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Tread Labs Introduces New, Improved Stride Insole

 Our New Insole Has Arrived - The Improved Stride

Tread Labs insoles - the new StrideThe excitement around here is palpable. We have been working on an update to our flagship product and we are just about to launch. We have listened to customers and incorporated your feedback to improve our offering. This new iteration of our Stride insole will provide a substantial increase in comfort, durability and ease of use.

There are 4 major changes to Tread Labs Stride Insoles:

  1. Softer, more flexible arch supports deliver more comfort  We have kept the durable polypropylene arch supports of our original insole. But we made them slightly softer. All arch supports still carry our lifetime guarantee.
  2. More resilient, longer lasting foam puts more spring in your step – We switched from EVA to polyurethane foam to improve comfort and increase durability.
  3. Easy top cover replacement means no more sending your insoles off for new tops – The older Stride insoles used glue to attach the top covers to the arch supports. We now use a low-profile Velcro. This means that replacing top covers can be easily done at home. No need to send them in for replacement.
  4. Simpler sizing makes ordering insoles easier – We know that precise sizing is important, but our first size offerings were too much. Customer feedback showed that some of our insole sizes could not be distinguished from others.

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The Details of New Stride Insoles

Softer Arch Supports

  • The most consistent feedback we got was that our insoles were a bit firm. We believe that firm is the way to go, but we had too much of a good thing. Our molded supports are still head and shoulders above the rest of the insoles out there. Now, our insoles are just more comfortable.
  • They will hold up just as well and still feature our lifetime guarantee. If they crack, break, or lose their shape, we will replace them for free. Forever.
  • The new arch supports are a translucent color to differentiate from the older beige arch supports.

More Resilient, Longer Lasting Foam

  • Polyurethane (PU) foam resists compression set 5 times better than our previous EVA foam. This resiliency translates to more comfort every day.
  • The open cell structure of the PU foam is more comfortable and cooler under foot.
  • With greater resiliency, the PU foam will last dramatically outlast the EVA foam adding miles to your insoles.

Easy Top Cover Replacement

  • Top covers have always been replaceable, but with the new system you don't have to send your insoles in for us to make the switch.
  • The new Velcro system allows top covers to be easily replaced at home. Simply peel the old cover off and stick your new one on. Replacement top covers are available for $15. Postpaid.
  • Easily interchangeable top covers also allow you to fine tune the fit of your insoles with a variety of top cover thicknesses.

Simplified Sizing

  • In our pursuit of an accurate fit we initially went overboard on our sizing. Turns out, some of our sizes were so close that people couldn't tell the difference. We removed the redundant sizes to make ordering easier.
  • We still offer four arch height and sizes for men and women. An accurate fit allows a greater level of support, and with support comes comfort.
  • Especially important for those with flat feet and very high arches, our fit system is as individual as your feet.

The new and improved Stride insole provides structured comfort

The New Insole Collection is Here

Our old Stride insoles will be renamed Pace insoles. They will be available in the same sizes and firmness as they have been to date. They will be available for $50 until they are gone.

New Stride insoles will be available for $75. That means more features and value with no additional cost.  Also check out our new Stride Short – with thinner top covers and a shorter frame that ends at the ball of the foot, these new insoles are perfect for ballet flats or dress casual shoes.

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Apr 30, 2016 • Posted by Mark Medlen

Hi. I would love to order a top cover replacement, just not real sure how to do that on your website. Can you help? Thank you,

Mark Medlen

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