Performance Enhancing Insoles From Tread Labs

by Cassia Roth

Looking for a great pair of performance enhancing insoles? Introducing the new Stride Thin Insoles! These insoles are perfect for high performance shoes with thin, removable insoles. Add comfort to your cycling shoes, soccer cleats, running shoes, ski boots and more today!

Minimalist Insoles – Crucial Arch Support for Athletic Performance

After a strenuous day on the slopes, the field, or the trail, many athletes can't wait to kick back. Our feet served us well, and now it's time to reward them with a break. Too often, however, our feet start to hurt long before the rest of our body is ready to call it quits.

You've probably heard that an after-market insole or custom orthotic is the key to providing the crucial comfort and support your feet require for optimal sports performance. But how many times have you tried to put that bulky insole into your low-volume cycling shoes or tight ski boots? Don't worry, Tread Labs has the answer.


Stride Thin - Optimize Foot Motion Without Taking Up Space

The generic insoles that come in performance shoes vary in thickness under the ball of the foot. A running shoe may have a relatively thick insole for cushioning, a cycling shoe or soccer cleat usually has a very thin insole for a snug, performance fit.

Unless you want to change the fit of the shoe, it is best to match the thickness of the factory insole with your replacement. Stride Thin performance enhancing insoles are especially well suited to performance shoes with removable insoles that are thin.

Tread Labs' Stride Thin combines all the state-of-the-art features of the original Stride in a thinner, minimalist package that fits perfectly in low-volume sports shoes – from ski boots to soccer cleats.

So what's the difference between the Stride and the new Stride Thin? Tread Labs has introduced a sleek, 2-mm minimalist top cover to its newest low-volume insert. Don't worry, the Thin still provides the medical-grade arch support of the original Stride.

Remember, comfort comes from structural support and stability. And increased comfort results in better performance.

The Stride Thin performance enhancing insole makes sure your feet are at their best – all day, every day. They optimize foot motion by controlling overpronation and preventing plantar fasciitis. They provide shock absorption during strenuous activities. And they facilitate your body's ability to stay active for longer.

      Minimalist Performance at Its Best - Sleek Insoles, Quality Comfort

      The Stride Thin retains the quality features of all Tread Labs' products. With medical-grade arch supports, precise fit, replaceable top covers, and quality materials, the Thin will prove it can go the distance. Remember, our arch supports are guaranteed – forever.

      Enjoy Tread Labs support in all your footwear. Remember, our 30-day fit guarantee allows you to purchase the Stride Thin risk free. Try out these minimalist arch supports in your ski boots for a month. We're pretty positive that the Thin's exceptional support and compact package will make your feet feel great at the end of the day. If you're not completely satisfied, send them back for a full refund. We'll pay for the shipping.

        From the weekend warrior to the Ironman triathlete, any active person knows that good shoes and supportive insoles are the key to top athletic performance. Your feet are the foundation to your active lifestyle. Treat them well and the'll return the favor.

        give your feet the comfort they deserve

        Cassia Roth
        Cassia Roth

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