Choosing the Best Work Boot Insoles

by Mark Paigen September 29, 2015


Often, your boots need a work boot insole for true comfort. Don't let sore feet ruin your day and rob your energy. Give your feet the support they need to keep them healthy and pain free. Imagine the end of a long day - and your feet feel great. You can achieve just that. In this post, we'll walk you through what to look for in the best work boot insoles.

For those of you who put on a pair of work boots instead of loafers before heading to work, you know your shoe choice serves multiple purposes – industrial protection, all-around safety, and long-lasting comfort. On the outside, most work boots are built to be tough, strong, and durable. But many boot manufacturers pay less attention to the boot’s inside. That's where a great boot insert can help.

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Work Boots - Protection on the Outside, Comfort on the Inside

Work boots are designed for safety in the workplace. In fact, both the US Department of Labor and OSHA require that employers ensure their employees are wearing protective footwear if their job poses a danger to their feet.

While various governing bodies dictate the outside structure of the work boot, none provide guidelines for the inside. Without proper support in your work boots, your feet will tire easily. Extra strain is put on bones and joints. This leads to painful conditions such as shin splints, plantar fasciitis, and knee pain. Proper support is essential for avoiding injury and keeping you at 100% on the job. This is especially true for people with arthritis and flat feet.

Work Boot Insoles - What to Look for and Why

You should look for 5 key features when choosing the best work boot insoles:

  1. Strong, Lasting Arch Support – Like a building’s foundation or a truck’s chassis, your feet need a strong base on which to stand. Supportive work boot insoles provide full contact for the bottom of your feet, spreading the weight evenly and supporting the bones. Tread Labs’ arch supports are molded polypropylene that will support your feet for years without breaking down.

  2. Superior Cushioning - Your work boot inserts need to provide both support and cushion. While a cushioned insole may feel great for a few days, it doesn’t correct the causes of feet pain or prevent biomechanical issues such as overpronation. The well-designed Stride insole has a deep heel cup to concentrate the foot’s natural shock-absorbing features. Tread Labs' products are covered by durable polyurethane foam and low friction polyester fabric, meaning they will maintain their cushion, day after day.

  3. Breathable Materials – When we are working hard, our feet sweat. Any after-market insoles for boots need to be made of breathable materials that will wick away sweat. Stride’s PURE antimicrobial fabric treatment kills 99.9% of bacteria. Our polyester covers let your feet breath. And remember, our insole covers can be replaced at a fraction of the price.

  4. Perfect Fit – Most work boot insoles come in very limited sizing options. A single size is designed to fit a range of lengths and arch heights. Putting a 16” tire on a 15” rim just doesn’t work. While you may think the answer is custom orthotics, Tread Labs come in precise sizing to fit your feet perfectly. With 4 arch heights, our Stride insole serves all types of feet – from flat feet to high arches.

  5. Durability – Less expensive insoles break down quickly. Most have to be replaced after 6 months. Tread Labs inserts will last much longer. Our arch supports are guaranteed forever against breakage. If you eventually wear out the foam top covers – we’ll replace them for a fraction of the cost of new insoles. We believe in delivering value.

Strong, arch-supporting boot inserts will improve the comfort of all work boots, old or new. Pick your work boot insoles like you pick your tools. Invest in quality and you’ll save money in the long run. Look for strength and durability. Make sure that the insoles you buy are backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Choosing the Best Insoles for Boots

We’re biased. We think that the new Tread Labs Stride inserts are the best work boot insoles available. Long-term comfort is best delivered with strong support, which happens to be our guiding principle.

Tread Labs Stride will correct the biomechanical irregularities in your foot structure and gate. Many work boots see excessive wear due to an unbalanced stride. You’ve seen it before. Someone’s boots look like they’ve been pushed off their foundations. If you have flat feet, you put excessive wear on the inside edges of your boots. Very high arches will have the opposite result – wear on the outside of your boots. Your boots will last much longer if the wear is more even. Balance your stride with strong arch support.

Tread Labs has options for every foot shape. Whether you’re flat footed or have high arches, you can get the support you need. Inserting insoles into your boots will lengthen their lifespan while increasing your comfort. You can work harder and waste less of your hard-earned cash. And our product is Made in the USA – a small but important detail. Making products at home supports American workers like yourself.

At $75, our Stride cost more than some of the other after-market alternatives. But with four different arch heights and quality materials, it’s worth the price. Our 30-day fit guarantee means that if you’re not satisfied within the first month, we’ll give you a full refund. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy.

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5 Reasons the Stride is the Best Insole for Work Boots:

  1. Strong Support– Feel great at the end of the day. Medical-grade arch supports give more comfort than softer, disposable insoles. Firm support controls overpronation and helps relieve and prevent plantar fasciitis.
  2. Perfect Sizing – Four arch heights guarantee a precise fit. From flat feet to super high arches, you are guaranteed a perfect, supportive fit.
  3. Durability– Our arch supports are guaranteed forever. Top covers can be easily replaced for $15, free shipping.
  4. 30-day fit guarantee – Buy Tread Labs insoles risk free. Experience Stride insoles for a month. Discover what exceptional support does for the health and comfort of your feet. If you're not completely satisfied, send them back for a full refund. 
  5. Made in USA – The Stride insole and every product Tread Labs sells is built to last in the USA. 

Alternative Insoles for Boots

There are less-expensive options out there for after-market insoles. But remember, while the upfront cost might be less, these cheaper options won’t last as long as Tread Labs. You’ll end up spending more over the long run, as you constantly replace the insoles.

When you decide to eventually replace your boots, your insoles can fit into your new pair. There is no need to purchase another set. Additionally, one set of Tread Labs Stride will lengthen the life of every pair of work boots you purchase in the future.

Work boot insoles provide more than comfort.They give people the power of endurance. Pain is no longer a distraction. Tired feet are not an obstacle. You can work all day at your best.

Top Performance on the Job - All Day, Every Day

The most important thing is for you to experience the highest level of comfort possible. When you’re on your feet all day, it makes a huge difference in your job satisfaction. Whatever kind of boots you wear, in whatever kinds of environments – make sure your feet are well supported. Try out a pair of Stride insoles. Let us know what you think.

order insoles risk free with 30-day fit guarantee

Mark Paigen
Mark Paigen

3 Responses


October 05, 2017

Hi Russell,

Thanks for reaching out to us.

We aren’t in any store is Australia yet, but we do ship there.

Australian sizes and US sizes run pretty close. For you size I would recommend going with a men’s 10-11.5. You can always trim the insole a bit for a better fit as well.

If you are unsure of your arch height you can try the Wet Test, which is an easy test you can take to measure the arch height.

Place a piece of corrugated cardboard on the floor next to your shower mat.

From the shower step your left foot onto the mat, then take a step onto the cardboard with your right foot.

Repeat, stepping out with the right foot first. Always default to the lower arch foot.

You can compare your results to the chart on the Stride page.

If you find that you are sort of between arch heights I would recommend going with the lower of the two. For example, if you measure between a Medium and a High go with the Medium.

If your boots offer a removable footbed take a look at the Stride. The Stride offers great arch support, a deep heel cup and the thickest top cover we offer.


Russell Morris
Russell Morris

October 05, 2017

I work in the mining industry in Australia.
I wear size 11 boots, but don’t know what size that would be in US sizes.

Question: 1. Can I get your working boot inserts in Australia? And what size would I buy?

I guess I have average arch height. Regards.


Nat k
Nat k

February 21, 2016

Looking for a work boot insoles

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