the necessary structure to these comfy boots.

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